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Chapter 40.2 The typhoon is coming

The weather forecast had said that the typhoon landfall would come after seven o’clock in the evening, but before seven o’clock, the world outside the window had changed.

Because the typhoon was coming, there were very few people or cars on the street. There were no dark clouds in the sky, but it gave a very depressing feeling.

Before the arrival of the typhoon the place was quiet, the trees standing still, and surrounded by such tranquility, it was as if it they had fallen into a different dimensio.

Looking as far as one’s eye could, the shadow of the tree in the distance seemed to have started to shake, something floating into the sky.

Just after seven o’clock, the typhoon came.

Even with the doors and windows closed tightly, you could still hear the howling wind, the heavy rain turning into a curtain and under the strong wind, tilted toward the world.

Don’t know where the trash can was blown up from, the trash inside scattered like flowers, drifting in the storm.

The typhoon was so powerful that it had only rained for a few minutes, but the streets had already turned into a vast body of water, the trees along the road uprooted by the strong wind. An iron sheet was blown over from somewhere, but the rustling sound was swept away by the wind, as if the typhoon was proclaiming its power to the world.

The street lights fought against it stubbornly, lighting up this terrible night.

As a northerner, this was the first time Lin Qin was encountering a typhoon.

As he stood by the window watching the stormy world outside, he kept on feeling that he would also be blown away.

Suddenly, he saw the street lights outside the window flicker a few times in the storm, and like an old man in his windy and declining years, his last breath cut short, all the street lights went out and darkness descended all over from the sky.

Darkness and the unknown were the most terrifying. Although the sound of wind and rain outside weakened a lot due to the blocking of the windows, it still resembled the roar of a wild beast, which could swallow people at any time.

Lin Qin’s heart tightened, unable to help but feel scared.

However, at this moment, the lights above his head seemed to be against him, it flashed ‘zi zi’ a few times, then completely disappeared.

The guest room darkened completely, he couldn’t even see his fingers.

“Meng Chao Ge?” Lin Qin’s lips trembled, panic filling his heart with the sound of the storm.

A beam of light came over, making Lin Qin squint uncomfortably, but after adapting to the light, he saw Meng Chao hurrying towards him.

“Qin Qin, are you okay?” Meng Chao asked with concern.

Lin Qin didn’t answer. When Meng Chao walked to his side, he suddenly flew into his arms, raised his head and kissed Meng Chao’s lips.

Four lips pressing together, Meng Chao’s eyes widened in surprise. He had never expected that his first kiss with Lin Qin would come from Lin Qin’s initiative.

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