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Chapter 37.1 Voice of nature

Of course, the so-called strike was only a momentary phase of anger by Meng Chao. He was already prepared to destroy his reputation in this concert.

With mental preparation, everything else didn’t matter.

Compared to worrying about himself, he was actually more worried about Lin Qin. He was afraid that Lin Qin wouldn’t be able to adapt to the stage and wouldn’t be able to adapt to the audience’s attention. So after taking Lin Qin away, Meng Chao found a place where no one was and sat face to face with him.

He handed him a bottle of water and asked, “How do you feel?”

Because Lin Qin was about to go on stage later in the evening, he was already nervous, his mouth dry, his hands full of sweat.

He couldn’t accept the eyes of others falling on him, like knives, as if to put him to death by a thousand cuts. Just imagining it, he couldn’t bear it, let alone standing on the stage.

Lin Qin drank the water as if a full belly could settle his restless heart.

Soon, the bottle of water bottomed out. Lin Qin couldn’t help swallowing, his throat rolling up and down.

Meng Chao lifted his palm and placed it gently on Lin Qin’s head, “I’ll be watching you from below, you don’t have to worry. Believe in me, I will be standing in front of you, blocking out the hostility for you.”

Lin Qin was still silent. After a long time, he reached for Meng Chao’s hand on his head and rubbed it on his face.

He opened his mouth with difficultly, “Okay, I believe in you.”

Meng Chao lowered his head, his soft lips falling on Lin Qin’s forehead, tender and full of love.

Lin Qin’s restless heart calmed down miraculously. As long as he thought of himself standing on the stage and Meng Chao watching at him from below, seeing only his eyes on him, Lin Qin felt full of fearless power, not afraid any more.

He jumped into Meng Chao’s arms, tightly circling Meng Chao’s waist.

Meng Chao dropped a kiss on Lin Qin’s head, giving him the ultimate sense of security together with a loving and warm embrace.

In a twinkle, night fell.

On the small stage on the beach, the lights were turned on, attracting tourists one after the other. At the beginning, there was some lack of interest. However, when the host took to the stage, the entire beach went crazy.

The host was a guy in the variety show industry. It could be said that he was a household name. As soon as he appeared, the crowd immediately realized that this stage wasn’t a promotional activity conducted by some businesses. To be able to invite this host, then other bigger stars would appear.

The news of celebrity activity on the beach spread like wildfire and the sparse crowd became more and more dense. Ten minutes later, there were three layers inside and three layers outside, the crowd more densely packed than it had before.

Fortunately, the program crew had prepared fully in advance. Security was in place and they had set up an isolation zone in time to isolate those who came behind.

By this time, the host had stated the purpose of today’s event. When they got to know who the stars on stage would be, the whole beach screamed.

There was no need to organize the people at all, the crowd under the stage took out their cell phones and turned on the flash as support.

In advance, the fresh meat team and the legendary team had already decided the order of appearance by Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s rock-paper-scissors. This time, in order to give Lin Qin more time to prepare, Meng Chao didn’t cheat. After winning, he chose to appear first.

When Chen Jing Qing saw Meng Chao do this, he pretended to sigh, a sense of tragedy that he had been betrayed again.

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