Falling in love with the male god

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Chapter 33.2 The frustrated singer

The next day.

Meng Chao went directly to the director and handed over Han Zhi’s contact information. Surprisingly, the director recognized Han Zhi and had an even deeper impression of him.

“Han Zhi, a truly talented young man.” The director sighed, “It’s a pity, he’s just too rigid and proud.” That’s why he was so easy to break, just like a flash in the pan.

“But I admire him.” The director added: “Although he is proud, it’s also the kind of proudness that comes with being talented, he is also steady and thoughtful. It’s just that he entered the wrong company and was suppressed too much.”

Meng Chao listened to the director nag on for a while before he heard him get to the point, “Alright, I’ll let someone contact him, I really appreciate him. The show doesn’t have a theme song yet, movie emperor Meng, when it reaches that time, check to see if he can write the theme song and let him sing it. I’m too lazy to find someone else.”

The director really liked Han Zhi.

Although Meng Chao had invested in the program, he wouldn’t intervene in the planning of the program in his free time. If it wasn’t for Meng Ke speaking in person, he wouldn’t have helped.

Therefore in regard to the theme song, Meng Chao asked the director to decide on his own, saying that he won’t get involved.

The director didn’t make things difficult for Meng Chao, going to contact Han Zhi’s company himself in the end.

After Meng Chao handed the matter over to the show crew, he no longer concerned himself with it. As to whether Han Zhi would agree to come over for the filming or not, it wasn’t within the scope of his consideration. He only needed to complete the task Meng Ke had given him.

When Meng Chao returned to the villa, Lin Qin was on the beach, holding a picture clip as he drew. He was very serious, his cheeks bulging subconsciously, like a hamster eating.

Today was a rare instance where no guests had come to visit, so the two of them were using half of the day for leisurely purpose.

Meng Chao didn’t go to him directly, but went back to the villa, came out with a picture clip and carried it towards Lin Qin.

Walking to Lin Qin’s side, Meng Chao acted, “Senior Lin, I’m here to learn how to draw from you, can you teach me?”

Lin Qin was a little confused at the first, but soon took over from Meng Chao’s acting, putting on a serious face as he said, “What do you want to learn to draw?”

“You.” Meng Chao’s lips rose, “I want to learn how to draw senior Lin into my heart.”

Lin Qin was suddenly provoked by Meng Chao’s honeyed words, his face turning red. He didn’t know how to respond to Meng Chao so he could only pretend to concentrate on drawing.

When Meng Chao saw this, he set up the painting clip next to Lin Qin and started to draw how Lin Qin was pretending to draw on the plain white paper. If one didn’t look at the drawing on the paper, and just looked at Meng Chao’s posture, it looked as if he was really drawing.

Meng Chao pretended for a while but knew that he didn’t have the skills so he stopped pretending. He just put his chin on the clip and stared at Lin Qin. As he looked at him, he couldn’t help poking Lin Qin’s bulging cheeks.

At first Lin Qin could still pretend not to care, but then the root of his ears turned slightly red, then his face became red.

“Meng Chao Ge!” Lin Qin couldn’t help but protest, looking at Meng Chao with a pair of eyes full of complaint, but most of all full of shyness.

Meng Chao made an ‘Ah’ sound, pretending to be innocent. “Ge is here.”

Lin Qin felt that after agreeing to become a couple, Meng Chao’s small hidden naughtiness exposed, a little bad and black bellied.

However, Lin Qin didn’t feel that there was a disparity, only feeling that such a Meng Chao wasn’t as far away as the previous Meng Chao, like an illusion.

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