Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 7.2 Be the most dedicated flower vase!

“You’re not too late, take a look at the plan to get an understanding of it.” Brother Zhang said as Shen Ci walked into his office, tossing him a stack of documents.

Shen Ci caught them clumsily and sat down on the sofa to read.

After flipping through several times, he was surprised to find that he remembered this advertisement. In the original novel, this was Bai Ziwei’s resource!

Shen Ci was a little stunned, “This advertisement…”

Brother Zhang looked up, “Originally Bai Ziwei was going to shoot it, but he’s had a car accident, so we coordinated with the brand and in the end, chose you. Don’t waste this opportunity. Although the photographer today is my friend, the company paid a lot of money to hire him.”

Shen Ci thought to himself, this wasn’t just ‘coordinating’. The brand’s tone was energetic and progressive, while Shen Ci’s previous image was that of a spoiled and arrogant young master. The image difference was more than ten thousand miles.

Brother Zhang seemed to have brushed it off calmly, but who knew how much effort he had put in to secure this opportunity for him.

Feeling a little guilty, Shen Ci read the plan with even more attention.

If it was the Shen Ci from before, he would definitely have thrown this opportunity away in disdain on the grounds that he ‘absolutely did not want Bai Ziwei’s leftover opportunities’.

But now he knew that he was nothing more than a vase, without any qualifications to be picky, nor the ability to not work hard.

The serious preparation work had a very obvious effect. At least on the shooting site, because Shen Ci was completely able to keep up with the pace and not a single crew member showed impatience. Occasionally even giving him approving or amazed glances.

“Here, take a sip of the yogurt with your left hand and smile a bit more youthfully!”

The photographer’s camera clicked away and the director also directed the lighting and props busily.

Shen Ci posed as asked to and gave a cooperative smile towards the camera.

The young man in the viewfinder was wearing ginger coloured overalls, his curly chestnut hair exuding youth. His smile was even more brilliant and infectious and despite having been shooting for over half an hour, showed no signs of fatigue.

Wang Peng was surprised. When he found out that the shooting subject had been changed to Shen Ci, he had a terrible headache that he even wanted to refuse the cooperation directly. After all, he had heard that Shen Ci was an extremely difficult young master to serve and he didn’t want to serve and fawn over him.

However, the money Yunxiao offered was simply too much and his five elements lacking metal, he eventually succumbed to the evil capitalists.

During today’s shooting, he originally wanted to teach the arrogant vase a lesson by putting on a sour face, but Shen Ci greeted him with a friendly smile as soon as he arrived, so Wang Peng had no choice but to return the favor with a fake smile.

At that time, he had a premonition: this little vase seemed different from what he had heard.

By the time the shooting actually started, the photographer had realised completely- the rumors were definitely created by haters and rivals!

Just by not complaining or showing fatigue after shooting for so long, he was already ahead of most new stars. He was cute, humble and obedient. No matter how he looked he was a delight.

Having been in the industry for over ten years and used to being trampled on by various big name stars, Wang Peng even felt a little dazed at this moment: Were today’s vases already this dedicated?

“Slurp– Slurp–“

The sound of the empty straw suddenly resonated, and Wang Peng came back to his senses and saw that the young man in the viewfinder had embarrassingly put the yogurt down, his ears red as his eyes looked elsewhere.

The crew members stared at Shen Ci in a daze and it was unknown who laughed first that soon, the entire site was filled with laughter. Usually serious, Wang Peng also couldn’t help but chuckle once he understood what had happened.

Everyone was laughing happily, but Shen Ci wished he could hide in embarrassment. In order to maintain his pose just now, he had unwittingly finished the entire box of yogurt! And the crew members had noticed.

How completely embarrassing…

Shen Ci could only raise the empty box, smiling shyly at everyone in an attempt to rectify the situation, “Uh, this Doughnut Brand’s yoghurt is just too good… I really couldn’t resist.”

Too well behaved, too cute.

If thoughts could materialize, then hearts and waves of admiration would be floating above the heads of the female crew members as they instantly turned into Shen Ci’s mommy fans.

If this was considered “acting like a big shot” and “acting like a young master”, then the temperament of their pet cats must have reached the heavens!

When the shooting ended and he was taking a group photo with the crew, Brother Zhang had just finished a meeting and came over.

Shen Ci politely said goodbye to some of the crew members, Brother Zhang chatted with Wang Peng for a while, then led him out the door.

Brother Zhang put his arm around Shen Ci’s shoulder out of habit, giving him a thumbs up, “Good job, Ci Bao’er. I saw that the shooting atmosphere was pretty good, even Wang Dazhu, who loves to nitpick, complimented you several times!”

Wang Dazhu was the nickname Brother Zhang had given to the photographer Wang Peng, for reasons unknown.

Shen Ci gave Brother Zhang a “yeah”, saying confidently, “After even just three days’ absence, a scholar must be regarded with new eyes, right?”

Brother Zhang laughed. In front of an acquaintance, this cocky character was still the same as before.

Shen Ci was very happy. Having completed another job perfectly, his career in the entertainment industry was within reach!

“Brother Zhang, what’s next? I can keep going today!”

Brother Zhang glanced at him, “Indeed there is a next one, it’s going to the hospital.”

Shen Ci reacted quickly, his full fighting spirit collapsing.

Going to the hospital, wasn’t that to visit Bai Ziwei, the destined main character and the nemesis of the cannon fodder…

On the way, Shen Ci asked Brother Zhang for three cigarettes and lit them up, praying sincerely to the god of plot: I, the cannon fodder, have already reformed, please don’t continue to torment me!

However, as soon as he pushed the door open, he saw a familiar figure. Shao Jinhuan was sitting by the bed reading a script and looked up when he heard the sound.

Both male leads gathered, how wonderful.

In his heart, Shen Ci silently gave the middle finger to the god of plot, whose existence was unknown.

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