Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 8.1 I’ll listen to you, be good

Shao Jinhuan was a bit surprised, putting down the script. “What brings you two here?”

Brother Zhang set down a fruit basket they’d bought on the way, grinning. “We’re from the same company, of course we would come to check in. But what’s got Movie Emperor Shao so free?”

Shao Jinhuan glanced somewhat helplessly at Bai Ziwei who was lying on the bed scrolling through his phone. “I just came to see how things were going. He was getting an IV, so I thought I’d help Sister Qing keep an eye on him.”

Bai Ziwei put down his phone, casting a strange look at Shen Ci and Brother Zhang. His gaze held an inexplicable mix of contempt and malice.

As Shen Ci was bewildered, Bai Ziwei’s face changed in an instant, replaced by a grateful, sickly smile. “Thank you…. thank you for coming to see me.”

His voice was weak, with a slight hint of a sob. Shen Ci returned the greeting, feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

Ever since his car accident, Bai Ziwei seemed a bit…. insincere, definitely different from before.

A suspicion had begun to form in his mind yesterday. Could Bai Ziwei have been possessed by someone who knew the plot? Seeing Bai Ziwei today, this possibility seemed clearer and more likely.

Everyone found Bai Ziwei’s drastic change in demeanor after the accident strange, but they accepted it nonetheless. Only Shen Ci, who knew that this world was just a novel, could sense this possibility.

Shen Ci and Brother Zhang sat on a sofa nearby. They initially planned to chat with Bai Ziwei a bit. But for some reason, Bai Ziwei would always, unconsciously, shift the conversation towards Shao Jinhuan.

In the end, they just sat there, watching Bai Ziwei and Shao Jinhuan chat.

Shen Ci: “….”

Brother Zhang: “….”

So, they were here to play light bulbs? And not just any light bulb, but two super bright ones at that.

Bai Ziwei chatted for a while and feeling thirsty, glanced at Shen Ci and said casually, “Shen Ci, can you get me a glass of water?”

His tone was so natural that the other three people in the room froze.

After all, Shen Ci had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had grown up quite pampered. People were always waiting on him hand and foot, who would dare to command him?

Even though he wasn’t used to being ordered around, Shen Ci still picked up an empty glass and filled it with freshly boiled water from the water dispenser once he came to his senses.

Ah, even if the person inside had changed, he was still the main character and he was just a cannon fodder. He would just have to suck it up for the sake of survival.

Brother Zhang’s eyes widened in surprise at Shen Ci’s obedient behavior. Shao Jinhuan frowned slightly and was about to get up to get the water for Shen Ci when Bai Ziwei pulled him back, pouting unhappily. “Brother Shao, don’t go. I’m not done talking….”

Ever since Shao Jinhuan had tactfully asked him not to call him “Brother Huan”, Bai Ziwei had started calling him “Brother Shao” in a variety of tones, managing to infuse these two simple syllables with a wealth of nuance.

By the time he turned his head back, Shen Ci had brought over a steaming hot glass of water.

Shen Ci was cautious, planning to set the water down on the bedside table. He mumbled, “It’s still hot, you should wait a bit before drinking it.”

“It’s fine, I want to drink it now!”

Bai Ziwei, not considering the heat, reached out directly for the glass. Shen Ci didn’t have time to stop him and could only watch as Bai Ziwei’s hand knocked over the glass, spilling the scalding hot water.


Two cries of pain rang out at the same time, and Brother Zhang and Shao Jinhuan shot to their feet.

“Xiao Ci!” Brother Zhang called out anxiously, rushing over.

Bai Ziwei flinched, the back of his raised hand facing outwards, a small bright red burn showing clearly, his eyes filled with tears as he trembled, “It hurts, wah! Brother Shao… I got burnt.”

Shen Ci, however, cradled his hand and staggered back several steps, colliding right into Shao Jinhuan who held him. Shen Ci instinctively looked up, his eyes wide and disoriented.

Shao Jinhuan completely ignored Bai Ziwei and seeing the misty eyes of Shen Ci, who was panting hard yet stubbornly holding back his tears, he felt a pang in his heart.

He was about to speak, but once Shen Ci came back to his senses, he immediately struggled free from his hold, his eyes welled up with tears as he cried out to Brother Zhang, “Brother! Call a nurse for me!”

Brother Zhang had already hit the call button and was examining Shen Ci’s hand anxiously. The once tender skin was now red and blistering and still emitting heat, looking gruesomely pitiful.

Shen Ci, having been pampered all his life, never having to do rough work, had skin that was too delicate, so the burn was especially severe.

As the pain was too much, Shen Ci couldn’t hold back any longer. Tears streamed down his face, but he bit his lip and didn’t make a sound.

Brother Zhang, who had always treated Shen Ci as his own child was heartbroken. Hugging him, he patted his head to comfort him.

Shao Jinhuan stood still in his spot, an inexplicable sourness welling up in his heart, making him feel uncomfortable.

“Brother Shao….”

“It hurts so much, Brother Shao….”

“Brother Shao!”

Shao Jinhuan snapped back to reality, frowning at Bai Ziwei on the bed.

Seeing Shao Jinhuan finally shifting his gaze from the cannon fodder, Bai Ziwei let out a sigh of relief and continued to whine, “My hand really hurts…. it was burnt so badly.”

Shao Jinhuan silently looked down at the back of Bai Ziwei’s hand, where there was just a small red mark.

Most of the cup of boiling water had been poured directly onto Shen Ci’s hand while Bai Ziwei was just splashed with a few drops. The two situations simply weren’t comparable.

“Miss, this child has been scalded, can you please take him for treatment?”

A nurse entered the room due to the call bell. Brother Zhang quickly took Shen Ci and followed the nurse out, explaining the situation in detail. Shao Jinhuan immediately got up and followed, not seeing Bai Ziwei, who was left staring in disbelief.

What was going on? His husband actually ignored him and was so concerned about that cannon fodder?!

Where did things go wrong? Weren’t these people supposed to be completely enamored with him?

Bai Ziwei glared at the wet bedding and his hand that was no longer hurting much and punched the quilt angrily a few times.

The bedding was all wet now. Really a waste of effort!

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