Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 6.2 “Is there a thank you kiss?”

In the Shen family’s living room.

The clean faced boy on TV smiled brightly at the camera, making a heart and winking in one go: “Sisters, be sure to watch ‘Don’t Say Farewell’ a few more times! That way, you can see more of me!”

“Oh my God, baby is too cute!” Mother Shen covered her heart and screamed, pinching Shen Ci’s cheek fiercely, unable to let go: “This mummy fan is in love!”

Shen Bie also took the opportunity to ruffle his brother’s hair. Shen Ci was tormented by their crazy antics, and his loud protests were futile.

The production team must have been very satisfied with Shen Ci’s performance, as the final edited version gave him a lot of screen time, which excited Mother Shen. Usually a dignified and elegant lady, she now acted like an ordinary fangirl, chasing her idol.

Compared to Shen Bie’s dissuasive attitude, Mother Shen was a die hard fan.

Shen Ci finally managed to break free and collapsed onto the sofa bed, only to receive a head pat from Lu Xiao who was sitting nearby.

He stroked him gently and slowly, as if petting a kitten, occasionally touching the boy’s fair neck or ears: “Xiao Ci did great this time. Your agent called today just to praise you.”

Shen Ci tried to ignore the occasional touches and pretended to be calm, smiling: “…It’s all because Little Uncle gave me the opportunity to be in this show!”

Lu Xiao didn’t respond.

Shen Ci, feeling a bit strange, secretly glanced up and saw Lu Xiao still gently stroking his hair back and forth, seemingly immersed in the action, his eyes focused and deep, looking as if he were in a trance.

“…Little Uncle?” Shen Ci tentatively called out.

Lu Xiao’s gaze flickered and he calmly stopped and withdrew his hand: “What?”

Shen Ci shook his head: “Nothing, I just thought you seemed lost in thought.”

Lu Xiao reached out and gently wiped Shen Ci’s cheek with his fingertips: “Mhm, sorry. Get up early tomorrow, I’ll drop you off at the company on my way.”

Shen Ci’s eyes lit up: “Do I have a job?”

Lu Xiao smiled warmly: “I got you an ad.”

Mother Shen strongly invited Lu Xiao to stay over that night and he accepted without much resistance. It was Shen Ci who spent a long time mentally preparing himself in the backyard.

Fortunately, he had almost figured things out. If it weren’t for Lu Xiao saving him last night, who knows how much worse it could have been? Why was he being so stubborn?

So Shen Ci happily took over the maid’s tasks, personally making the bed for the guest room where Lu Xiao would stay, lighting the incense, and turning on the humidifier…. Lu Xiao grabbed Shen Ci, who was running around the room with a pillow, by the collar and laughed: “Alright, go get some rest.”

Shen Ci: “Little Uncle, have you finished talking with my dad?”

Not long after watching the variety show, Lu Xiao went upstairs to Father Shen’s study, seemingly having something to discuss.

Lu Xiao nodded: “Mhm, go to sleep. You need to get up early tomorrow.”

Mentioning waking up early, Shen Ci immediately obeyed and stuck his tongue out at Lu Xiao before darting out.

However, within a few seconds, he returned and directly pounced on Lu Xiao for a hug: “Little Uncle! I almost forgot, thank you for last night! I owe you a big bear hug!”

Looking down, Lu Xiao patted Shen Ci’s head: “Is there a thank you kiss?”

“Yes!” Shen Ci stood on his tiptoes and pretended to lean in for a kiss, but immediately returned to his normal stance, smiling slyly like a little fox: “Ai, I seem to be too short to reach.”

Not knowing if he should laugh or cry, Lu Xiao didn’t continue to tease him.

Shen Ci rushed out and waved at Lu Xiao from the doorway: “Little Uncle, good night!”

There was a faint smile on Lu Xiao’s face as he watched Shen Ci close the door and leave.

Perhaps because he was at home, Shen Ci fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, not waking up until midnight because of thirst. Rubbing his eyes, he got up and went downstairs to find some water.

“…Expose everything.”

“Mhm, put them on the blacklist. They messed with the wrong person, no need to be lenient.”

“You’ve worked hard.”

Shen Ci, barefoot on the soft carpet, went downstairs and faintly heard someone talking. Curious, he looked towards the living room’s spacious floor to ceiling windows where the sound was coming from.

In the darkness, someone was standing with their back to him by the window, having just hung up the phone.

The cold moonlight poured in, and the red glow between his fingers flickered, emitting a faint smoke.

It was Lu Xiao.

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