Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 33.1 A truck of gifts?

Editor: Jodi

The director felt quite troubled. In recent years, Jiang Shu hadn’t taken on a single role and had basically disappeared from the internet that didn’t have a memory, leading to a significant decline in her fame. Even the invitation that had been extended to her was just a random decision that had been made by the leadership.

Unexpectedly as soon as the invitation was sent, her agent immediately responded with confirmation to participate in the filming, showing that she was really in need of work lately.

The production team had originally been very happy to invite the audience’s childhood idol. But the result? Even before filming started today they found out that she was difficult to serve… they had completely invited a big trouble maker.

Now in front of everyone she had actually started to flaunt her seniority?

In the awkward stagnant silence, someone knocked on the door.

“Sorry, the traffic jam on the road was too severe. Did I delay the filming?”

Shao Jinhuan pushed the door in, panting a little sharply, sweat on his forehead, obviously having rushed over after styling his hair.

Shen Ci’s eyes widened immediately. Why was he also here?

Shen Ci looked at Brother Zhang in surprise, and Brother Zhang shook his head helplessly, showing that he also didn’t know.

This public service advertisement needed to be completed before the Spring Festival, and many industry bigwigs had been invited, however the participant list kept changing, and Yunxiao had also only received the main theme and content for the filming.

Otherwise, if they knew Jiang Shu was also participating, Wei Shuo would have definitely insisted on coming.

Shao Jinhuan’s gaze swept across the room casually, then paused for a few seconds on Shen Ci’s face, obviously also somewhat surprised.

“Director, what should we do now?”

The director, seeing the subtle smile at the corner of his lips thought to himself, he was actually in a good mood despite being late….. but at least he was able to help him get a break. He let out a small sigh.

“You’re not late, you’re not late. Teacher Shao has arrived just in time. Your spot, if I remember correctly, is in the middle. Let one of the crew members guide you. Alright, everyone, let’s get ready and continue the filming.”

The director pretended to forget the recent hiccup and continued with the arrangements, hoping Jiang Shu would take the hint and step down gracefully.

In terms of fame, Shen Ci was indeed more suited to be near the C-position than her. Jiang Shu arguing with a newcomer for this…. was really too devaluating.

Seeing that she was being ignored, and that the crew was bustling around Shao Jinhuan at the C-position, fixing his look and explaining poses, Jiang Shu felt a burst of discomfort in her heart.

Shao Jinhuan had only risen to fame in recent years and his strength was indeed worthy of getting the title of Movie Emperor, but when compared to her, he was still a newcomer.

She didn’t believe he deserved to be placed in a higher position than her. At the time when she had risen to fame, it wasn’t known at which side Shao Jinhuan had been playing with mud.

“Director, are you deliberately ignoring me?” Jiang Shu’s voice was soft, but her words were anything but polite: “I might accept Movie Emperor Shao, but the newcomer next to him….. I still think this arrangement is inappropriate.”

Shao Jinhuan glanced at her. No wonder Shen Ci looked a bit uncomfortable next to him. It turns out there was someone with a red eye around.

For Shen Ci, Jiang Shu was a senior, so being asked to switch places, he really didn’t have a ground to refuse.

But so what? Shen Ci didn’t owe her anything.

Shao Jinhuan spoke calmly, “I didn’t expect Senior Jiang to care so much about standing positions. How about I come and stand in your position and Xiao Ci stands in my C-position? This way, no one is inconvenienced and senior can still stand in her favourite position?”

Shen Ci: “???”

The crowd of melon eaters: “……” There was actually this kind of operation?

Jiang Shu: “…”

When she thought about it, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with what Shao Jinhuan had just said, but why did it make her feel…. even more depressed?

Shen Ci, this vase newcomer was actually still getting the C-position. Wasn’t it still better than hers?

Seeing that everyone present was dumbfounded, Shao Jinhuan turned his head leisurely to ask Shen Ci softly, “Xiao Ci, what do you think?”

Shen Ci: “….” Do I look like I dare to speak?

The director wanted to cry without tears, wondering how things had turned out this way. Shao Jinhuan wasn’t known for being so assertive before.

If Movie Emperor Shao, who had millions of girlfriend fans was placed in such a minor position, the advertisement would probably be torn apart by fans before it even aired.

He negotiated with the other stars participating hurriedly, then finally managed to move Jiang Shu’s position to a more central spot next to Shen Ci, which temporarily pacifying her resentment.

As for Shao Jinhuan and Shen Ci’s positions, he didn’t dare change them.

Shao Jinhuan had the backing of his girlfriend fans, and Shen Ci….. looked harmless on the surface, but actually had the support of mom fans behind him who had terrifying fighting strength. He didn’t dare provoke them!

Shen Ci stood in place, scratching his head in confusion.

He had inexplicably been targeted, and then inexplicably been saved…. This experience was very familiar.

The rest of the filming went smoothly and was completed without a hitch. After everyone removed their makeup, it was time for the usual business of mutual admiration and networking.

Shen Ci originally wanted to sneak out because he was bored, but was stopped by Shao Jinhuan.

“Xiao Ci.” He came out from the crowd, looking down at Shen Ci’s neck with a hint of melancholy, “The gift I gave you…… you haven’t seen it yet?”

Gift? It was only then Shen Ci remembered the leather bag. He really hadn’t opened it yet. He hadn’t been in the mood to open it in the car and the result? He forgot about it completely when he got home.

He touched his nose, a little embarrassed, “Uh, I’ll open it when I get back….”

It was only after a long while that Shao Jinhuan let out a soft “En”, his voice tinged with a hint of grievance and loss.

Having just been helped out by him, Shen Ci felt bad about snubbing Shao Jinhuan, so he chatted with him dryly in an awkward manner for a while as his mind raced frantically to think of a way to leave reasonably.

Luckily Brother Zhang received a phone call and urged him to go home. Relieved, Shen Ci said his goodbyes quickly and left.

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