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Chapter 16.2 Bai Ziwei wants to steal resources?

After his first live stream, Shen Ci had never looked at anything work related. Every day, he either lazed around at home or took a few life photos and posted them on Weibo.

With careful nursing, the wounds on his hands were almost healed and the faint scars could easily be solved by good lighting and photo editing.

Shen Ci finally breathed a sigh of relief, no longer needing to be confined at home.

With the healing of his hand injury, Shen Ci’s vacation also came to an end. Zhang Ge sent him a notice of the upcoming work one day in advance, most of which were some commercial shootings.

He had selected with Zhang Ge before, and he would have to participate in a three-month lifestyle variety show after the New Year. But before that, he would take it easy and shoot some simple advertisements and music videos.

The next day, as soon as Shen Ci arrived at the company, Zhang Ge dragged him into the office to start arranging the day’s work, which was mainly some easy liaison work.

Unlike before, Shen Ci wasn’t as temperamental, and Zhang Ge had also reduced a lot of workload, directly letting Shen Ci do the liaising himself.

First, he had to go to the person in charge of the stage for the Yunxiao Entertainment annual meeting to discuss the specific arrangement of the end-of-year stage show.

Coincidentally, when he knocked and pushed the door open, Shen Ci saw Bai Ziwei in the person in charge’s office.

Both of them were taken aback when they saw each other. Shen Ci, the little cannon fodder quickly smiled friendly at the big protagonist. Bai Ziwei, however, snorted with contempt.

The stage manager, Zhou Xing touched his chin with some amusement. He recognized these two newly signed artists who were being heavily promoted and had heard a bit about their deeds.

It was just that their temperaments and statuses seemed to have been swapped.

“Zhou Ge, it’s first come, first served.” Bai Ziwei reminded.

Zhou Xing replied, “Of course. Shen Ci, could you please sit over there for a bit?”

Shen Ci had no issues, nodded and went to sit on the sofa to wait. Bai Ziwei and the person in charge didn’t deliberately lower their voices during their discussion, so Shen Ci also heard most of it.

Bai Ziwei’s act was to cosplay as a cute bear, go up and sing and dance simply with several artists dressed similarly, mainly to act cute and then finally take off the head cover to show his face.

This act sounded like a Children’s Day dance party in a kindergarten, which made Shen Ci suddenly skeptical about the quality of this end-of-year party.

Bai Ziwei seemed to have similar thoughts to Shen Ci. He wasn’t very satisfied, but he couldn’t say much about it. He could only leave with a sour face, taking the materials with him.

“Come, Shen Ci, come over.”

Zhou Xing called for Shen Ci. Bai Ziwei, who was about to leave suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned back and said with a smile, “Xiao Ci, you just heard mine. I’m also very interested to know what Xiao Ci’s act is specifically like.”

Zhou Xing glanced at him, not bothering to deal with him. He handed the materials to Shen Ci, “You’re also doing a singing and dancing act, but it’s slightly more difficult. The people collaborating with you are all professional singing and dancing idols, so work hard.”

Professional singing and dancing?

Shen Ci was somewhat nervous. Why had the difficulty suddenly increased so much when it came to his turn?

“There wouldn’t be any center position for me, right?” He murmured, flipping through the program schedule and sure enough, he saw a total of 30 seconds of center position time.

Shen Ci was a little desperate. Although he was working very hard now, the fact that he was a pretty vase couldn’t change overnight. Let alone 30 seconds in the center, he would be panicked even for 3 seconds!

He didn’t have any stage performance experience. If he got nervous and made a wrong move, he might completely collapse and even drag down the excellent artists who were collaborating with him.

Shen Ci suddenly envied Bai Ziwei for being able to perform kindergarten acts.

“Don’t be nervous. There’s still a month left. The teacher and your teammates will guide you well.” Zhou Xing saw his nervousness and reassured him with a smile.

As long as he wasn’t tone deaf or have severe undevelopment of the cerebellum, learning these singing and dancing routines shouldn’t be a problem.

Since Zhang Ge had already told him earlier that he could arrange this kind of act for Shen Ci, it meant that the old fox had great confidence in Shen Ci’s learning ability.

Before Shen Ci had a chance to respond, Bai Ziwei suddenly shouted as if he was shocked, “I don’t accept this!”

“We’re artists from the same period and our contract levels are the same. Why do I only get to perform lousy acts where my face is only shown for the last few seconds! While Shen Ci gets to participate in these good acts and even gets a half minute center position!”

“Do I look worse than him? Or am I not as capable as him? I have stage performance experience! Does Shen Ci have it?”

Zhou Xing raised his eyebrows. Just now, Bai Ziwei looked somewhat cordial, but now he wasn’t even bothering to pretend?

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