Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 3.1 Was spiking drinks a traditional skill for lecherous men?

The moment these words were spoken, everyone at the table was a bit stunned.

Especially Shen Ci.

Lu Xiao raised an eyebrow and looked at Bai Ziwei, who had spoken. The latter had already taken the small wine glass from Shen Ci’s hand and was calmly preparing to drink.

This was Bai Ziwei’s self-sacrificing saintly nature coming into play, as he was always ready to save others by giving of himself. Shen Ci didn’t understand it, but he was still quite moved.

But! Shen Ci would never let him drink it!

What a joke. In the original novel, the saintly Bai Ziwei got drunk just because he was shielding a certain younger newcomer from drinking and as a result, he had a car accident that night.

It’s not that Bai Ziwei’s life was in danger. Although the accident temporarily halted his entertainment career and he was inexplicably terminated by Yunxiao Entertainment, Bai Ziwei met a very powerful scientific researcher and joined Shao Jinhuan’s entertainment company, where he shone brightly and the protagonists’ romantic storyline advanced rapidly.

The key point is that Shen Ci was almost cyber bullied into isolation by Bai Ziwei’s fans and passers-by due to this incident, even resorting to cut*ing his wrists! He almost rolled out of the entertainment circle for real.

After all, Bai Ziwei’s initial intention was to block the drinks for him, and Shen Ci saw how much Shao Jinhuan cared for Bai Ziwei, who was drinking more and more, so he deliberately tried to get Bai Ziwei even more drunk, just to spite Shao Jinhuan.

Nobody expected that Bai Ziwei, dizzy from drinking too much, would have such an accident on his way home.

Shen Ci in the original story was indeed in the wrong in this matter, and he never thought that he could be so mindless out of jealousy.

Shen Ci firmly refused, “No need, Brother Bai! This is too much and it’s not good for your health either!”

The silent Shao Jinhuan suddenly spoke up: “I’ll do it.”

He reached out to take the wine glass from Bai Ziwei’s hand, but midway, a slender hand blocked him.

Lu Xiao met Shao Jinhuan’s cold gaze with a seemingly amused smile, and any discerning person could see the subtle confrontation between them.

Lu Xiao snatched the wine glass away first and drained it in one gulp.

After savoring it, Lu Xiao leisurely said, “This wine is good. It should be enjoyed by those who appreciate the delicacy of fine wine, not used to force others.”

The atmosphere at the dining table suddenly turned cold, and the assistant director who had just proposed a toast was too scared to breathe. He only wanted to propose a toast, but somehow it felt like he had offended two big shots at once!

Shao Jinhuan fell silent for a while, then picked up his freshly filled wine glass and toasted Lu Xiao: “President Lu is right.”

The assistant director also hurriedly raised his glass, “Yes, yes, yes! I was being rude. Both Xiao Bai and Xiao Shen are young and should drink less, haha…”

The waiter, very tactful, filled Lu Xiao’s glass with wine to facilitate his return toast.

The silent confrontation gradually subsided, with Shen Ci being the most puzzled.

One after another, they all seemed to become self-sacrificing.

Forget it, he didn’t care about these tactics at the drinking table, as long as the goal was basically achieved.

The waiter brought some low-alcohol cocktails and beverages for those who couldn’t handle their liquor. Bai Ziwei didn’t drink as much cocktail this time, looking energetic and spirited, so there was no chance of a car accident!

With a huge weight lifted from his heart, Shen Ci didn’t participate in the socializing at the table for the rest of the time and happily ate and drank.

Although there had been some unpleasantness earlier, fortunately, everyone at the table tried to liven up the atmosphere, and they all had a good time.

Except for Shao Jinhuan, who kept a straight face throughout.

Shen Ci secretly glanced at him a few times. Shao Jinhuan’s expression was terrible, and Shen Ci couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

Shao Jinhuan must have wanted to protect Bai Ziwei just now, but Lu Xiao had choked him off, and he certainly couldn’t save face.

Was he really that fond of Bai Ziwei?

Shen Ci felt a tinge of sourness in his heart. Although the original Shen Ci was foolish, he was still ‘himself’, so Shen Ci understood that feeling.

He knew that he didn’t like Shao Jinhuan to the point of being indispensable. In the original novel, after going through so many twists and turns and doing so many bad things, the root cause was more about not being able to stand it.

He couldn’t stand seeing his childhood friend easily snatched away by someone else, couldn’t stand Shao Jinhuan’s cold words and even physical aggression toward him for Bai Ziwei, couldn’t stand…

Shen Ci shook his head vigorously to stop his thoughts and sternly warned himself to stay sober!

After drinking one fruit-flavored cocktail after another, Shen Ci thought that he might not have had alcohol for too long, as his head was getting dizzy.

He looked up in a daze and saw Lu Xiao getting up and leaving the private room, not knowing where he was headed.

Even though his consciousness was becoming blurry, Shen Ci still had an uneasy feeling.

Brother Zhang was not around, and Bai Ziwei and Shao Jinhuan, the two ticking time bombs, were sitting right next to Shen Ci. From time to time, he could feel some malicious gazes.

For some reason, Shen Ci felt his whole body heat up, and the unspeakable discomfort grew even more unbearable.

Shen Ci had a bad premonition, could he be that unlucky?

“Brother Bai…I’m going to the restroom.” Shen Ci told Bai Ziwei and completely ignoring the latter’s inquiry, stumbled out of the private room.

He had to find Lu Xiao.

At this moment, Shen Ci only dared to trust one person.

Bai Ziwei looked worried and was about to stand up but was held down by Shao Jinhuan’s hand on his shoulder.

“Brother Shao, Xiao Ci seems to be in a bad state. I must go and check on him.” Bai Ziwei anxiously explained.

Shao Jinhuan narrowed his eyes, watching several people from the opposite table quietly follow Shen Ci out, his face darkening.

“I’ll go take a look.” Shao Jinhuan got up and followed.

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