Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 15.1 This d*mn ashura field

“Xiao Ci, do you think we should accept the call?”

Wei Shui had a fake smile, but his eyes were locked on Shao Jinhuan. “You guys have worked with this person on a drama before right? How’s your relationship?”

As an avid web surfer, Wei Shuo had, of course, kept up with the hot search on his good friend all day long. Originally standing unconditionally on Shen Ci’s side, he simply hated Bai Ziwei after following the hot search.

Even Shao Jinhuan, who seemed a bit too close to Bai Ziwei for his liking, was on the receiving end of his sour expression.

In Wei Shuo’s eyes, Shao Jinhuan had become someone who bullied Shen Ci together with Bai Ziwei.

Shao Jinhuan responded with silence, a showdown of glances that seemed to spark a smell of gunpowder between them.

Shen Ci had a bit of a headache. Could it be that Bai Ziwei’s involvement was a last minute decision by the company? But why hadn’t Zhang Ge informed him?

Seeing that Shen Ci couldn’t decide, Wei Shuo simply accepted the invitation. No matter whether water, soil or an army came, he would stop it.

Shen Ci’s heart skipped a beat and he retreated a few steps nervously.

Soon, the two live streams were successfully connected. Bai Ziwei glanced at the other live room and sure enough, just as the hot search had mentioned, Shao Jinhuan was there too!

This person who was supposed to be his CP in the original novel, not only didn’t help him, he even went to his enemy to help raise his popularity!

Shao Jinhuan was supposed to care for and protect him, frequently show only him a gentle smile and should be able to be summoned with a call even in the wee hours!

Bai Ziwei was very angry, but he still swallowed his anger and put on a smile to greet everyone: “Hello everyone in the live room! I’m Bai Ziwei, welcome to follow me!”

He made a heart shape with his hand and winked at the camera, flashing a brilliant smile that showcased his neat, beautiful teeth.

“This little brother is also so handsome! Four different styles of handsome guys appearing at the same time, how am I supposed to live!”

“I need a blood bag, a blood bag… This Bai Ziwei looks so gentle and warm, his smile is so charming!”

“Ah! I remember him, I’ve been seeing his posters on the homepage of Orange Video lately, he’s the second male lead in ‘Don’t Say Farewell’!”

Although there were some discordant voices in the comments, most were completely enchanted by his good looks, with compliments flowing one after another.

Bai Ziwei glanced at the data of his own live stream and was pleased to see the number of viewers beginning to increase rapidly.

Choosing to come and rub off their heat for attention was simply a wise decision! Just think about all the fans this would bring!

Bai Ziwei struck while the iron was hot: “Thank you all for your support! I’ll be giving out big red packets in the live room later!”

Since they could see the eye-catching foursome in both live streams, Bai Ziwei’s incentive drew in quite a few passersby.

Off camera, Wei Shuo made a ‘qie’ and a face at Bai Ziwei, grumbling, “Stealing fans in broad daylight, is there something wrong with this guy?”

Shen Ci, already flustered because of the connection felt even more awkward when he saw that Shao Jinhuan hadn’t started a conversation with Bai Ziwei.

He really didn’t know what to talk about with Bai Ziwei, Wei Shuo clearly didn’t want to deal with Bai Ziwei any longer, and Shao Jinhuan had reverted to his sparing use of words as if they were gold.

He hadn’t seen Shao Jinhuan being so cold towards Bai Ziwei when they were filming!

Feeling annoyed, Shen Ci had no choice but to try to salvage the situation. He tugged on Wei Shuo’s clothes, “Should we go on the carousel? We can live stream and chat at the same time.”

Wei Shuo laughed mercilessly, “You’ve always liked riding this since you were a kid. After growing up your tastes haven’t changed ah haha….. still so childish!”

Shen Ci: “Hmph, you’re forcing me right? Someone here still gets scared during thunderstorms at night that he looks for company to sleep with. You’re much more childish than I am!”

Wei Shuo: “!!!”

The two started wrestling again and a wave of ‘ha ha ha’s’ flowed through the comments. Even the ice cube faced Shao Jinhuan couldn’t help but smile, extending a hand to separate the two, “Weren’t we going to the carousel?”

Off camera, Wei Shuo swatted Shao Jinhuan’s hand on Shen Ci’s shoulder away, chiding him, “Weren’t you just passing by? Why are you still following us?”

Shao Jinhuan glanced at the screen, “I’m just bored, so I thought I’d join in the fun. Aren’t we good friends?”

Wei Shuo gritted his teeth, the latter part of that statement was clearly a threat. If he were to respond harshly under the pretext of friendship, he would definitely be roasted to death by Shao Jinhuan’s fans who would rush over at the news and he might even lose some fans.

How had he never noticed how sinister Shao Jinhuan was before? It was clear this guy had prepared in advance and intentionally come over to stir the pot.

With the boost from a popular show, Shao Jinhuan’s reputation was soaring recently. He didn’t seem to need any hype, so the only reason…

Wei Shuo looked at Shen Ci who was heading towards the carousel with a complex look in his eyes.

Not only was Shen Ci behaving out of character, even Shao Jinhuan seemed to have lost his mind.

Ever since Shen Ci started showing interest in Shao Jinhuan, their relationship had become extremely tense. Shao Jinhuan had been avoiding Shen Ci, unwilling to face him, while Wei Shuo’s fist itched to punch Shao Jinhuan whenever he saw him.

But now it was Shen Ci who was avoiding Shao Jinhuan?

Meanwhile Bai Ziwei, who couldn’t feel the strange atmosphere among the three at his end of the live stream was trying hard to find opportunities to join their conversation and draw the audience’s attention.

Seeing that the other live stream had calmed down and the three were just quietly walking, he quickly seized the chance to attract followers: “Shao Ge, Shao Ge, you’re looking so handsome today! You’re really showing off your great figure, your legs are so long!”

Shao Jinhuan just nodded, “Mm.”

The conversation died there.

Bai Ziwei choked. When the person you care about the most praises you, shouldn’t you blush and compliment the person back?

Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Shen Ci looked up and flattered casually: “Yes, very handsome and chic. But Bai Ge, you also look good in what you’re wearing!”

Shao Jinhuan’s ear tips turned a little red but he pretended to be calm, saying, “…So do you.”

Bai Ziwei: “…”

He felt like he was going to have a heart attack! This script was too off.

No wonder Shao Jinhuan had gone over instead of helping him with the livestream. It turned out that this little cannon fodder had somehow seduced him at some point.

Bai Ziwei made a displeased ‘tsk’.

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