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Chapter 19.1 Being laid-back: the beautiful quality of a cannon fodder

A good cannon fodder knows better than to challenge the main character. Xiao Ci pretended not to hear, although the others seemed quite unhappy.

The dance teacher’s face hardened, “Who was making fun of Shen Ci just now?”

Unfazed, Bai Ziwei stood up, giving the dance teacher a particularly kind smile, “Teacher, I wasn’t making fun of him.”

“I just think… it’s one thing to pay for a hot search and steal the spotlight from other artists in the same company on a regular day. But for a show like this, bringing a flower vase to boost popularity, isn’t that too much of a drag for everyone?”

“Shouldn’t the company reconsider to avoid one person ruining a big show that nine people have worked hard to put together?”

Many in the practice room gradually stopped their exercises and sat down to rest, enjoying the unfolding drama.

As Bai Ziwei said this, many eyes turned to Shen Ci.

They had already noticed this newbie. Recently, Shen Ci’s popularity had been on a rollercoaster ride, with his name often on the hot search list.

He was a decent actor and his variety show sense was passable. But his dance practice… seasoned artists who had spent years on various stages could easily tell that Shen Ci was indeed just a flower vase.

Bai Ziwei’s words only reinforced their doubts. Was Shen Ci’s skill level really unsuitable for this show?

Would he really drag the entire show down?

But more rational voices began to quietly speak up.

“Although at first glance Shen Ci seems to have no foundation, he has a serious attitude towards learning and is quite quick to pick up things. Isn’t Bai Ziwei exaggerating a bit too much?”

“Exactly, the company wouldn’t risk ruining us all for just one newcomer…”

“Bai Ziwei has a point, but isn’t he targeting Shen Ci a bit too much? They’re from the same company after all.”

“Right, right, I think so too. His EQ seems a bit low. Maybe he skipped the basic training courses for company artists.”


Xia Qing Qing, who had just been insulted by Bai Ziwei was already fuming. Now, she couldn’t hold back any longer, “Your words are quite offensive. We all started from zero and worked hard step by step. You have no right to deny someone else’s future.”

Bai Ziwei smiled innocently yet sarcastically, “I’m just thinking about the collective good of our entire show. Who wouldn’t want a perfect performance and stage? If a member isn’t doing well, can’t they be critiqued?”

“But, if you’re all so sensitive, I’ll just keep quiet.”

Xia Qing Qing was fuming, “You!”

Shen Ci quickly spoke up in a submissive tone, “I admit that I’m not doing well right now. But Bai Ge, don’t worry. I’ll work hard and definitely won’t hold everyone back.”

Bai Ziwei’s face showed a hint of ridicule, as if he’d heard a joke, “Is just working hard useful?”

“Without perfect talent, no amount of effort can make up for it. That kind of innate spirit can’t be trained.”

His words were aimed at mocking Shen Ci, but they caused the faces of many artists around him to change abruptly, with many looking at him with icy expressions.

How many people had extraordinary talent?

Most of them had reached where they were today by treading on a path of blood, tears and sweat, persisting and striving despite constant denials of their dreams and future, allowing them to stand firm.

Who would have thought that when they were almost at the top, they would be mocked with “effort is useless”?

Artists were supposed to be good-tempered and avoid trouble, but this didn’t mean they would swallow their anger when being belittled and ridiculed blatantly, especially when the other party was just an unpopular newcomer from the same company.

The dance teacher was so angry that she laughed, “If your talent is so great, why don’t you come up and give us all a lesson?”

Bai Ziwei was stunned. It had come to this?

Before transmigrating into this novel, his dancing skills were only average, capable of performing at a class New Year’s party at best.

However, in the original novel, the protagonist was extraordinarily talented in many arts, such as acting and singing, which was why he had spoken so arrogantly.

Just now, he was able to learn quickly, which should indicate that the protagonist had a lot of talent in dance… right?

Bai Ziwei felt a bit regretful. He originally just found Shen Ci annoying, but now was he going to get himself involved?

“… No problem.”

Bai Ziwei braced himself, stood in the center of the practice room, and started dancing to the music being played.

Fortunately, the original body didn’t disappoint him. His dancing became smoother and smoother that he felt a bit surprised but proud in his heart.

Shen Ci felt moved as he watched seriously from the side. The protagonist’s halo was different; he could show off casually and his dancing talent and skill were much better than his.

But the others didn’t think like him.

“I say, why can’t he even control his strength properly? He seems to be doing whatever he wants.”

“He doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously. I see a lot of moves that he just glossed over after doing them briefly.”

“Tsk, with such arrogant and unpleasant words, I thought his skills would be more amazing.”


While dancing, Bai Ziwei could clearly hear the deliberate nitpicking from the artists around him, which was so annoying that he could hardly keep dancing. He made quite a few mistakes due to being distracted.

He was very confused. Where had he offended these artists? Why were they all here sarcastically mocking him? Had Shen Ci bewitched all of them?

As the music ended, Bai Ziwei also stopped, panting. No one clapped. Instead, there were sighs and even some clear jeers.

Coupled with the sarcastic comments from the artists who were watching just now, Bai Ziwei couldn’t help but get angry: “There’s no need to say grapes are sour just because you can’t eat them, right? Even if the talent is excellent, it’s not perfect when you just start practicing.”

Xia Qing Qing sneered, “Shen Ci just started practicing too so why did you mock him? I really admire your double standards!”

“That’s right, and his words were so unpleasant and he was mocking Qing Qing before the teacher came. How did he pass the company’s artist assessment?”

“Shen Ci isn’t worthy of your great talent and we small fries definitely aren’t either, so why don’t we all quit collectively?”


Bai Ziwei’s face became increasingly ugly as he glared at Shen Ci, gritting his teeth.

Although he didn’t know why the situation had turned out like this, it was definitely related to this cannon fodder.

This guy was getting more and more vicious!

Shen Ci was inexplicably glared at by Bai Ziwei with a hateful gaze. He… hadn’t he been completely transparent throughout?

If he interfered, he was singled out by Bai Ziwei. If he didn’t interfere, he was specially targeted by Bai Ziwei. Did Bai Ziwei really have paranoia?

Shen Ci: Calm_in_face_of_failure.jpg

The dance teacher noticed Bai Ziwei’s gaze and let out a light scolding: “Enough, everyone focus on practicing.”

Feeling embarrassed from the gossiping, everyone dispersed reluctantly.

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