Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 13.1

Shen Ci remembered.

He had indeed given them. These photos were shared in the actors’ group on the set after Brother Zhang took them. He didn’t expect that Shao Jinhuan had actually kept them and was now bringing them out again.

Shen Ci felt a bit guilty. The incident was true, but “building a good relationship with the crew” was just an excuse. In reality, he only wanted to please Shao Jinhuan, so he bought the flavors that Shao Jinhuan liked.

He still remembered the frowning and impatient expression on Shao Jinhuan’s face when he eagerly brought the milk tea to him.

After Shao Jinhuan took the milk tea, he casually handed it to Bai Ziwei beside him and kindly advised, “If you don’t like it, don’t force yourself.”

He didn’t even bother to give Shen Ci a glance.

Feeling a twinge of sourness in his heart, Shen Ci closed the “hot search” and closed his eyes, clearing his mind.

Taking a deep breath, Shen Ci went from intense dissatisfaction in the past to a state of calmness. Occasionally, when he thought of the embarrassing incidents from before, Shen Ci still felt uneasy, but he had gradually let go.

Ah, why was his character in the original novel so crazy? Luckily, he had come to terms with it now.

But… If Shao Jinhuan personally steps in to defend Shen Ci, with Bai Ziwei causing trouble, could there be another situation?!

He couldn’t afford to provoke the protagonist’s halo. There was no way he could escape from it.

“Xiao Ci! Hurry and interact with Shao Jinhuan on Weibo!”

Brother Zhang pushed open the door, looking delighted.

When he messaged Shao Jinhuan’s agent, he didn’t have much hope, but unexpectedly, he actually received a reply from Shao Jinhuan.

On the set, Shao Jinhuan didn’t show much favor to Shen Ci.

The water army struggled for an hour, before finally derailing the troublemakers’ hot search, especially with the voice of the newly crowned Best Actor, Shao Jinhuan, silently guiding public opinion in a positive direction.

Seizing the opportunity, Shen Ci’s studio released a statement firmly denying any connection between the car accident and Shen Ci and vowed to hold the rumor spreaders accountable.

Shen Ci also stepped up and apologized to Bai Ziwei, admitting that he had been in a bad mood on the set and would take any criticism with humility. Brother Zhang nervously monitored the direction of public opinion. Although there were still many people criticizing Shen Ci, they managed to overcome the situation.

It was better to admit mistakes than to resist stubbornly.

Shen Ci was calm. After all, in the original novel, he suffered even more from the online attacks related to Bai Ziwei’s car accident, so this was nothing.

They still couldn’t reach Bai Ziwei, and Brother Zhang gritted his teeth in frustration. “When I catch him, I’ll give him a good education! As a newly signed artist, shouldn’t he prioritize the company’s interests and his own career?”

In this urgent situation, Sister Qing could only reply to Shen Ci’s apology on Bai Ziwei’s Weibo herself, engaging in an exchange of apologies. At least, the protagonist’s harmonious control over the situation was complete.

The fans on both sides were still fighting, but with the guidance of the water army, things had calmed down significantly. It was only a matter of time before the situation subsided.

After resolving the online backlash, Brother Zhang finally had some free time to help Shen Ci select new projects.

Shen Ci counted and realized that the earliest available job offers were still a week away. It seemed that Yunxiao Entertainment had already informed the other parties that Shen Ci would be taking a break this week.

“I’ve been at home for so long that I’m nearly growing grass. Are there any projects that I can join right now?” When Shen Ci thought about enduring another week of boredom, he even began to miss the painful days of memorizing lines during the filming of “Don’t Say Farewell”.

And with such a long time without any activities, the forgetful internet might just forget about him.

After experiencing a ridiculous dream, Shen Ci knew he didn’t have much leverage to act arrogantly. He had to keep working hard in order to survive in the entertainment industry, where things were constantly changing.

“You’re already thinking about finding work for yourself?!” Brother Zhang’s mouth opened in surprise and seeing Shen Ci about to protest, quickly interrupted him, “All your upcoming projects have been postponed.”

“How about doing a live stream at home and chatting with fans?”

Shen Ci was doing his first live stream and it felt quite novel to him. However, he was unfamiliar with the equipment and the specific operations so naturally, he thought of his childhood friend, Wei Shuo, who had been a popular internet celebrity for three or four years and was accustomed to live streaming.

Wei Shuo had an astonishing number of fans across all platforms, with millions of active followers, making him undoubtedly the top internet celebrity.

When Wei Shuo heard that Shen Ci was going to do a live stream, he immediately got excited and insisted on doing a joint live stream.

“How about a mukbang? Let’s eat hot pot together! My fans love watching me eat hot pot when I go out!”

“What about swimming? I mainly do outdoor live streams, and it’s been a while since I went to the beach.”

“No? How about going to a park to skateboard? Your demands are a bit too much….”


Shen Ci rejected them one by one with a black face. If Lu Xiao, his parents, or his big brother found out about these live stream ideas, they would definitely drag him back and lock him in a small dark room. After all, as someone still recovering from injuries, it wouldn’t be convenient for him to participate in such activities.

After discussing for over half an hour, they finally settled on going to an amusement park for the live stream.

It would be fun and safe, a perfect combination.

Wei Shuo usually collaborated with Qinggua for live streams and coincidentally, Yunxiao Entertainment also had a stake in that platform. After Brother Zhang communicated with the person in charge at Qinggua, Shen Ci temporarily joined the platform.

Coinciding with the rise in Shen Ci’s popularity, the simultaneous release of teasers on Weibo and the Qinggua platform generated early hype for the live stream. The banner for Shen Ci’s live stream room was already displayed on the platform’s homepage.

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