Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 36.1 A little out of control

Editor: Jodi

After Shen Ci was lured away by Lu Xiao with delicious treats, he no longer paid any attention to Shen Bie.

Then Shen Bie, annoyed, watched as his baby little brother followed Lu Xiao everywhere—whether it was looking at documents in the study, attending video conferences, or even just going for walks.

Even though Shen Ci had always enjoyed following Lu Xiao around, this was too clingy right? Shen Bie gritted his teeth, the vague restless anxiety in his heart becoming more and more clear.

It wasn’t until Lu Xiao went to take a shower and rest for the night that Shen Ci finally stopped following him and listlessly scrolled through his phone on the couch.

He hesitated over the Weibo app, He hadn’t swiped through the hot search for a day, and thinking about the horrible scene last night, he didn’t dare tap it…

He really hoped he had fallen off the hot search list. Shen Ci wiped the tears in his heart. He was probably the first idol to pray for such a thing.

Shen Bie walked over in a fierce manner. He had finally caught this child alone.

“Xiao Ci, big brother wants to ask you something.” Shen Bie sat down next to his little brother then whispered with a very serious expression. “Tell me, why do you suddenly like Uncle Lu?” 

Shen Ci who was holding his phone looked at him blankly. “I’ve always liked him.” 

This idiot… Shen Bie flicked him on the forehead, exasperated. “I’m talking about the kind of ‘like’ you had for Shao Jinhuan before!”

Shen Ci, confused by the sudden flick, got up and checked Shen Bie’s forehead, a baffled look on his face as he kept quiet.

Shen Bie: “…..”

Veins appearing on his forehead, Shen Bie clenched his fists, wanting to hammer the stupid Shen Ci, but in the end couldn’t bring himself to do it. “Do you not understand or are you playing dumb…?”

Then looking at his face, it seems he really didn’t understand.

Could it be that Shen Ci didn’t even know, and that it was he who was being overly sensitive because he was a big brother?

The bathroom door opened with a click and Lu Xiao walked out, drying his hair with a towel, his bathrobe draped on him loosely, revealing a glimpse of his well-defined, muscular chest.

“Ah, little uncle you’re done showering!” Shen Ci’s eyes lit up, and without even bothering to put his shoes on, ran over to the bathrobe-clad Lu Xiao. “Let me help you dry your hair.”

Shen Bie’s eye twitched: “…..” He took back his earlier statement!

Lu Xiao’s eyes softened with a gentle smile as he took a seat on the sofa in a leisurely manner, then Shen Ci run over happily to help dry his hair, and from time to time, he would mischievously rub Lu Xiao’s ear through the towel.

“Stop messing around.” Lu Xiao, with his eyes closed, spoke calmly, patting the back of Shen Ci’s hand lightly.

Behind him, Shen Ci secretly made a face then hummed a tune, continuing to dry his hair patiently.

The warmth between them was unmistakable, leaving Shen Bie feeling oddly excluded and very unhappy.

Had he rushed over just to make himself unhappy?

But since it was Lu Xiao, Shen Bie didn’t dare just carry Shen Ci away directly.

Then unable to help it anymore, he asked through gritted teeth, “Shen Xiaoci ah, Shen Xiaoci, big brother usually treats you like an ancestor, but how come I’ve never seen you serve me like this before?”

Shen Ci’s movements froze for a moment, then he turned to Shen Bie with a flattering smile: “Uh, next time this little brother will be at the ready at all times to dry your hair, with a bonus of a scrub and a massage, how about it?”

Shen Bie clearly didn’t buy it, as he snorted coldly: “Perfunctory.”

After drying Lu Xiao’s hair, Shen Ci took a shower and grabbed a pillow, planning to run off to Lu Xiao’s room to sleep—and unsurprisingly, he was picked up calmly by Lu Xiao and thrown back into his own bed.

As soon as Shen Bie entered his little brother’s room, he saw him lying despondently on his bed, sighing heavily.

“So persistent? Why do you have to sleep with Uncle Lu?” Shen Bie pinched his cheek, hating iron for not becoming steel.

Shen Ci yelped in pain and slapped his hand away, pouting: “I’m used to it! Sleeping while hugging little uncle used to be so comforting.”

“As a result, after going abroad with you for four years for school and coming back, little uncle doesn’t want to sleep with me anymore…..”

Shen Ci was confused: “Could it be that little uncle thinks I’m too big now?”

Shen Bie: “….. too big?”

Shen Ci nodded firmly, his little face serious: “It must be like this, otherwise why would little uncle be so unwilling? Sigh, it turns out he likes them small……”

Shen Bie was a little confused for a while, with a high speed train rumbling and thundering through his mind.

Too big, unwilling, likes small….. What kind of wolfish words were these?

Had Xiao Ci and Uncle Lu already reached that point? But when exactly….Shen Bie felt as if he’d been struck by lightning.

He was so shocked that he didn’t sleep well throughout the night, and the next morning, with dark circles and bloodshot eyes, his haggard appearance gave Shen Ci quite a scare.

“Big brother, did you stay up all night gaming?” Shen Ci pinched his face worriedly, and seeing that Shen Bie didn’t even swat his hand away, he was even more surprised: “It can’t be that you knelt all night, right? What kind of shock stimulated you like this!”

Shen Bie sighed deeply, and his eyes as he looked at Shen Ci were filled with incomparable complexity, causing the face of Shen Ci who was being stared at to be filled with black question marks.

It was as if he was talking to a brick wall….. when had Shen Bie been infected by Shao Jinhuan’s “I’ll die if I say more than one word” disease?

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