Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 8.2 I’ll listen to you, be good

The nurse led Zhang and Shen Ci to the dermatology department and after thanking the nurse and pushing Shen Ci into the room, Brother Zhang noticed Shao Jinhuan who had followed them from the corner of his eye.

There was some worry on Shao Jinhuan’s face, but Brother Zhang blocked his attempt to enter the room with a smile that wasn’t a smile, “Movie Emperor Shao, you can stay out.”

Shao Jinhuan’s brow furrowed.

Closing the door to the department, Brother Zhang lowered his voice and scoffed, “Don’t pretend, I don’t believe you didn’t notice. Bai Ziwei has been deliberately bullying Shen Ci today, are you going to say that it has nothing to do with you?”

“Since you’ve chosen Bai Ziwei, then don’t turn back and hurt Shen Ci. You should know, I protect my artists the most.”

“Take care of your people.”

Before Shao Jinhuan could react, Brother Zhang, who had dropped these words, pushed the door open and entered.

Shao Jinhuan stared at the doorknob, but in the end, he didn’t have the courage to turn it.

It was clearly within easy reach, but at this moment, Shao Jinhuan hesitated for a long time, unable to imagine what attitude he should use to face Shen Ci.

Shen Ci was no longer clinging to him as he wished and had become much more obedient and sensible. He didn’t throw tantrums or get jealous for no reason and he didn’t deliberately bully Bai Ziwei, which was a good thing.

But why, why was there a sourness welling up in his heart?

The nurse had set up a ward for Shen Ci and was carefully administering medicine, causing Shen Ci to grimace in pain.

“Ah….. big sis, be gentle….”

He hissed in pain, eliciting a laugh from Brother Zhang, “Such a dramatic yell, you’ve even made the young lady blush! Mind your image a bit.”

Shen Ci shot him a look but couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face.

He knew Brother Zhang was deliberately trying to lighten the mood and distract him. With Brother Zhang’s company, Shen Ci felt a bit more at ease.


The door was suddenly pushed open as Shen Bie hurriedly rushed in, “Xiao Ci! How’s your hand?”

Both the nurse and Shen Ci jumped at the sudden roar and the nurse, unhappy, scolded softly, “This is a hospital, please keep it down.”

Only after laying eyes on Shen Ci did Shen Bie calm down slightly. He walked over, frowning at Shen Ci’s left hand that was thoroughly wrapped in gauze, “Brother Zhang, what exactly happened?”

Shen Bie had rushed over as soon as he got Brother Zhang’s message, so hurried he didn’t even bother with his jacket.

Brother Zhang briefly relayed the entire incident to Shen Bie and the more Shen Bie listened, the more angry he became. In the end he punched the bed, earning another glare from the nurse.

Seeing Shen Bie’s stormy expression, Shen Ci quickly grabbed him, “Big brother, big brother, impulse is the devil!”

Shen Bie glared, wanting to scold Shen Ci for his carelessness, but after grinding his teeth for a while, he couldn’t bring himself to say it. Instead, he ruffled Shen Ci’s hair heavily, “You don’t worry about it, I’ll handle it.”

Shen Ci wasn’t a fool, he could sort of sense that Bai Ziwei was intentionally stirring up trouble. This unprovoked calamity made him feel so baffled that even he wanted to punch someone, not to mention his hot-tempered big brother.

But– that guy not only has the protagonist’s halo, he’s also your little brother!

However when Shen Bie became obstinate, not even ten bulls could pull him back. When Shen Ci wasn’t paying attention, Shen Bie went straight to Bai Ziwei’s room. A few minutes later, he returned with a sour face and hands in his pockets.

Brother Zhang laughed, “What happened, got blocked by Shao Jinhuan?”

Shen Bie snorted, “He’s nothing. He has to make way when he sees me! Does that Bai Ziwei have something wrong with his brain? I was scolding him and he, he actually….”

Shen Bie’s face darkened further as he spoke and it took him a while to spit out, “Actually started acting infatuated with me?! That look…. it gives me goosebumps.”


Brother Zhang stared blankly for a moment before bursting into laughter.

Shen Ci was dumbfounded. Bai Ziwei was acting infatuated with his own brother in front of Shao Jinhuan?!

This scenario was too shocking, just thinking about it made Shen Ci’s scalp tingle.

Now he was entirely sure, that Bai Ziwei must have had his core replaced. How could the gentle and reserved Bai Ziwei possibly do something so blatant?


Brother Zhang’s phone rang. He glanced at the caller, answered it, and handed the phone to Shen Ci.

Confused, Shen Ci took it. The familiar voice on the other end was low and strong, “Have your injuries been dealt with? I’ll come pick you up in a bit.”

Shen Ci was shocked. Brother Zhang had actually informed Lu Xiao too?

The actions of Lu Xiao in the original novel slowly surfaced in his mind.

He remembered how Lu Xiao, just because of his offhand complaint, “I wish he would disappear”, directly arranged for Bai Ziwei to have an “accidental” collapse of a prop rack on set, nearly costing him his life, yet leaving no trace of human intervention afterwards.

Having been surrounded by predators since his childhood, struggling for his life to protect and expand his family business as a teenager, Lu Xiao was ruthless and decisive when he acted, attacking like a beast, aiming directly for the most lethal spots of his opponents.

These were old stories that Shen Ci heard from his mother. He used to take them as jokes because the Lu Xiao in his memory was always a picture of gentle elegance, far from being so brutal.

But now…. Shen Ci thought about it. If Bai Ziwei didn’t have the protagonist’s halo in the original novel, he would have been arranged to die an unnatural death by Lu Xiao a long time ago.

“No need, no need. Little uncle, you must be busy with work, right?”

“It just happens that my big brother is here, he can take me home.”

As Shen Ci spoke, he winked meaningfully at his big brother. Getting the message, Shen Bie leaned in, “Yes, Uncle Lu, otherwise I wouldn’t have risked being scolded to death by dad to sneak out.”

Shen Ci added, “Ah, right. Little Uncle, please definitely don’t make any decisions about my injury. I’ll call you when I get home.”

He was very worried that Lu Xiao would once again tread the path of a villainous BOSS who hard-counters the protagonist’s halo.

“I’ll listen to you, be good. I’ll hang up now.”

After hanging up, Lu Xiao silently stared at the bustling traffic outside the floor to ceiling window, his eyes icy and sharp.

The entire president’s office was terrifyingly quiet. His assistant was pressured by his superior’s frosty, heavy aura to the point that he didn’t dare to breathe, his back almost soaked in sweat.

“Investigate Bai Ziwei again.”

Without turning his head, Lu Xiao ordered indifferently.

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