Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 2.2 He had the courage to go against the doting Lu Xiao but not to provoke the fated male lead

It wasn’t until Shen Ci, wrapped up like a dumpling, followed Brother Zhang downstairs that he found out who the ‘special person’ was.

The window of the luxurious black car in front of them rolled down, revealing a familiar handsome face.

“Little, ah no, President Lu, good evening!” Shen Ci reacted immediately, greeting him excitedly.

“President Lu, thank you for your hard work.” Brother Zhang said with a smile.

Lu Xiao gave a gentle smile, “Thank you for looking after Xiao Ci. It’s cold outside. Xiao Ci, get in the car and let’s talk.”

Shen Ci’s heart bloomed with joy. After saying goodbye to Brother Zhang, he hurriedly opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

“Little Uncle, I haven’t seen you in so long! You’re still as handsome as ever! I missed you so much!” Shen Ci began to flatter the moment he settled in, delighted.

He was speaking from the heart. These past few days, the dreams he’d been having were driving him crazy, and he didn’t dare talk to anyone about them. He could only keep it to himself and torment himself.

Every night before going to sleep, Shen Ci would be particularly terrified. But if he went to his parents or elder brother, asking to sleep with them for a sense of security, they would definitely laugh at him for being a little kid.

But Lu Xiao was different. He always had a gentle and carefree demeanor, never mocking Shen Ci for his occasional childishness.

If it weren’t for his recent busy schedule, Shen Ci would have moved in with his Little Uncle long ago.

In the original novel, Lu Xiao also had a tragic ending, which Shen Ci felt was his fault.

There were many schemes against Bai Ziwei that Shen Ci couldn’t pull off himself, so he would turn to his Little Uncle for help.

No matter how unreasonable the request, Lu Xiao would help him unconditionally, even going to extremes, thus offending all of Bai Ziwei’s powerful friends and becoming a target just like Shen Ci.

Lu Xiao became the main villain of the entire story. Of course, opposing the protagonist led to a terrible end. In the end, the entire Yunxiao Group suffered significant damage, fell from grace, and had no chance of recovery.

After Shen Ci disappeared in the original novel, there was no trace of Lu Xiao either.

Shen Ci didn’t want the present Lu Xiao to suffer the same fate.

Although he called him ‘Little Uncle’ verbally, in reality, Lu Xiao was just a close friend of Shen Ci’s grandfather. That’s why Shen Ci had affectionately called him ‘Little Uncle’ since he was a child.

But… Shen Ci still felt that Lu Xiao was closer to him than his own father! After all, Lu Xiao was so good to him.

As for Shen Ci’s flattery, Lu Xiao clearly enjoyed it, with the corners of his lips slightly curled up and never dropping.

After starting the car, Lu Xiao glanced at the excited Shen Ci unintentionally and noticed the boy had forgotten to fasten his seatbelt.

He leaned over, reaching out to grab the seatbelt near Shen Ci’s right ear. His warm, large hand accidentally brushed against Shen Ci’s cold ear, making Shen Ci feel as if he were being embraced by him.

Their breaths suddenly mingled, and Shen Ci was caught off guard by their closeness. He held his breath instinctively, his whole body tensing up.

Lu Xiao seemed not to notice the ambiguous distance and posture between them. He calmly pulled the seatbelt down and fastened it for Shen Ci.

“Too happy to think straight?” Lu Xiao asked, seeing the dazed look on Shen Ci’s face.

Stammering, Shen Ci tried to calm his suddenly racing heart and replied, “Uh… yeah, a bit.”

Feeling a bit embarrassed, he touched his nose, finding his reaction inexplicable.

It was just that Lu Xiao had leaned in a bit closer, so why was he blushing?

“What’s wrong?” Lu Xiao glanced at him.

Shen Ci felt even more embarrassed and quickly shook his head as he looked at Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao was of mixed heritage, with deep-set eyes, a high nose bridge, and clear-cut facial features, looking like a perfect Greek god. As he focused on driving, his brow furrowed slightly, and the bright lights of distant cars reflected in his dark eyes beneath his long eyelashes, making him incredibly sexy.

Shen Ci sighed in his heart once again, thinking, ‘He’s really damn handsome.’

Noticing the child’s gaze, the amusement in Lu Xiao’s eyes deepened. “Tell me. Don’t try to deceive me.”

His Little Uncle was great in every aspect, but he was quite stubborn. Shen Ci decided to make up a story, “I was just thinking, it’s all thanks to Little Uncle’s Yunxiao Group supporting me that I could get a small supporting role in ‘Don’t say farewell’. I hope this time I can gain some fame so I don’t have to rely on the company, and resources will come to me on their own!”

Lu Xiao looked deeply into his eyes, the corners of his mouth curling up in a faint smile as he simply responded with a soft ‘mm’ before falling silent.

The atmosphere between the two was quiet and comfortable, with no need for words.

The distance between the TV building where the variety show was filmed and the hotel they had agreed upon was only a ten-minute drive away, so they quickly arrived.

After handing the car over to the parking attendant, they entered the hotel as if they were familiar with the place. This hotel was one of Lu Xiao’s properties, and Shen Ci often came here to play with his little uncle.

As for why Lu Xiao was attending this dinner party with him… it was because he was the producer of ‘Don’t say farewell’.

Yunxiao Entertainment had invested heavily in the production of ‘Don’t say farewell’ and even invited renowned actor Shao Jinhuan to be the main lead, all to promote their new talents Shen Ci and Bai Ziwei.

Upon entering the private dining room, Shen Ci was greeted with laughter and casual hellos.

However, when Lu Xiao followed closely behind, everyone immediately stood up, looking serious and tense, “President Lu! Good evening!”

Shen Ci: “…”

“Shen Ci came with President Lu, right? Even for a company’s artist, this is a bit…”

“Enough with the gossip. President Lu is known for his integrity and focus on his business!”

“I heard that President Lu still doesn’t have a partner even at his age, is it because he’s not quite… in that aspect?”

“Shush—everyone knows about it, but let’s not say it out loud. What a pity! But even so, I’d still be willing to marry him!”

“Don’t dream, haha! An ordinary girl with no power or status, what are you thinking!”

Amid the clinking of glasses, several gossiping staff members glanced at Lu Xiao, who was far away from them, and began to whisper.

Lu Xiao, as the person in charge of the Lu Group, was young, talented, and wealthy, a top-tier President, and even had a huge fan base, which was even more popular than some first-tier celebrities.

No one had ever thought that they would have the opportunity to dine with such a legendary figure, who was only seen in magazines and on TV.

Of course, Lu Xiao had no idea about the idle gossip around him. He was listening to the director’s flattering words while threatening Shen Ci with his eyes to eat the spinach on his plate.

Shen Ci calmly pushed the spinach to one side, continuing to enjoy the meat dishes.

“Xiao Ci, why aren’t you eating vegetables? Eating more is good for your health.” Bai Ziwei, who saw Shen Ci pushing away the spinach he had just picked for him, said gently and considerately.

Shen Ci: “…”

He really wanted to speak up like a spoiled brat: It’s none of your business.

But Shen Ci didn’t dare. He had the courage to go against the doting Lu Xiao but not to provoke the male lead Bai Ziwei…

So, with tears in his eyes, Shen Ci reluctantly picked up the spinach and ate it. In the end, he even showed Bai Ziwei a grateful smile that looked uglier than crying: “Thank you, Brother Bai, for your concern!”

At the dinner table, flattery and even fawning were inevitable, as well as toasting each other.

The assistant director was a social climber and had toasted almost everyone, including Shen Ci.

Shen Ci picked up the full glass of wine and took a small sip, immediately feeling the alcohol burning his throat, making him feel extremely nauseous.

The alcohol content of this liquor was too high, making it difficult to drink.

He had just seen Lu Xiao drink a full glass without any change in his facial expression. Was this the world of the strong?

Lu Xiao watched Shen Ci’s pained expression with amusement, thinking that he had teased him enough and was about to tell him not to drink anymore.

However, someone else beat him to it.

“Xiao Ci is too young, drinking alcohol can be very harmful to his body. How about this, let me drink on his behalf, is that okay?”

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