Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 34.2 Octopus Hug

Editor: Jodi

Shen Ci’s Grandpa’s house was in the neighbouring city. It was a large detached villa that sat beside a river, with a unique view.

As soon as they entered the gate, they saw Shen Ci’s grandfather sitting by the river introduced into the courtyard, fishing leisurely.

And despite his head full of white hair, the old man was still hale and hearty.

Shen Ci shouted, “Grandpa” from afar, then ran over to hug him, “It’s been a long time since I saw Grandpa!”

Shen Ci’s Grandpa smiled warmly, patting his head, “You little brat, you scared away grandpa’s fish the moment you arrived!”

However although it sounded like a reprimand, his tone was full of indulgence and doting. Shen Ci stuck his tongue out, “Then I’ll help you catch them back again!”

Lu Xiao also walked over with a gentle expression. In front of Shen Ci’s Grandpa, he retracted his sharp aura, as he looked at the old man with humility and respect.

To outsiders, he and Shen Ci’s Grandpa were friends despite their age gap, confidants. However to Lu Xiao, the old man was more like a military advisor with great wisdom.

He had postponed work to come with Shen Ci not just for the sake of having fun over the festivities.

“Ah Xiao, you’ve come just in time. Help me check on this fish.” Shen Ci’s Grandpa said with a smile at Lu Xiao.

Lifting his eyes, Lu Xiao saw a thin layer of ice on the surface of the river, and it was only around the fishing rod where the ice was broken that one could barely see swimming fishes skimming by hurriedly.

“Very cunning.” He said lightly.

The old man laughed, “Yes, but they still can’t resist coming over when they see the bait.”

Lu Xiao looked at the river, murmuring, “Baiting…..”

Shen Ci’s Grandpa laughed, “When they’re desperate enough, they’ll jump over the wall.”

“And….” He looked at Lu Xiao meaningfully, “sometimes the fish at the front might also be bait.”

Shen Ci who was sitting on the lawn looked up at Lu Xiao, then tilted his head to look at his grandpa, completely unable to understand the riddle they were playing with their conversation.

Seeing Lu Xiao deep in thought, Shen Ci’s grandpa said, “Xiao Ci, go and play by yourself first. I want to talk to Ah Xiao about certain things.”

Shen Ci had never really understood their conversations from childhood to now, and they were probably going to discuss some profound truths again, so since he couldn’t understand them here anyway, he simply nodded then got up.

“Uncle Li! What are we eating tonight….? “

Shen Ci saw the butler, Uncle Li, heading towards the villa from a distance, and his attention instantly diverted, he ran off shouting, his voice fading as he went.

Lu Xiao’s gaze followed until Shen Ci disappeared around the corner into the villa, and only then did he withdraw his gaze, a soft smile lingering on his lips.

The old man laughed helplessly, “You young people…. Forget it, I’ll let it be. Come, tell me about the recent situation with the Lu Group in detail.”

The sound of a TV came from the living room. It was probably because Grandpa had forgotten to turn it off after watching it. Shen Ci didn’t know what kind of dog blood soap opera was playing, however he found it noisy.

Walking over, he picked up the remote and was just about to hit the “off” button when the TV screen switched to an advertisement.

Shen Ci froze. It was unexpectedly the traffic safety public service advertisement he had participated in filming a few days ago that was on TV.

Broadcasting it so quickly, they were really in a hurry.

The overall editing was standard, in a very regular and simple public service advertisement form.

And perhaps out of shyness, every time Shen Ci saw himself on TV, he would feel embarrassed, so he watched it casually for a while, then turned the TV off directly.

His phone vibrated wildly several times, then his lock screen showed that Wei Shuo had sent a bunch of pictures.

A little confused, Shen Ci clicked on it to see, only to find that Wei Shuo had sent…… meme stickers1sand sculpture stickers made from his photos?!

The corners of Shen Ci’s mouth twitched as he recognised that the sources were from the recently aired public service ad, as well as its behind-the-scenes footage.

One had him rolling his eyes with a caption, “Young master can’t be bothered with you.”

Another showed him laughing until his face was distorted, the screen filled with “hahahahaha”

Then a disgusted expression as if dodging bugs, with an “ugh” added.


In short, each one was uniquely hideous, with not a single one showing his actual face value properly!

Shuo Shuo: “I’m dying of laughter, hiccup. Fans tearing down their idol’s image themselves, ahaha!”

Coca-Cola Baked Sea Urchin: “?”

Shuo Shuo: “You didn’t know? These are the meme stickers your fans made for you, and they even specially bought hot searches for them!”

Shuo Shuo: “Now, what is at the top of the hot search is all you doing ‘hahaha’. Ai-yo those collapsed expressions are too funny! You’re a comedian now.”

Shen Ci: “….”

His fans….. was this what “love so deep it turns to teasing” meant?!

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