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Chapter 12.1 Hacked to the top of the hot search

The grand finale of “Don’t Say Farewell” arrived as scheduled and quickly became a hot topic on Weibo. Many netizens were binge watching the drama while sharing their thoughts, stirring the pot and keeping the heat alive.

“Whoa! So many twists in the last few episodes! I love it! The ending was totally unexpected! As a crime investigation drama, it’s high quality!”

“No kidding, the love story is just off the charts. How often do we get to see the female lead saved from a car accident these days!? My sweet Shen Ci ah!”

“I want to vomit! Sure, the main leads got together in the end, but the conclusion was crap! Seriously, was that really necessary? It totally disgusted me!”

”Don’t Say Farewell” was a crime investigation romance drama. The crew had hired three professional crime investigation scriptwriters, with experts to assist, so naturally, the plot development received rave reviews.

However, when it came to the romantic side…. they hired professional scriptwriters for that too, but the kind who specialized in cliche riddled dog blood drama.

Shen Ci played a rich young man who was deeply in love with the female lead throughout the drama. Silently providing the main group with many key clues, he was always seen as the villain by the female lead, but in the end, he protected her in his own way: He pushed her out of the way and took the hit from a car driven by the real villain. That was when the female lead finally came to her senses.

Controversy might tarnish the reputation, but it definitely got the popularity going.

The creators of “Don’t Say Farewell” had mastered the art of being criticized, so they happily partnered with Yunxiao Entertainment to push the sad, tragic ending of Shen Ci’s character to the top of the hot search.

Following the script provided by Xiao Liu, Shen Ci posted a vaguely teasing [dog head][dog head] sacrificing myself for sister!” on Weibo. Along with photos from the bloody scene and behind the scenes footage, he quickly gained a wave of comments.

Some were upset about his character’s fate, some just dropped by to leave a like, and others were just drawn in by his looks. Many actors from “Don’t Say Farewell” also joined in the fun.

During the filming of “Don’t Say Farewell”, Shen Ci didn’t often pay attention to anyone other than Shao Jinhuan and Bai Ziwei. His occasional exchanges with others were full of sweet words, maintaining a lukewarm relationship with the rest of the crew.

But Shen Ci was the star of Yunxiao Entertainment and at the very least, he could become a regular on idol dramas with enough investment. His future was promising, so it was better to befriend this little idol than to alienate him.

Yunxiao Entertainment got Shen Ci’s Weibo post up to the second spot on the hot search list. The views for “Don’t Say Farewell” and Shen Ci’s fan base grew exponentially, and the data showed nothing but praise.

Shen Ci sat in Lu Xiao’s office chair and watched the grand finale of “Don’t Say Farewell.” He took a moment to appreciate his performance before turning to Lu Xiao for some good old flattery.

“Little uncle, look, am I handsome?”

Shen Ci showed him the scene where he, on his last breath, confessed his love to the female lead. Despite the heartbreaking scene, Shen Ci looked tragically beautiful, giving a whole new meaning to the beauty of battle damage.

When filming, Shen Ci spent a considerable amount of time perfecting that look of deep love and even got teased by his seniors who suggested he should experience a real romance before acting in a love scene.

Lu Xiao watched as Shen Ci, in the drama held hands tightly with the female lead. Even though he knew this was necessary for the scene, he couldn’t help but feel a little upset.

“Say something, do I look handsome or not?” Shen Ci poked Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao replied, “En, handsome.”

That was obviously half hearted. Shen Ci made a funny face behind Lu Xiao’s back and poked him again, “Then am I handsome or are you handsome?”

Lu Xiao found it amusing, “What do you think?”

Shen Ci shrugged, “Ay, it’s a fierce competition, we’re evenly matched!”

Suddenly, he remembered something and asked, “By the way, little uncle, I’m curious, with you being so handsome, have you never been in a relationship? I’ve never heard you mention it.”

Lu Xiao replied with a mysterious look, “When I meet the right person, I will.”

Shen Ci didn’t quite understand.

Not long after, Brother Zhang called Shen Ci, asking him to come to the company right away.

Lu Xiao was busy with work, so he had his driver take Shen Ci to Yunxiao Entertainment. As soon as Shen Ci got out of the elevator at the floor where Brother Zhang’s office was located, he saw him rushing out of the conference room.

Brother Zhang smiled, “You got here fast, President Lu didn’t come with you right?”

Shen Ci shook his head, “He’s busy with work.”

Brother Zhang sighed in relief, “I was worried for a moment there… Now, down to business, the situation today is good, a lot of companies have called saying they want to work with you.”

“Sit in my office first, I’ll go get some documents and then you can choose the resources.”

Shen Ci nodded and was about to leave when a panting intern girl ran up from behind.

“Brother Zhang!”

The intern looked a bit anxious, frowning when she looked at Shen Ci, “An actor from ‘Don’t Say Farewell’ is starting the lead in hacking Xiao Ci!”

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