Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 17.1 Shock! Another big guy is a fan

Bai Ziwei was really angry. He was a fiery spirit who couldn’t stand being patient, how could he bear this now?

The company’s double standards were way too obvious. Weren’t they afraid of being scolded to death by their own fans?

Veins throbbing at his temples, his fighting spirit rose, waiting for either Shen Ci or Zhou Xing to start explaining. Whatever they said, he had decided he would fight back viciously and spray them to death!

Shen Ci: “Um, can we swap our acts?”

Bai Ziwei: “… Huh?”

Shen Ci handed him some paperwork: “I’m sure I won’t be able to do this, it would be a waste if I had it. I happen to like your act too.”

He turned to Zhou Xing: “Zhou Ge, is that okay?”

Zhou Xing shrugged nonchalantly: “No problem, we respect the artist’s wishes haha.”

Bai Ziwei: “….”

A knot of fury lodged in his throat, neither rising nor falling. Suddenly feeling deflated, Bai Ziwei nearly choked on his own frustration. He looked down at the act he was ready to fight Shen Ci for and having received it so easily, suddenly he felt it wasn’t all that special.

Shen Ci nervously watched as Bai Ziwei’s face turned the color of a pig’s liver, thinking that he should be safe from any protagonist aura related turbulence now.

The feeling of surrender was quite satisfying, he thought. He had avoided conflict and got a simple act suitable for himself– it was like killing two birds with one stone!

Shen.big coward.Ci gave himself a big thumbs-up in his mind.

Bai Ziwei snorted and with nothing to say, finally had no choice but to leave in annoyance.

Zhou Xing patted Shen Ci on the shoulder, looking at him admiringly: “We’ll make some changes to this act, don’t worry, we won’t let you be at a disadvantage.”

Bai Ziwei’s original act indeed didn’t offer much exposure and it lacked topics for hype. But it was a general plan given by the artists’ department, so Zhou Xing was just following orders.

Everyone would prefer an act with better exposure, ability to showcase talent and topic attractiveness. Bai Ziwei’s anger wasn’t unreasonable.

Zhou Xing had been prepared for a big showdown, even getting ready to sit back and enjoy the drama. But he hadn’t expected Shen Ci to give up so generously.

In order to avoid tension between artists from the same company, he had made such a huge sacrifice. Zhou Xing immediately revised his impression of this rumored spoiled “little young master”, his original impression raising a bit significantly.

Rumors, sure enough, are just that– unreliable groundless talk.

Shen Ci, however was a bit frightened: “Then, please don’t make it too difficult…. I really can’t dance.”

Zhou Xing burst out laughing with a haha: “Alright, we’ll customize it to your ability.”


Holding the folder, Shen Ci’s next task was to coordinate the filming of a music video. The MV was for a hot pop singer from the same company’s new song. As it was a youthful love song, the company had chosen Shen Ci and another young girl to film it together.

This time the coordination went quite smoothly. In the end, Shen Ci was forced to take a group picture with the girls from the responsible team– no pictures, no materials.

After the group pictures were over, seeing that the tragedy of being surrounded and harassed by the receptionist girls from the Lu Group was about to happen again, Shen Ci seized the opportunity to escape.

With a numb expression, he set off on the road back to Zhang Ge’s office. Seeing that there weren’t many people on the road, he took out the filming plan for the MV he had just received and started to look through it.

A youthful love story, ah…

During the filming of “Don’t Say Farewell” last time, his seniors had criticized him for his lack of sincerity in his emotions, saying that it would be better to fall in love before filming again.

The question was, where could he find love? From childhood to adulthood, he had never had a crush on any girl. Later, he didn’t know when, but he suddenly became very fond of Shao Jinhuan and what he thought was a crush that lasted for several years was forced to come to an end.

The feeling of liking Shao Jinhuan…. Shen Ci discovered blankly that he could no longer remember what it was like.

Closing his eyes again, Lu Xiao’s gentle smile unexpectedly floated into Shen Ci’s mind.

Shocked, Shen Ci shook his head fiercely. Mom, his brain must be broken!


Caught off guard, Shen Ci bumped into something and fell backward.

He scrambled to his feet quickly to check on the other party: “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going, are you okay?”

The person who had collided with Shen Ci had also fallen backwards. Rubbing his head, he was frowning at Shen Ci when his eyes suddenly widened.

“Shen Ci?! My god!”

The person was a tall and handsome young man. With a trendy outfit and an earring, he looked like a cool guy, yet at this moment, he shouted in a dramatic manner like a young girl.

Shen Ci froze, looking at the young man with an expressionless face as his eyes twinkled.

He recognized this person as the singer of the MV he was about to participate in, Yang Ning.

The reason Shen Ci could remember him was because of his name, which was completely inconsistent with his image.

Looking somewhat excited, he grabbed Shen Ci’s arm, “I’ve finally met you in the company! The almanac said today was a good day to go out and sure enough, it wasn’t wrong!”

Shen Ci suddenly had a bad premonition.

Yang Ning shouted, “I am a hardcore fan of yours! Look, look, my level in your fan group on Weibo is pretty high, right? I check in every day!”

“When my agent asked me to choose the male lead for my new song, the first person that came to my mind was you!”

“You must be here to get the MV materials, right? It would be much better to hear it directly from me! Come, come…”

With a confused look on his face, Shen Ci was helped up by the chattering Yang Ning who organized the materials and brought him into the nearby studio.

It turned out that not only was his name a stark contrast to his image, but his personality was also quite different!

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