Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 5.1 Is ‘Xiao Ci’ a name you can mention?

In an instant, everyone’s gaze focused on Bai Ziwei, whose pale face seemed to twitch a few times before he finally opened his eyes after a while.

Sister Qing was overjoyed and pressed the call button before starting to express her concern.

Bai Ziwei blinked in confusion and when he saw so many people in front of him, he panicked as he looked around, wary and flustered.

“You guys are…?” His voice was now hoarse and unpleasant. Startled by his own voice, he covered his throat in horror.

What was going on?! What happened to his voice?!

And he didn’t recognize any of these people in front of him! Bai Ziwei was desperate. He was supposed to have died after being hit by a car, was this hell or just a dream?

A jolt of intense pain shot through his head like an electric current and he groaned, holding his head.

“Brother Bai, what’s wrong?”

“Xiao Bai are you having a headache? Why aren’t the nurses here yet!”

“Ziwei, let me help you massage it…”

The noise around him was chaotic and blurred and it took Bai Ziwei a while to regain consciousness from the pain.

With many unfamiliar memories in his head, Bai Ziwei was horrified to find that he seemed to have– transmigrated? He had even became the protagonist, loved by multiple powerful figures, from a BL novel he had read before!

Bai Ziwei, someone who loved men, was immediately excited. He never expected to encounter such good fortune! Having the same name did have its benefits!

“I’m fine!” Bai Ziwei’s tone was upbeat, clearly very happy. Looking around, he recognized almost everyone present.

Wow, that icy handsome guy must be his Movie Emperor Shao, right? He’s so handsome!

Bai Ziwei, who had been crying out in pain just moments ago was now staring at Shao Jinhuan with excitement, occasionally giving him flirtatious glances.

This strange behavior was extremely odd and everyone around furrowed their brows.

Brother Zhang muttered quietly, “This kid, could he have damaged his brain from the crash?”

Whether he damaged it or not, Shen Ci suddenly had a terrible premonition based on Bai Ziwei’s strange behavior.

Since he could learn through dreams that this world was nothing more than a novel, then Bai Ziwei, as the protagonist, might have discovered something after the car accident.

Shen Ci was a bit flustered. If Bai Ziwei really knew who the “villain” and the “good guys” were now, would he start seeking revenge?

The attending doctor came over to examine Bai Ziwei and found nothing seriously wrong. He instructed Sister Qing to let him rest well and focus on recovering first.

The less busy supporting actors from “Don’t Say Farewell” had all come to visit Bai Ziwei and they all carried out their agents’ instructions to take this opportunity to win the favor of Yunxiao Entertainment’s rising star. They immediately started to get busy.

Some engaged in heart to heart conversations, some fetched water and even Shao Jinhuan condescended to peel an apple for Bai Ziwei.

But a pair of fair, soft hands gently touched Shao Jinhuan’s hand which was holding the knife for peeling the apple. Shao Jinhuan’s movements stopped.

He looked up at Bai Ziwei, who had slightly furrowed brows but still forced a smile on his lips as he said softly, “Brother Huan, thank you for taking care of me. I’m very grateful.”

Hearing “Brother Huan” from Bai Ziwei, Shao Jinhuan felt goosebumps all over his body and moved his hand away unnaturally.

The childish address was adorable coming from Shen Ci, who looked like a delicate young boy, however when it came from Bai Ziwei, who was usually gentle like an older brother… it sounded somewhat strange and contrived.

“You don’t have to thank me. Your agent has done more.” Shao Jinhuan replied indifferently.

Bai Ziwei quickly shook his head, “No, the way you treat me so well is different from my working relationship with Sister Qing.”

Sister Qing happened to be bringing a glass of water over and looked a bit upset at Bai Ziwei’s words. However, seeing Bai Ziwei’s pale and frail appearance, she could only swallow her displeasure.

This ungrateful little brat. All her efforts staying up all night worrying for him were in vain!

Shao Jinhuan didn’t continue the conversation but frowned and silently peeled the apple.

The mouth of Shen Ci who witnessed the entire scene twitched.

Bai Ziwei’s words just now were too out of character. Although he was a saintly character in the novel, he was genuinely considerate and gentle. How could he say such strange things?

It was as if…. he had become a different person.

Shen Ci was confused.

Brother Zhang called Shen Ci over to suppress the rumors from the entertainment media and to avoid any further gossip about their “discord”. Shen Ci had many suppressed scandals in the crew where he bullied Bai Ziwei, and now he had the opportunity to clear his name.

After peeling a few tangerines for Bai Ziwei, Brother Zhang told Shen Ci not to fuss over him anymore, “Xiao Ci, go home and get some rest. Sister Qing and I will be here.”

Shen Ci knew that there wasn’t much use if he stayed around, especially with his mind in such disarray, so he just nodded.

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