Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 30.2 The cabbage run to the pig?

Editor: Jodi

“It’s the real young master, Bai Ziwei!” A reporter shouted in shock, and the scene was immediately filled with flashing cameras.

Bai Ziwei’s face was bruised and his hair a mess, as if he had been beaten severely.

The him of this moment, where did he have that gentle, polished appearance he used to have on stage? He completely looked like a madman who had lost his reason.

He didn’t even pretend to be pitiful as he went back to his true nature, roaring: “Shen Ci is maliciously bad. He not only stole my identity, he also made my life difficult! And he almost drowned me last night. All this is true!”

Wei Shuo who was listening on the side stood up angrily: “You’re still spouting nonsense?!”

Security rushed out to restrain Wei Shuo who had been about to rush out to beat him, looking at Shen Bie for guidance.

Shen Bie sneered at Bai Ziwei: “Enough, who are you trying to fool? Do you think we don’t have evidence?”

He pressed a remote and a video started playing on the screen that had been set up behind him.

The video was actually high-definition surveillance footage from Lu Xiao’s vacation villa, causing the reporters to immediately quiet down.

In the surveillance, Shen Ci was seen carrying a tray of drinks, and when he got to the pathway by the pool, he even took a few extra steps away from it deliberately to go around the pool.

Then in the next second, Bai Ziwei’s figure suddenly rushed out from the side, knocking Shen Ci over with clear aim, causing the two of them to fall into the water together….

There weren’t many people around the pool, hence everything was recorded clearly.

Bai Ziwei turned white as he looked at the screen in disbelief, stepping back several times.

This….. how could this have been captured? He clearly rememberedthat there were no cameras nearby!

This evidence was too solid, leaving the reporters dumbfounded as they even forgot to ask further questions.

Shen Bie stared at Bai Ziwei with a cold gaze: “It’s true that you’re related to me by blood, but as I said, my little brother is only Xiao Ci.”

“You are too malicious, I wouldn’t want to acknowledge and pamper someone like you. Otherwise who knows when you might one day decide to stab me on a whim just to claim the inheritance.” Shen Bie said sarcastically.

“The original purpose of this press conference was to announce Shen Ci’s upcoming appointment as a nominal vice-director of the Shen Group Consortium. Even now, this decision remains unchanged.”

The meaning of these words was clear to everyone present.

This was an announcement of Shen Ci’s legal status as an adopted son in the Shen family, indicating that he, not Bai Ziwei, would inherit the family wealth.

Immediately Bai Ziwei started to scream hysterically: “Mom, Dad, I’m your real son! Why should the inheritance go to an outsider?!”

“Big brother, what are you saying? I can’t wait to love you, how could I harm you!”

“Why does everyone treat Shen Ci like a treasure, just because he took my identity?!”


Mother Shen, trembling with anger and tears streaming down her face, looked far from the composed and elegant lady she once was, her face filled with anger and sorrow.

“How could I have imagined that the baby who was once so adorable…. would now become like this!”

Father Shen, looking somewhat heartbroken, wrapped his arms around his wife as he explained to the reporters: “When our younger son was accidentally lost, our whole family was immersed in regret and sorrow and Xiao Wu even became a shadow of herself.”

“But one day, Ah Bie brought Xiao Ci home.”

“He was so small and loved to cry so much, just laying in Ah Bie’s arms looking at us tearfully and timidly.”

Looking towards the camera, as if he was speaking to Shen Ci himself, he said with kindness and love: “We named the little guy Shen Ci, because he was a gift from god, bringing light and laughter to the gloomy Shen family.”

“Of course, we fantasized about finding our lost biological son. But under the current circumstances….. our choice is clear, it is as Ah Bie has already said.”

“I just want to ask one question. If any of you here were suddenly asked to give up a child you have raised with all your heart for twenty years to please a biological son whose thoughts are so… malicious, would you be willing?”

“Since the so-called biological son is so narrow-minded and can’t tolerate Xiao Ci’s existence, then we simply don’t wish to acknowledge him.”

Father Shen’s deliberate perspective shift immediately moved the reporters.

“After raising him for over twenty years, there’s basically no difference between him and a biological child. If it were my child, I definitely wouldn’t be willing to give him back to someone else, let alone allow him to be bullied.”

“What biological son? He’s actually no different from a stranger, you still have to start building a relationship from scratch.”

“And this Bai Ziwei is too bad. In the future, he might even plot against his own father and brother! If I had to choose, I’d definitely pick the more innocent one…”


The tide turned, as Father Shen’s few words shifted the mood. Bai Ziwei became desperate and started to cause a commotion again, but was immediately restrained and dragged away by security.

“Let me go! I’m the protagonist! Do you want to die…”

His voice faded away, and the press conference ended hastily.

Shen Bie, watching Bai Ziwei being dragged out, said in a low voice: “Everything that happened to Xiao Ci will be settled with Bai Ziwei.”

Halfway through the video, Shen Ci couldn’t help but shed tears, and by the time it was over he was crying like a flood had been released. Shao Jinhuan hurried to wipe his tears but was subtly rejected by Lu Xiao.

And cupping Shen Ci’s face in his large hands, he wiped his tears away, his lips curving into a faint smile: “If you want to cry, just cry it out.”

Whenever someone was accompanying someone, that person would always tend to become extra vulnerable, because hearing this, Shen Ci immediately threw himself into Lu Xiao’s arms, his crying going from the original sobs and whimpers to full out wailing.

Moved, aggrieved, relaxed….. a mix of emotions, Shen Ci hadn’t cried so fiercely since he grew up.

He never expected this completely opposite turn of events from the original novel.

Lu Xiao glanced at Shao Jinhuan lightly, then kissed the top of Shen Ci’s head gently, caressing his shoulder gently as if comforting a child.

Shao Jinhuan: “…”

Did he just see a hint of smugness and mockery in Lu Xiao’s usually deep and cold eyes? How childish.

Shao Jinhuan could now be certain of Lu Xiao’s feelings for Shen Ci, but as for Shen Ci’s thoughts…. he couldn’t tell.

It seems Shen Ci didn’t have those kinds of feelings for Lu Xiao, just one of familiarity and dependence.

Then he…. still had a chance to win Xiao Ci back.

The door was knocked on, interrupting Shao Jinhuan’s thoughts as he got up to open the door.

And Father and Mother Shen, seeing Shao Jinhuan opening the door, froze.

Shen Bie snorted coldly from behind them then squeezed to the front, saying with a frosty tone: “What are you doing here? Here to help Bai Ziwei create more trouble? Didn’t I tell you to stop bothering my little brother?”

With just one sentence, Shao Jinhuan’s face darkened.

“Big brother, don’t fight…”

Hearing the noise, Shen Ci opened his eyes, reminding with a choked voice as he sobbed.

Shen Bie’s expression softened a little when he heard Shen Ci’s voice and pushing Shao Jinhuan aside, he walked in: “How is your bod–“

His voice abruptly stopped.

What was he seeing?

His beloved little brother whom he cherished, was clinging to Lu Xiao’s neck, crying with his nose red, tears and snot all over Lu Xiao’s suit.

While Lu Xiao, with a helpless look, was stroking his hair, his eyes glued to Shen Ci and not moving away.

Shen Bie: “???”

A myriad of colorful expressions appeared on his face, and he was speechless for a while. The two’s intimate appearance was distressing to Shen Bie no matter how he looked at it.

Was this a case of his nurtured cabbage being eaten by the pig, or did his cabbage go to the pig willingly?!

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