Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 20.1 With me covering you, what are you afraid of?

The Golden Coast Hotel was entirely booked today to host Yunxiao Entertainment’s annual meeting.

Not only did all the employees and artists of Yunxiao Entertainment attend, representatives from the other subsidiaries of the group also came over. The scene was packed with bigwigs from various industries.

Countless media outlets scrambled to report the event, but they were politely declined by the person in charge of the venue.

The grand yet low-key annual meeting officially started at five in the afternoon. Only those holding an invitation were eligible to enter.

Shen Ci went in Yang Ning’s artist car. He looked around in the car, sighing with emotion, “You’re so high-ranking, even your artist car is more advanced than mine, there’s even a bathroom and a shower? I really want one too.”

“You want one?” Yang Ning tsk tsked, “Xiao Ci, don’t you plan to use that handsome face of yours?”

“Try to charm this local rich fan and I’ll give you this car, how about it?”

Shen Ci: “???”

He promptly threw a pillow at Yang Ning’s face: “Dream on!”

Yang Ning caught the pillow and laughed, “You’re not at a loss. Wouldn’t you be happy to be slightly sponsored by a rich fan?”

Shen Ci picked up an inflatable hammer next to his seat and knocked on Yang Ning’s shoulder several times, “Of course I would.”

“But I have a richer die-hard fan. Not to mention a luxury artist car, they’d even gift me a private plane if I asked. Why would I need you?”

Shen Ci made a funny face at him, mentally categorizing Lu Xiao as the “richer die-hard fan”.

Since Lu Xiao wasn’t here anyway, borrowing his name to show off was just too easy.

Yang Ning got excited upon hearing this, “What? A rich lady?! Give me her contact info quickly, I want to reduce my struggle by fifty years!”

Shen Ci rolled his eyes and gave Yang Ning a knock on the head with the inflatable hammer.

The Golden Coast Hotel was another hotel owned by Lu Xiao. When the two of them arrived, there were already many people seated, all artists from Yunxiao Entertainment. Many of those who were performing tonight had already had their makeup done and were waiting patiently.

Shen Ci and Yang Ning sat down side by side according to the previous seat arrangement and unexpectedly found that the empty seats on their left were reserved for the team of “Wonderful Playground”. They were probably getting ready now.

Looks like he was going to bump into Bai Ziwei again.

Shen Ci was a little nervous, but thankfully, the person in charge of the seating arrangements had placed two people between them.

However, once Bai Ziwei returned and sat down, Shen Ci could occasionally feel his gaze filled with a faint hint of malice.

Shen Ci prayed in his heart, hoping that Bai Ziwei could behave properly today and not try to torment him this cannon fodder again.

Representatives from other companies within the group also gradually arrived, and the venue quickly became lively.

“Wait, why does that handsome guy look familiar? He’s not an artist, is he? He’s just too handsome!”

“Ah ah ah! Five minutes, I want all the information about this man!”

“Hold on, isn’t this our big boss? I think I’ve seen him on the cover of a financial magazine!”

The artists from “Wonderful Playground” suddenly burst into a flurry of whispers, discussing quietly among themselves.

Shen Ci, curious, lifted his head from his phone and looked over. Sure enough, he saw a familiar face at the entrance.

Lu Xiao had actually come.

He walked slowly, his leisurely and elegant stride naturally exuding an inherent aura of power. At this moment, he was like a lion leisurely surveying his own territory, dangerous and extremely charming.

Lu Xiao’s eyes were deep and cold, his contours and facial features were as profound as a sculpture. He stood tall and straight, and his well-tailored haute couture suit accentuated his tall and perfect physique. He was dazzlingly handsome, silently attracting everyone’s gaze. It was no wonder these young ladies were so excited.

In the original novel, there was this annual meeting too, but by that time, Bai Ziwei had for some reason already been dismissed by Yunxiao Entertainment and since the whole novel was described from Bai Ziwei’s perspective, Shen Ci wasn’t clear about the specific situation.

However, he heard from Zhang Ge that Lu Xiao never attended Yunxiao Entertainment’s annual meetings, and this year was the first.

As soon as Lu Xiao entered the venue, he looked around as if searching for something.

His gaze swept over the direction where Shen Ci was sitting, and then it settled, his smile deepening towards Shen Ci.

The girls around Shen Ci covered their mouths and let out soft screams. The young artists, accustomed to big scenes, were mostly inexperienced in love. Seeing a perfect figure who seemed like a god smiling at them, they couldn’t help but blush.

Shen Ci secretly winked at him with a smile, and Lu Xiao, still smiling, moved his gaze away and walked towards the guest seats as arranged.

Bai Ziwei stared blankly at Lu Xiao’s retreating figure, feeling as if all the noise around him had disappeared and the world was left with only this man.

He recognized him. This was the major villain from the original novel – Lu Xiao.

Actually, Bai Ziwei had never quite understood what Lu Xiao’s motivation was as the villain in the original novel.

He was wealthy and powerful, standing at the peak of C Country’s economic circle. A mere flick of his finger could attract countless beauties.

One would think that the original character, a mere celebrity, wouldn’t be of any bother to him. However, Lu Xiao always seemed to be tripping him up in various ways, even making attempts on his life multiple times. There didn’t seem to be any reason for this in the original novel.

If it wasn’t about business, then could it be about personal feelings…

A lightbulb lit up over Bai Ziwei’s head with a ‘ding’. Could it be that… he was also secretly in love with the original character and kept stirring up trouble to attract his attention?!

With this realization, Bai Ziwei felt enlightened.

That smile from Lu Xiao just now was directed at him too.

And he actually didn’t respond. Bai Ziwei was a little annoyed.

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