Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 34.1 Octopus Hug

Editor: Jodi

Their car broke down in the wild, remote hills where no one roamed. Shen Ci sighed, really bad luck.

The driver got in and out of the car, checking it over and over again. He was responsible for the car’s maintenance and now, faced with such a big mishap, he was both anxious and afraid.

And maybe it was the pressure of being watched by Lu Xiao that made the driver extra nervous, because he couldn’t find the problem even after a long while, sweating profusely in his urgency.

The continuous opening and closing of the car door let in a lot of cold air, causing Shen Ci to sneeze, a chill seeping into his clothes from outside.

Rubbing his red nose and tightening his clothes around him, Shen Ci regretted throwing down his ear muffs, scarf, and gloves before leaving.

“Get in the car and close the door.”

Lu Xiao cast a faint glance at the driver that made him shiver.

The driver did so hurriedly, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead as he sat in the driver’s seat, trembling from fear.

“Let me just call Grandpa.” Shen Ci took his phone out, praying that there would be a signal.

Fortunately, the call went through quickly. After understanding the situation, his grandpa said he would send someone to pick them up immediately.

Shen Ci checked the navigation and was relieved to find that they were about a half-hour’s drive from his grandpa’s house.

So he estimated that help would arrive soon.

With the car turned off, there was no way to use the heater, so the freezing cold from outside the windows started to seep in. Shen Ci put his jacket back on, however he still felt cold.

Just as he was worried, a sudden warmth covered the back of his neck, startling him so much that he almost jumped up and hit the roof of the car.

Turning his head, he saw that it was Lu Xiao who had placed his large hand over his neck, his large hand covering it completely.

Lu Xiao used the warmth of his palm to warm his cool neck patiently, saying coaxingly, “We’ll be home soon.”

Shen Ci froze, then nodded.

The car was quiet, and the warmth on his neck felt comfortable, however it made the rest of his body feel even more cold in contrast.

He looked sideways at Lu Xiao. He was wearing a large, pure black wool coat that looked very warm.

Then he looked down at himself. He was wearing just a denim jacket with a thin sweatshirt. No wonder he was cold.

Sighing, he eyed Lu Xiao’s coat without saying anything.

Sure enough, he should really learn from his little uncle and dress more warmly in winter. He should become a health-conscious boy.

Shen Ci’s puppy-like eyes that looked at him pitifully from time to time made Lu Xiao not know whether to laugh or cry.

Seeing the child hugging his arms and shivering, Lu Xiao guessed what he was thinking.

He touched the back of Shen Ci’s neck and wrapped his hand around a few strands of his soft hair, asking softly, “Cold?”

Shen Ci’s voice was a bit aggrieved as he muttered a muffled “En.” “If I had known I would have brought a scarf.”

Lu Xiao pulled open the collar of his coat, his voice meaningfully tempting, “Want to?”

Shen Ci shook his head quickly: “No, no, if I wear it, won’t little uncle be cold?”

The smile at the corners of Lu Xiao’s lips deepening, he lifted Shen Ci onto his lap easily with his long arm, “I meant like this.”

Caught off guard, Shen Ci ended up straddling Lu Xiao’s lap, looking up at him dumbfounded.

Leaning down, Lu Xiao touched his forehead against his intimately, chuckling softly, his warm breath spraying on Shen Ci’s face, causing the tips of his ears to heat up.

He pressed Shen Ci closer into his arms, wrapping him up with his coat and Shen Ci, enveloped in warmth, was comfortably close to bubbling over.

“Sure enough, it’s so warm……” Shen Ci murmured, sleepiness creeping over him again slowly.

Soon, Shen Ci wrapped his legs around Lu Xiao’s waist obediently, clinging to him tightly like an octopus, not letting go, the entire part of his upper body wrapped snugly in his warm wool coat.

In Lu Xiao’s arms, the little Shen Ci was as docile as a white rabbit.

Lu Xiao stroked his soft hair and back, unable to hide the tenderness in his eyes, “If you want to sleep, then sleep.”

The powerful beat of Lu Xiao’s heart was right by Shen Ci’s ear, and his chest vibrating and buzzing a few times because he was speaking, Shen Ci nuzzled his face against him, his upper and lower eyelids starting to fight each other, although strange thoughts still bubbled in his mind.

The position they were in… it was like a kangaroo mom and her baby kangaroo in her pouch.

Lu Xiao’s body was probably all muscle, making it a firm pillow, not as comfortable as when he was younger and easier to hug.

That said, considering how busy he was, Lu Xiao still didn’t forget to work out?

Sigh, his own abs were barely there. When could he get them to look good…

In a daze, Shen Ci made a soft “en” sound and really fell asleep in Lu Xiao’s arms.

The driver in the front seat didn’t dare breathe loudly, full of questions but completely not daring to speak.

There was obviously an emergency kit in the car with thick blankets inside! And it was President Lu himself who put it there, saying that Little Young Master Shen would be cold….

So what was President Lu doing now!

When Shen Ci opened his eyes again in a daze, the car sent by his grandpa had already arrived.

And rubbing his eyes, he rolled off of Lu Xiao and opened the car door.

“Young Master Lu, Young Master Shen, good afternoon.” The butler who came with the car bowed to the two of them politely, then handed Shen Ci a cup of hot chocolate that had just been poured from a thermos: “This is what Master specifically instructed to bring.”

Grandpa was still as detail-oriented as ever.

Shen Ci took it, then thanked the butler sweetly, “Thank you, Uncle Li!”

Uncle Li raised his eyebrows in surprise. Although Shen Ci was polite to him out of ‘love the house, love its crow’, he had never thanked him so sweetly before. Him not pulling a long face was already considered good.

Could it be that the Lu family’s Young Master had finally come to his senses and found that Shen Ci had been spoilt by him to the point of lawlessness, so he had actively remedied the situation to make him change?

“Xiao Ci, it’s cold outside. Should I carry you down?” Lu Xiao patted Shen Ci’s shoulder, asking in a warm voice.

Uncle Li: “….” Okay, he was the one who was thinking too much.

With everyone looking, Shen Ci was too embarrassed to stick to Lu Xiao, so he shook his head, saying in his heart- he wasn’t a child anymore. Where was he so delicate?

He got out of the car holding the hot chocolate, then followed the butler into a limousine, and the warm air that hit his face almost moved him to tears.

This was the proper way to do it!

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