Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 3.2 Was spiking drinks a traditional skill for lecherous men?

Shen Ci had only walked a few steps when someone grabbed his collar and dragged him away.

Alarms blaring in his heart, he cursed and tried to kick back, but someone caught his ankle and threw him forcefully to the ground.

Shen Ci was thrown in a disheveled state and was quickly dragged into the wide-open elevator. In a daze, he saw several figures squatting down, laughing and joking around him.

“The drug is pretty potent, huh? This pretty boy has no strength left. Mmm—his face feels so soft when pinched.”

“Not bad, not bad at all. Such a pretty face and soft body. It’s worth it to play with such a fine specimen in this lifetime.”

“Ah, but this kind of vase who gets roles through connections must have been used by many people already. What a pity…”

The smell of alcohol and sweat mixed together, making Shen Ci unable to stop retching. Tears involuntarily fell from his eyes due to the intense movement.

However, no matter what, he couldn’t suppress his drugged body from losing control.

Shen Ci couldn’t help but retreat, his body completely limp. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t muster the strength.

What should he do? What should he do!

Those lewd men weren’t in a hurry, seeing Shen Ci helplessly leaning against the elevator wall, they laughed even louder.

The elevator doors opened with a “ding.” and as they reached out to grab Shen Ci, they were suddenly pulled away with great force.

Shen Ci’s eyes widened, his vision gradually blurred by the drug, and he couldn’t see anything clearly.

All he could hear were screams one after another, followed by silence.

Someone forcefully stopped the elevator doors from closing and squeezed in.

With his blurred vision, Shen Ci knelt on the ground, looking up at a tall figure backlit by the light, but he couldn’t see the person’s face clearly.

He could only feel the powerful and dangerous aura surrounding the man, like an enraged lion.

The person gently picked Shen Ci up, and Shen Ci obediently wrapped his arms around his neck, burying his face in the man’s collar.

Shen Ci’s nostrils flared continuously as he caught a familiar scent that made him feel warm and drowsy.

“Little Uncle…”

Lu Xiao’s breathing was a bit heavy and trembling, but he tried hard to suppress it. A gentle, comforting kiss landed softly on Shen Ci’s clean forehead, and Lu Xiao whispered, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Surrounded by a sense of safety and tenderness, Shen Ci’s consciousness completely relaxed, gradually becoming more and more blurred under the influence of the strong drug.

“… Shen Ci! Xiao Ci!”

In a daze, Shen Ci heard someone calling him from a distance.

The voice was faint, seemingly familiar…

Shen Ci’s consciousness gradually sank into chaos, unable to think any further.

His consciousness ebbed and flowed, and Shen Ci felt as if he were sitting on a small boat, drifting alone like a tiny speck in the vast ocean.

Out of control, relief, unbearable, and liberation…

The agitated flames within his body slowly lost their vitality and finally extinguished.

The small boat beneath him suddenly sank.

Startled, Shen Ci shivered and abruptly opened his eyes.

The thick curtains in the room were drawn, leaving the light dim. Shen Ci looked around, realizing… wasn’t he at his own home?!

The small, messy apartment was rented by him so that he could live closer to Yunxiao Entertainment.

Shen Ci blinked in confusion, slowly recalling what happened last night.

He had attended a banquet last night, and some despicable people had actually spiked his drink with an aphrodisiac. The drug had rendered him helpless, unable to speak coherently. The thought of it infuriated him – was spiking drinks a traditional skill for lecherous men?!

Later, when he was almost dragged away by those scumbags, it seemed to be… Lu Xiao, his ‘little uncle’ who came to his rescue.

And then…

Shen Ci looked lost, unable to remember what happened after that.

“Little Uncle! Are you here?”

Shen Ci called out several times with his hoarse voice, but there was no response. It seems Lu Xiao had left.

There was a note on the bedside table. Shen Ci picked it up and read it. The handwriting was rough and powerful, unmistakably Lu Xiao’s.

“Xiao Ci, rest well. Call me if you need anything.”

Shen Ci held the note in a daze. After a while, with a strange expression on his face, he reached into his sleep pants to check on himself.

Surprisingly, the effects of the drug seemed to have completely subsided, and his body felt clean and refreshed.

It was as if nothing had happened last night, leaving no trace of the events.

Shen Ci’s face flushed red. Could it be that little uncle….

Shen Ci was so embarrassed that his toes curled, his scalp tingling! The last time he felt this awkward was six or seven years ago, after his first wet dream, when the family’s nanny had taken his sheets away for cleaning.

Could it get any more embarrassing?!

Shen Ci buried his head in the pillow, shame and resentment welling up as he let out a long wail. However, it stopped abruptly after a few moments.

Upon careful consideration, it was likely that those people had spiked his drink directly in the wine glass last night.

Then his little uncle, who had taken a drink on his behalf….. had he also fallen victim to the drug?

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