Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 32.1

Editor: Jodi

The one who broke the deadlock and silence was Shao Jinhuan, holding a paper bag in his hand as he walked over to give it to Shen Ci: “This is for you.”

Shen Ci was very confused and a bit helpless. It had been a long time since he had received a gift from Shao Jinhuan. Instead, he had always been the one who looked for all kinds of reasons to give him gifts, desperately trying to win his favor. Only, every time, Shao Jinhuan would choose to decline politely or find a way to give them to Bai Ziwei.

This sudden role reversal made Shen Ci feel a little uncomfortable.

“This is your birthday gift, I made it myself.” Shao Jinhuan said calmly and warmly, “I’m not sure if you like this flower pattern. It’s cold recently, be sure to keep warm.”

Shen Ci’s first reaction… was big closed gourd Shao Jinhuan had actually said so many words at once!

Not right, not right, he should respond to him first.

Under the several focused gazes on him, he braced himself and took the paper bag: “…. Thank you.”

Shao Jinhuan sighed in relief, a smile in his eyes: “There’s no need.”

All the people present…. would definitely not allow an intimate behavior such as him wrapping the scarf around Shen Ci himself.

Especially Lu Xiao’s cold gaze that was on him that felt like a tangible pressure on his back, even causing some cold sweat to appear on his forehead.

As long as Shen Ci accepted this gift, then he was very satisfied.

Shen Ci had been hurt by him before, so winning him back shouldn’t be rushed. He could wait slowly for Shen Ci’s heart to be moved again.

“Xiao Ci, I’m leaving first.”

Shao Jinhuan said goodbye to Shen Ci then soon, his car drove off calmly under Wei Shuo’s astonished eyes.

Seeing Shao Jinhuan wisely choosing to give up, Wei Shuo had a look of disappointment on his face as he pursed his lips, muttering to himself, “Heh, not exciting at all. I even deliberately went easy and he’s still so cowardly. Why not just come up and snatch the person?”

Shen Ci didn’t hear what he said clearly: “What?”

Wei Shuo: “I said— hurry up and open your gift! Shao Jinhuan made it himself, or you can just open it in the car, heh heh.”

Shen Ci felt that Wei Shuo’s expression was strange, and he had the feeling that he was up to no good, trying to play tricks on him.

But thinking about it again, he couldn’t figure out why.

Wei Shuo winked at him: “Oh yeah, I just remembered that my pet cat at home is hungry and I need to go and feed it. Just pick someone to go home with you!”

Shen Ci didn’t have the chance to stop him in time and could only watch as he got into his car hurriedly to leave and so exposed him quickly: “Who are you kidding, you don’t have a cat!”

Wei Shuo’s car passed by him leisurely, leaving behind the words “It’s a virtual pet” as he drove away mercilessly.

Shen Ci: “….”

He turned his neck stiffly to look at Shen Bie and Lu Xiao, both of whom were looking at him with relaxed expressions, looking quite harmonious.

Actually— neither of them were willing to give in, and Shen Ci even felt that he could almost hear the sparks crackling between them.

Shen Ci wanted to cry. On one side was his big Brother, and on the other, his little uncle— either choice seemed like a f*cking death sentence!

Fortunately, Shen Bie suddenly volunteered to ride in Lu Xiao’s car back to the Shen villa, allowing Shen Ci to slip through the dilemma.

“Me? I’m fine, I’m fine!”

He opened the back door of the car to sit next to Lu Xiao, however just after he finished speaking to Lu Xiao, Shen Bie squeezed in too.

Shen Ci, sandwiched between the two, was speechless: “….. Big Brother, can’t you sit in the front? It’s really cramped here!”

Shen Bie looked at the distance between Lu Xiao and Shen Ci vigilantly: “No way, I just really want to sit with you today.”

In order to prevent Shen Ci from throwing himself into Lu Xiao’s arms, he had even thrown his beloved car back to the office ruthlessly, not driving it, so how could he be sent away by Shen Ci so easily?

Shen Ci: “….”

Unable to persuade Shen Bie and not daring to ask his little uncle, he tried to move to the front seat but was held back by the two of them at the same time.

They were obviously sitting in a luxury car worth tens of millions, but three elegantly dressed individuals were crammed into a ball in its back seat awkwardly….. inexplicable!

Why did he agree to his big brother! Shen. person involved directly. Ci, now regretted it, he regretted it very much.

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