Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 11.2 Hard to control emotions

“Here, take this.”

Sister Qing threw a stack of documents to Bai Ziwei behind her who took them clumsily and rolled his eyes at her retreating figure.

A mere agent, a minor role dared to show him attitude? He was the heaven chosen protagonist!

Bai Ziwei cursed in his heart for a while, then obediently collected the hospital case that Sister Qing had thrown at him.

Recently, he had been staying in the hospital and besides Sister Qing, no one else had come to see him. If he couldn’t fight back or advance his career in the entertainment circle, what was the point of this hospital storyline?

So, he simply asked to be discharged. Surprisingly, Sister Qing seemed even more eager for him to leave the hospital than he was. She was thrilled to hear he wanted to leave and completed all the procedures in less than an hour.

Speaking of which, it was strange. At first, Sister Qing took care of him as attentively as she did in the original novel, but later, she became more and more perfunctory and polite, and now her attitude had become terrible.

But this kind of minor role didn’t matter. Great people don’t bother about trifles. Bai Ziwei envisioned his future domination delightfully, feeling more and more satisfied.

As soon as he returned to his rented house, he immediately took out his phone and started checking the hot search. Sister Qing had said that the company had purchased a hot search for his accident and discharge, so he should be topping the charts now, right?

However, the top hot search was “Dumpling Shen Ci recognized at Yunxiao Headquarters”. Bai Ziwei refreshed the page several times, painstakingly checking each hot search topic, only to find the words “Bai Ziwei’s car accident discharge” at the 48th position.

Bai Ziwei: “……”

They were all newcomers, but one was ranked 48th for a car accident and the other 1st for simply being recognized by fans outside?!

Bai Ziwei took several deep breaths, desperately resisting the urge to throw his phone.

In the end, he couldn’t control himself and yelled out in frustration while hitting the wall with a pillow, only to have a burly male voice from next door yell, “Are you trying to die?!”

Bai Ziwei immediately fell silent. After a while, he remembered: He was the chosen protagonist, rounding that up, the owner of this world. There was nothing to be afraid of.

He immediately became arrogant, muttering curses towards the next room for a while, before incessantly dialing Sister Qing’s number.

After getting the busy signal several times, the moment the call connected, Bai Ziwei shouted, “Hey Sister Qing, what are you doing not answering the phone! Why is my hot search so low, it doesn’t make sense! Obviously Shen Ci is the one who caused me to end up in the hospital, so why is he so popular now! Now any trivial matter can top the hot search?”

Sister Qing was very upset, “Bai Ziwei, what nonsense are you saying? Don’t smear your company’s fellow artist. He has nothing to do with your accident! As for the arrangement of the hot search, this was all directed and arranged by the higher-ups. If you’re not satisfied, go talk to the manager. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Bai Ziwei was stunned. Was this really the company’s arrangement?

Could it be a strategy to ‘first suppress then promote him’? After all, he was the protagonist, the world couldn’t possibly defy him.

He touched his chin, nodding his head with great certainty.

His voice brightened up again, “Then Sister Qing, do I have any schedules recently? I’ve been idle for so long, I can’t bear it!”

Sister Qing: “Let me check… um, it seems there’s nothing in the near future. The next event is the company’s end-of-year performance, make sure to prepare well.”

End of the year?

That was more than a month away!

Bai Ziwei was nearly choked with anger and just about to curse out loud when he realized the call had been hung up.

Bai Ziwei: “……”

He once again lost control of his and slammed the wall, howling to vent his frustration which immediately drew a “bang, bang, bang” from the guy next door.

Bai Ziwei, with nowhere to vent his anger, didn’t think twice and opened the door with a face full of rage.


Half an hour later, he was squatting in his room, applying medication to his bruised face, regretting his impulsiveness, crying while applying the medicine. This time he wasn’t pretending. He was really in pain.

What goes around comes around. Those who bullied him would pay double in the future!

Like Sister Qing, the decision makers at Yunxiao Entertainment who were clearly foolish and the idiot who just hit him, they would all kneel in front of him begging for mercy!

Right, and that damned Shen Ci! Just a small cannon fodder, yet he was bouncing around so much?

Bai Ziwei’s expression was gloomy and distorted. Biting back the pain in his mouth, he picked up his phone again, found a number he wasn’t very familiar with and dialed….

After being forced to finish the “Pregnancy Nutrition Vitality” meal with tears, Shen Ci laid on the sofa playing with his phone, only to doze off in the end.

After the video conference that was interrupted in the morning was finished, Lu Xiao looked up and saw Shen Ci sleeping soundly in a sprawled out and careless position. His pale, delicate cheeks were slightly red from sleep and a transparent liquid hung from the corner of his slightly open mouth as he slept sweetly and defenselessly.

Lu Xiao got up to fetch a blanket from the rest room to cover Shen Ci.

Standing next to the sofa, he looked down at the sleeping Shen Ci. His eyes gradually deepened and his aggressive gaze roamed over Shen Ci.

The crystal clear pink lips looked extremely soft. Lu Xiao couldn’t control himself and bent down, reaching out his finger to caress Shen Ci’s lips lightly.

He was somewhat lost in thought. This morning, while talking on the phone with Wei Moshan, the technical partner of Yunxiao Biotech, he heard him casually mention “his son’s friend” and quickly pressed for details.

That’s when he found out – Shen Ci had secretly asked them to help with a paternity test.

Lu Xiao was a bit puzzled. Who could’ve spilled the beans to Shen Ci? It was clear that only the Shen family and he knew that Shen Ci was an adopted son.

Could it be….. Bai Ziwei, the real young master of the Shen family?

Dreaming, Shen Ci’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and his mouth moved, unintentionally sucking Lu Xiao’s fingertip into it.

Lu Xiao’s breath hitched and he quickly pulled back his hand, closing his eyes to calm his heart.

Even the night when Xiao Ci was drugged, he had held himself back. This was nothing in comparison.

Lu “I pride myself on my self-control” Xiao stayed stiff for 10 minutes, but in the end, he gave up, leaning over, intending to touch lightly, just to quench his thirst for a moment.

But before he could make contact, an annoying ringtone broke the silence. Shen Ci opened his eyes groggily, and stared blankly at Lu Xiao’s enlarged handsome face.

Lu Xiao: “….”

Maintaining a calm expression, he got up, took Shen Ci’s phone for him and answered the call. Shen Ci propped himself up clumsily with one hand and leaned on Lu Xiao, answering the call weakly, “Hello?”

“Little ancestor, stop sleeping!”

“The finale of ‘Don’t Say Farewell’ is about to be broadcast. We’re going to get you on the hot search, so be ready to post when the time comes.”

“Xiao Liu will send you the copy for the Weibo post when it’s ready, let me know when you receive it.”

“Regarding responding to fans…”


Brother Zhang chatted away and the still half-asleep Shen Ci was left with a headache. Lu Xiao took the phone and responded indifferently, “Okay.”

The nagging stopped abruptly.

Brother Zhang: “….Ah?”

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