Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 35.1 Timid Sweet Idol: Understated Spoiling by Wealthy Ladies

Editor: Jodi

After the commercial break on TV ended,

Jiang Shu rewound to watch it several times, admiring her own glorious beauty with a satisfied smile.

Even pushing forty, she still looked so photogenic, her charm and image scoring full marks.

As for Shao Jinhuan, Shen Ci and the other newcomers….. she scoffed somewhat disdainfully. In the group scene just now, she was the one who really commanded presence. The others barely held a candle to her.

She picked up her phone to check Weibo, a hint of excitement in her heart.

In order to get this ad exposure, she had even splurged to secure the top spot on the hot search list, so it was all over the feeds by now, right?

Having been out of the public eye for many years, the audience would be shocked by her stunning appearance and would most definitely be sharing and spreading her image further.

Jiang Shu couldn’t help but smirk, opening the hot search list—unexpectedly, the top hot search wasn’t her but “sand sculpture Shen Ci”?!

In the topic pinned for “sand sculpture Shen Ci”, it was just a simple, plain screenshot meme of Shen Ci from the public service advertisement, but it had garnered tens of thousands of comments and over a billion views.

Jiang Shu simply wanted to vomit blood: “This?!”

This absurd hot search topic. At a glance one could tell clearly that it had been bought just for hype!

She thought of the hot search she had bought where she had paid marketing accounts to lavish praise on her beauty, hard work, and diligence, complemented with nostalgic photos from her younger days. The visual and sentimental impact was supposed to naturally go up the hot search.

But now, Yunxiao Entertainment was pulling this stunt? It was just a public service advertisement. Did they really need to spend money to push her out?

This was the grand comeback teaser that she had prepared for a long time! It was specifically for the variety show she was going to participate in after the New Year. Couldn’t they be more amiable?

Frustrated, she immediately called her agent to buy the top spot again. Having parted ways with her original company, she now ran her own studio, so her agent reported directly to her— so of course no one dared to disobey her.

Minutes later, she was pleased to see “Childhood Goddess Jiang Shu’s Comeback” go back to the top of the hot search.

However her smile froze a few seconds later when “sand sculpture Shen Ci” climbed back to number one stubbornly!

Jiang Shu: “….” It seems the money she gave wasn’t enough.

She called her agent to buy it again, only to experience the rollercoaster of emotions again. Jiang Shu, refusing to believe it, bought it again several times, but the result was still the same.

Rolling her eyes, she nearly fainted from anger. Was Yunxiao Entertainment intentionally going against her?!

“Xiao Liu, keep buying for me!” She commanded arrogantly and bossily.

Her agent looked at the bank balance then said uneasily, “We only have a little over three hundred thousand left…”

Jiang Shu: “….”

Her current situation was far from her past glory, with her studio having just six to seven hundred thousand in liquid assets. It turns out that in order to go to the top of the hot search, she had spent so much….

Jiang Shu felt pain because of the money that had already been spent. If she continued to compete with the wealthy Yunxiao Entertainment….. afraid nothing good would come out of it.

She might as well cut losses now. Being second wasn’t too bad. Jiang Shu consoled herself.

However a minute later her face fell as she stared as if she had lost her love at her hot search that had dropped to below the seventh hot search topic.


Shen Ci was reading the comments on his hot search topic, amused by the sand sculpture netizens, unaware of the storm that was going on on the hot search topic list rank.

Soon, Brother Zhang called.

Brother Zhang: “….Ci Bao’er, I’m serious.”

“In I, your big brother’s over twenty years in this industry, all the weirdest incidents I’ve encountered have happened to you.”

Shen Ci: “?”

He had a bad feeling again.

Brother Zhang said quietly, “Those your fans, rushing to buy hot searches for the company is one thing, but now they’re even fighting on the Weibo hot search topic list rank…..”

Shen Ci was confused: “What do you mean fighting? Where did you say it was?”

“My imagination is limited by poverty, but it turns out, sure enough, RMB gamers can do anything…. You’ll understand when you see it yourself.”

After hanging up, Shen Ci, with a completely dumbfounded expression, could only open the hot search topic list, then his pupils trembled with shock after just a glance.

The top seven hot searches were all about him….. and with each refresh, the rankings swapped places instantly, however they still dominated the top seven.

“Shen Ci’s white sweatshirt looks good”

“Xiao Ci’s face is so small”

“Cub Xiao Ci is really cute”


Shen Ci: “….” What the hell kind of hot search topics were these? They were all so random.

Shen Ci refreshed several times, and the seven searches about him swapped places crazily. The “sand sculpture Shen Ci” that was at the first place was squeezed to the seventh place then wasn’t able to move, but it still resisted any other topics that were outside the top seven from entering firmly.

It looked…. as if seven equally matched hot search topics were fighting?! Shen Ci was dumbfounded. He had never seen such a scene before!

He clicked into each topic cautiously, then his pupils trembled again, because….. the top Weibo posts in each topic were all made by people he was familiar with.

Weren’t these his mom’s wealthy girlfriends? They had even protected him as if they were protecting their chick the last time at the charity gala and had even helped him chase Guo Qingming away.

Thinking back to Brother Zhang’s words, Shen Ci suddenly understood… Could it be that they were competing to see whose purchased hot search topic was the hottest?

As he was guessing wildly, his WeChat made a “ding” sound.

Yang Ning: “[Crying][Crying] Ci, there are too many wealthy ladies in your fans! Big brother threw all his dinner money in for you but I’m still at the seventh place! They are too many, I can’t beat them……”

Shen Ci: “…… It turns out you are the one who came up with the topic “sand sculpture Shen Ci”! I’m going to sue you for defamation!”

Yang Ning completely ignored Shen Ci’s roar and sent several “crying” kitten emojis, saying they were for tough guys only.

Ning Ge: “[Lemon] I’ve realized, you’re a magnet for wealthy ladies!”

Ning Ge: “Begging for your phonebook!”

Shen Ci sent a knocking emoji, then continued to look at the Weibo hot search topics with a sad face as he sighed.

This was literally giving money to Weibo! If these hot search topics were spread out, having one per day would keep him active for a good half a year, Shen Ci felt it was both wasteful and heart-wrenching.

They were his elders, so he didn’t dare to persuade them, so he could only send a message to his mom, asking her to convince her friends to stop spending money.

His mom replied in seconds.

Mom: “Huh? But they’re having fun competing right now, saying it feels awesome to splurge on their cub.”

Mom: “The sisters are bored every day. Now that they’ve finally found a place to splurge happily, baby, don’t stop your aunties and sisters from spending money, okay?”

Mom: “And it’s quite fun, I will join in next time! [Smile][Flower] Baby, go to bed early.”

Shen Ci: “….”

Shen Ci felt deeply that with the way he was stingy, he was simply a fake rich person…..


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