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Chapter 20.2 With me covering you, what are you afraid of?

The annual meeting kicked off quickly. After a simple opening dance, there were annual reports from the general manager and heads of various departments.

Perhaps because Lu Xiao, the group president, was present, they were extraordinarily excited in their speeches. They energetically showcased the excellent achievements of Yun Xiao Entertainment this year, hoping to get more approved funding for the new year.

A staff member came over and tapped Yang Ning on the shoulder, signaling them to get their styling done. The two quietly left the venue.

In reality, most of the artists had arrived early to start preparing their looks. However, Yang Ning had used the excuse of needing more practice time and stayed in the company’s rest room for a long time. In name, he was practicing the program… but in reality, he was cheerfully playing games.

Luckily, their styling was very simple. Shen Ci changed his clothes in a few minutes and pushed open the door of the dressing room.

The originally noisy makeup room suddenly quieted down quite a bit. Yang Ning’s eyes were wide open, and after stuttering for a while, he finally said, “This outfit… it’s too suitable for this song, isn’t it?”

Shen Ci’s stylist also looked somewhat stunned. “Xiao Ci has such delicate features. Complex styles may not look as good on him. I… I just wanted to try, I didn’t expect the effect to be so good.”

Shen Ci looked down at himself. Hadn’t he…. just changed into a white shirt?

With a puzzled face, Shen Ci was seated in front of the makeup table and had a very light stage makeup applied. He was basically done with his styling at the same time as Yang Ning.

There should be four or five acts before it was their turn, so Shen Ci warmed up his voice and practiced with Yang Ning in a low voice one more time before stopping. Singing wasn’t like dancing – practicing too much might strain the voice and be counterproductive.

Waiting to go on stage was pretty boring, so Shen Ci decided to send a message to Lu Xiao.

He should be watching the show right now, right? He probably found it pretty boring too.

His phone vibrating, Lu Xiao put down the documents in his hand and opened the message while rubbing his brow.

Coca-Cola Baked Sea Urchin: Little uncle! Is the show good?

Coca-Cola Baked Sea Urchin: I’m going to be on stage in a bit. Nervous!

Coca-Cola Baked Sea Urchin: [Crying][Crying][Crying]

Lu Xiao’s lips couldn’t help but hook into a smile.

There seemed to be some commotion on stage. Lu Xiao looked up and saw that one person in the middle had made a mistake with their movements, and now the entire team was anxiously adjusting.

He narrowed his eyes, recognizing that the person who made the mistake was Bai Ziwei, who had been appearing frequently around Xiao Ci lately.

He heard that because of this performance, Bai Ziwei had had a dispute with Shen Ci.

Lu Xiao’s eyes darkened as he considered finding an excuse to put some more pressure on Bai Ziwei. If it wasn’t for Xiao Ci’s inexplicably generous attitude, always not minding Bai Ziwei, he would have made Bai Ziwei regret being born long ago.

He lowered his gaze to his phone again and picked it up, sending a voice message directly through voice message.

On stage, Bai Ziwei saw Lu Xiao lower his head again and almost wanted to spit blood.

From the moment they went on stage, Lu Xiao had never looked up, and no matter how hard Bai Ziwei tried to dance better or sing better, he couldn’t pique Lu Xiao’s interest in the slightest.

Earlier, in a moment of determination, Bai Ziwei had intentionally made a mistake, which finally attracted Lu Xiao’s attention. He had even looked at him several times.

Bai Ziwei was very pleased, but before he could send out any flirtatious glances, Lu Xiao lowered his head again!

What was he doing looking down while the performance was happening on stage?

His mood fluctuating greatly, Bai Ziwei, whose mind was not on the show, made even more mistakes. His teammates regretted having Bai Ziwei, who was supposed to be the centerpiece of the performance but was not living up to the task, and were close to hating him.

Backstage, Shen Ci didn’t wait long before he received Lu Xiao’s response.

He picked up his phone and brought it to his ear, tapping the voice message sent by Lu Xiao.

“With me covering you, what are you afraid of?”

The deep and magnetic voice was calm, but it gave a sense of calm, powerful inclusiveness and security. Shen Ci’s ears felt a bit numb, and he couldn’t help but replay it several times.

His originally somewhat restless and nervous heart seemed to really gradually calm down.

A smile appeared on Shen Ci’s face. Lu Xiao was right, the most influential person in the entire venue had absolute trust in him. Why should he fear the criticisms of others?

“Teacher Yang, Teacher Shen, it’s your turn to go on stage!”

The staff came over with a smile to guide them. Shen Ci and Yang Ning got up and walked side by side towards the stage.

When the stage and the audience were immersed in darkness, the lights were suddenly snapped back on with a ‘pop’.

In the spotlight, Shen Ci stood quietly in the center of the stage, giving the audience a gentle smile with the microphone in his hands.

He wore the simplest clean white shirt and trousers. The light smile on his face was like a gentle breeze that calmed people down, perfectly embodying the gentle senior that walked out of every young girl’s youthful memories and fantasies.

“This look… it reminds me of my first love!”

“All the newbies are monsters. As expected, another godlike one, my status in the company has dropped wu wu wu…”

“He’s so handsome I’m crying! Do my eyes automatically Photoshop?”


The staff and artists who had a good relationship with him before started cheering for him from below the stage. Xia Qingqing’s voice from the front row was especially excited, she was just short of taking out a glow stick and waving it fervently.

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