Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 11.1 Hard to control emotions

“That little young master looks very cute. Is he a small celebrity?”

“No wonder. I thought he seemed familiar. Has he visited our company before?”

“So, that’s what President Lu is into. He’s always alone, I thought he was ascetic!”

“Wait, this kid looks familiar, not the celebrity kind of familiar…”

During lunch, the secretaries in the president’s assistant’s office were all abuzz. On the surface, they all seemed like polished white collar workers, but behind the scenes, their fingers were flying across the chat groups, discussing the personal affairs of their big boss.

Not long ago, a colleague who was on a business trip to Brazil had risked his job to post a screenshot from a video conference with Lu Xiao. In no time at all, it had spread across various company chat groups.

In the screenshot, Lu Xiao, who was supposed to be serious and focused on the meeting, was accompanied by a teenager with refined features. The teenager was standing behind him, attentively massaging Lu Xiao’s neck and Lu Xiao had his eyes closed, a relaxed and gentle expression on his face that they had never seen before.

The employees of Yunxiao Entertainment were shocked. Who knew President Lu could show such a non threatening expression?! Apparently, he ended the meeting midway through!

“Special Assistant Min is here!”

Everyone instantly stopped chatting and focused on their lunch, glancing at Chief Assistant Min Tianxing as he entered the room.

Special Assistant Min scanned the room indifferently and the assistants felt prickles down their backs until he finally went back to his own office.

With the boss back, they restrained themselves considerably. Still, in various chat groups, the identity of the teenager in the boss’s room was being talked about hotly, with messages popping up non-stop.

Shen Ci, despite having only one usable hand, tirelessly massaged Lu Xiao’s neck. A tingling sensation spread from Lu Xiao’s slightly trembling neck to his core. In the end, Lu Xiao couldn’t bear to let Shen Ci continue, so he pulled away after a few minutes.

“I just started!” Shen Ci protested.

Lu Xiao chuckled, “You can continue later. You’re hungry, right?”

He passed a tablet to Shen Ci and on the screen was a simplified ordering menu, offering a variety of dishes from various brands.

This was a food ordering app specifically for Lu Xiao, which would place orders directly with a dedicated personal assistant.

Shen Ci rubbed his hands together in excitement. Actually, one of the reasons he was going out every day, was because he could enjoy a variety of delicious foods outside compared to the bland meals at home!

Just yesterday, he went out with Wei Shuo and had a wonderful hot pot meal.

Spicy crayfish, grilled fish with Sichuan pepper, chili oil noodles, Coca Cola… Shen Ci salivated as he saw a menu called “Must-haves for youth gatherings” and immediately added a load of items to the order.

Lu Xiao reached over, calmly cancelled all those orders, and selected from the “Nutritionally balanced meals for pregnant women” menu, choosing items like cream salmon, lotus root chicken porridge, and crispy roasted mashed potatoes…

Shen Ci: “???”

Lu Xiao looked innocent, “You’re a patient, this menu is the most suitable.”

He quickly finished ordering and directly placed the order, giving Shen Ci no chance to protest.

Shen Ci exploded, “Little uncle, you were deceiving me!”

Lu Xiao smiled in a rare good mood, reaching out to rub Shen Ci’s soft hair, “I will make it up to you in the future. Bear with it until you get better.”

Shen Ci asked him eagerly how he would make it up and Lu Xiao raised an eyebrow, “How about a trip?”

“Just the two of us.”

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