Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 1.1 Shen Ci: I, this big flower vase, is making money!

The summer web drama “Don’t Say Farewell” was a huge hit, bringing massive exposure to the diverse cast of main actors. Among them were award-winning film stars, promising newcomers fresh off their first successes, and even a flower vase actor with third-rate acting skills but top-tier looks.

Some of the most popular actors from the show were invited to record an episode for a variety show today.

Shen Ci was among them, and he was, in fact, that flower vase actor…

Shen “Flower vase” Ci sat in front of the makeup mirror, feeling rather disenchanted.

“Xiao Shen, you’re seriously the cutest boy I’ve ever seen!” The makeup artist exclaimed genuinely as she fixed Shen Ci’s hair.

The young man looked like a high school student. His full forehead, high and rounded nose bridge, and moist doe eyes were astonishingly beautiful. His facial features were delicate, and there was an undeniable charm and cuteness in his expression.

His cute appearance attracted countless fans, especially mom fans. Not only did he contribute significantly to the viewership of “Don’t Say Farewell”, but he also became one of the most popular actors in the show.

Shen Ci responded with a noncommittal “hmm” and didn’t shower the makeup artist with his usual sweet compliments.

Seeing Shen Ci’s gloomy mood, the makeup artist grew curious, “Xiao Shen, what’s wrong? You seem down.”

Shen Ci sighed deeply, “It’s a long story… Sis, can I take a nap first?”

“Sure, you should rest. Oh dear, your eyes are so swollen. Why are you so exhausted?” The makeup artist fretted, while Shen Ci numbly ignored her.

His mood was indeed terrible today, all because of a recurring dream he’d been having recently.

For an entire week, he had dreamt of a lengthy, complete story that felt like a novel, where he played a minor, cannon fodder character.

Shen Ci knew the real protagonists of the novel: one was his childhood friend and rising film star Shao Jinhuang, and the other was Bai Ziwei, a promising newcomer in the industry.

Both were the main male leads in “Don’t Say Farewell” and were present at the recording of the variety show.

What shocked Shen Ci the most was that the central plot of the novel revolved around the tumultuous, deep love story between Shao Jinhuang and Bai Ziwei.

For Shen Ci, who secretly loved Shao Jinhuang, this was nothing short of a nightmare!

In the end, Shao Jinhuang and Bai Ziwei went through countless trials and got their happy ending, while the side character Shen Ci met a rather insignificant fate.

Not only did Shen Ci, because he wanted Shao Jinhuan, the male lead’s love interest, lose all his family’s fortune, his various misdeeds were also exposed. In the end, it was revealed that he was a fake young master from the wealthy Shen family, and the real young master was actually Bai Ziwei… Shen Ci ended up with a fate of being homeless and missing.

He originally thought this was just his own imagination, but reality constantly and astonishingly coincided with his dreams.

From the ratings and subsequent news of ‘Don’t Say Farewell’ to everyone being notified to participate in this variety show… everything was exactly the same.

Shen Ci’s worldview was on the verge of collapse and it took him a long time to accept the fact: everyone in this world lived in a book, and everything was arranged clearly.

And for some reason, he knew all this.

As he worried with a frown, he heard someone calling him and opened his eyes.

His agent, Brother Zhang, looked at him as if he had seen a ghost: “Xiao Ci, what’s going on? Your little face is all scrunched up with worry.”

He had never seen this carefree, good-looking young master so troubled.

Shen Ci thought that the secret must not be revealed and tried to bluff his way through: “Because I didn’t sleep well last night… Brother Zhang, do my eyes look swollen and ugly?”

Brother Zhang rolled his eyes: “Come on, you think you can fool me with your vase-like acting skills? But your eyes are indeed swollen quite badly. Were you crying?”

“Nonsense!” Shen Ci glared, “Why would I cry for no reason?”

“Aiyo—” If there were no outsiders here, Brother Zhang felt that he wouldn’t be able to resist teasing this little brat. Unfortunately, the makeup room was full of people, so it was better to save face for the kid, lest he gets revenge.

Brother Zhang patted the boy’s shoulder, holding back his laughter: “Right, right, our Ci Bao is not a crybaby character. Hurry up and adjust yourself, the recording will start soon.”

“That fast!” Shen Ci became more nervous.

This variety show recording not only invited Shen Ci, but also Bai Ziwei and Shao Jinhuan! Shen Ci’s heart pounded.

Seeing Shen Ci’s expression was off, Brother Zhang muttered, “What are you so nervous about? Don’t worry, you look so good, and Beauty Guo really likes your puppy like face. She won’t give you a hard time!”

Guo Ruoruo was the host of this variety show. Known for her beauty and kindness, her praising guests and flattering them was a common occurrence. Almost all drama crews would come and have a conversation with her for publicity, and the results were outstanding.

Shen Ci secretly complained in his heart; he wasn’t afraid of being given a hard time by the host! Compared to the future calamities he foresaw in his dreams, the host giving him a hard time was nothing!

“Xiao Ci, why haven’t you gone yet?” A clear and pleasant voice sounded behind him, and Shen Ci suddenly felt like he was having a heart attack.

It was Bai Ziwei…

Although Bai Ziwei had an extremely gentle and saintly personality, often being bullied by supporting characters like Shen Ci, he was still the male character. Both his love interest and friends were big shots from various fields.

The terrible retaliation Shen Ci faced later on wasn’t Bai Ziwei’s doing, but rather his friends who couldn’t stand seeing him being bullied, secretly doing things behind Bai Ziwei’s back, with Shao Jinhuan being the most ruthless among them.

All Bai Ziwei knew about Shen Ci’s miserable ending was just the tip of the iceberg.

Shen Ci quickly reviewed in his mind whether he had mistreated Bai Ziwei yet and only after several reassurances did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Although he had previously ‘accidentally’ splashed water on Bai Ziwei and engaged in childish temper tantrums on the set, Shen Ci hadn’t yet made any serious mistakes.

However, he was still somewhat afraid of interacting with Bai Ziwei. With apprehension, he turned around, smiling stiffly, “Ah… um… Brother Bai, haha, I’ll be right there!”

Bai Ziwei found Shen Ci’s expression a bit strange, but he didn’t say anything. Shen Ci was known for his childish temperament and young master’s attitude, always acting strangely on set, who knew what was going on inside his head.

Bai Ziwei gave a gentle smile, “Alright. Since you’re almost ready, why don’t I go up with you?”

Shen Ci: “… Uh-huh.”

What could Shen Ci do if he didn’t agree? Although he didn’t want to deal with the fated male lead, he was even less willing to offend him!

Brother Zhang’s expression was like seeing the sun rise from the west, “Yo, when did Young Master Shen become so obedient? It would be great if you were this obedient when choosing resources.”

Shen Ci made a face at him, then turned and followed Bai Ziwei.

Brother Zhang, left behind, rubbed his stubble and marveled.

He felt that Shen Ci seemed to have become a lot more submissive recently, not as lawless as before.

He really wanted to know how the little demon king suddenly changed his nature.

Unable to figure it out, Brother Zhang put it to the back of his mind and followed the staff to watch.

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