Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 32.2

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The next day was scheduled for filming a public service advertisement, so Brother Zhang picked Shen Ci up early in the morning then headed to the XXTV building.

Shen Ci was in a daze in the car for a while before he barely woke up, listening to Brother Zhang telling him about his work schedule sleepily.

“After the New Year, you’ll have to record a variety show, starting around May or June, then during the gap…. how about trying a web drama with a campus setting? A sweet idol drama, it’s easy to act.”

Brother Zhang paused for a moment then added, “Oh right, Yang Ning is playing the male lead. The role offered to you is the female lead’s biological little brother, sort of the third male lead? The second male lead is a newcomer called Lin Wan.”

Shen Ci was jolted awake: “Wait, Brother Zhang, who did you say is playing the male lead?”

“Yang Ning.”

Shen Ci’s head was full of question marks: “He….. isn’t he a singer? He’s also an actor?”

Brother Zhang: “Who cares if he can act or not, they just want his popularity, and he wants the money, so it’s a perfect match. In a sweet idol drama, it doesn’t really matter.”

A professional singer-songwriter for more than ten years with no acting experience suddenly playing the male lead?

Yang Ning was really diving into a money pit. The quality of this drama, Shen Ci didn’t dare have any preconceptions about it.

Shen Ci’s face was full of black lines: “Really one dares to offer and the other dares to accept……”

“We’re here.” Brother Zhang slowed the car down and drove into the parking lot.

Hearing this, Shen Ci sat up straight subconsciously, tidied up his hair and straightened his clothes, then turned to look out the car window at the building before they entered the underground parking lot.

Although he had been here before as an advertising client with his father, this was his first time here for his own career, making Shen Ci unable to help but feel a little excited.

Brother Zhang, familiar with the place, parked the car and then led Shen Ci through the elevator to the filming floor.

And as soon as the elevator doors opened, they were greeted with a hive of activity. The staff were bustling back and forth, and there were many celebrities wearing sunglasses who had just arrived with their assistants.

Shen Ci: “!!!”

The female star who had just passed by him seemed to be Jiang Shu, a renowned actress that Wei Shuo particularly liked!

People of their age group generally grew up watching TV dramas starring Jiang Shu, and although she had gone somewhat quiet in recent years, her national recognition was still remarkably high.

He hadn’t expected to run into this kind of big star.

Brother Zhang found it amusing: “Look at you, your eyes are practically glued over.”

Shen Ci was starstruck: “Brother Zhang, I can’t believe I get to film a commercial with such a big shot.”

Brother Zhang, putting an arm around his shoulder and leading him to the makeup room, laughed: “Then strive to be someone that the younger generation will say the same about when they see you.”

The styling for the public service advertisement wasn’t too fancy or complex. Shen Ci’s makeup was light, and he was dressed simply in a white sweatshirt, exuding the fresh and lively vibe of a neighborhood little brother. He was ready in no time.

“Hey, Teacher Jiang’s makeup room is this way, right?”

“Yes, yes. Did you bring the replacement earrings?”

“I have them right here. Ugh, she’s got a weird temper.”

“Alright, alright, keep it down…”


Shen Ci, having finished his styling and finding it boring in the styling room, came out to shake his legs when he heard the commotion outside, and curious, he perked up his ears and eavesdropped for a bit and found that Jiang Shu’s makeup room was right next to his.

His mind began to get a little restless. This opportunity….. was a little too good to miss.

So after informing Brother Zhang, he grabbed a small notebook from his bag, hopped off the chair, then ran to the neighboring makeup room, peering in from the doorway.

Jiang Shu was already in the final stages of her makeup and was meticulously checking her reflection in the mirror for any flaws as an assistant clipped a pair of delicate earrings on her.

As soon as Jiang Shu’s styling was complete and she reached for her phone, Shen Ci knocked on the door gently.

The agent, sitting on the sofa, didn’t even look up: “Come in.”

Shen Ci walked in, bowed politely to Jiang Shu with a beaming smile, then presented the small notebook: “Teacher Jiang! I have a friend who really likes you. Can you please see if you can sign this, and then I’ll give it to him?”

It was just a signature, such a simple thing shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Jiang Shu, swiping on her phone, glanced at Shen Ci when she heard this, then quickly retracted her gaze: “I’m too busy.”

Shen Ci: “…..”

Caught off guard by her coldness, Shen Ci put his notebook down awkwardly.

Recently, he had been working on shedding his Young Master temper and had become used to everyone greeting him with smiles, so suddenly facing a rebuff….. it was inevitable that he would feel a drop in his heart.

But she was a big star who relied on her works, so it was understandable if she didn’t want to bother with a newcomer like him who was more traffic inclined.

However if he thought about it this way, Min Song was also a high-profile, aloof superstar, so why was she so kind to him?

He bowed slightly, not too deeply, said, “Sorry to disturb you.” before leaving awkwardly, touching his nose.

When Jiang Shu saw Shen Ci’s figure disappear at the door, she put her phone down, then muttered with a sneer: “Tsk, just another pretty traffic flow vase who’ll be finished after a few years of fame. No wonder I’m not popular. It turns out the audience likes this kind now….”

Jiang Shu’s agent who had witnessed everything and was on the side wanted to say something but held back.

It was obviously because of her own lack of ambition, her clinging onto her past glories all day long and resting on her laurels. What was she doing lashing out at an innocent newcomer for…..

But in the end, the agent just closed her mouth. Jiang Shu’s temper was very bad in private, so it was better she didn’t provoke her into scolding her.

The filming work began quickly, and although Jiang Shu didn’t treat Shen Ci well in private, as a professional who had been in the industry for decades, she maintained a professional front.

After delivering her lines to the camera, she smiled and handed the microphone to Shen Ci: “Your turn.”

Shen Ci didn’t really like her style of being one thing in front of others and being another thing behind their backs, so his smile was a bit forced: “En, thank you, senior.”

This Jiang Shu’s public persona is completely fabricated. Maintaining such a façade must be exhausting.

He was the last to record his lines, then promptly handed the microphone to a staff member.

“Teachers, please stand according to the staff’s arrangement. We’re going to take a group shot for the voiceover.” The director smiled as he announced through a megaphone, then the relevant personnel quickly began to move.

Shen Ci was arranged in a position quite close to the center and was a bit surprised and flattered. Even Brother Zhang gave him a thumbs-up from a distance, smiling.

Actually, both he and Brother Zhang knew that it was already very good for him to have the opportunity to film this kind of heavyweight public service advertisement, so even if he only stood at the end to show his face, it was already enough.

“Why did you place me here?” Jiang Shu’s somewhat puzzled voice rang out.

The staff explained hurriedly: “Teacher Jiang, this is our arrangement after consideration, I hope you can understand.”

Shen Ci, with a melon eater mindset, looked over and saw that Jiang Shu had been arranged to be near the end. If it were to be broadcast on screen, her exposure would indeed be less, so it was normal for her to be unhappy.

Jiang Shu maintained a somewhat helpless, gentle smile: “Even though I’m not very popular now and have aged, I’m at least still a senior. Since you guys have invited me, it’s best to show some respect, right?”

“At the very least, I deserve to stand in that position, don’t I?”

Her delicate fingers pointed towards Shen Ci’s position, and Shen Ci was confused again.

How did him just eating a melon, turn into him being at the center of it……

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