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Chapter 24.2 Jealous

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Wei Shuo’s provocation hit the mark perfectly.

Shao Jinhuan knew that, given Shen Ci’s current level of caution towards him, they would never be this close.

In the end, it was his own fault for not realizing his own heart and losing Shen Ci.

Wei Shuo continued needling, “What are you looking at? The one you’re shielding is behind you on the verge of tears. Go and coax him.”

Bai Ziwei, hearing this, was surprised then his glare at the two became even fiercer.

Shen Ci: “…” Can you touch your conscience and say honestly that he’s on the verge of tears?

Wei Shuo’s words carried a hint of mocking amusement, and he continued, “I don’t get it. You condone this guy bullying Xiao Ci all the time, and then you turn around to check on how Xiao Ci is doing after he’s hurt? Who are you really concerned about?”

Shao Jinhuan’s expression grew even darker. “I have never condoned anything. What he does has nothing to do with me.”

Wei Shuo let out a snort of disbelief.

Shen Ci, seeing the tension between the two, felt a headache coming on. The three of them were childhood friends, so how did it develop to this point?

He had no desire to get involved with Shao Jinhuan, but Wei Shuo seemed determined to assert himself.

In this regard, he was exactly just like Shen Bie.

Shen Ci sighed. He felt caught in the middle once again.

“Let’s go shopping first, okay?” He tugged at Wei Shuo’s clothes and signaled him not to provoke these two any further.

Wei Shuo, with an attitude like he wanted chaos to happen, asked him, “Why the rush? Let’s catch up with old friends first.”

He raised his chin and pointed to Bai Ziwei. “It’s not every day you get to meet someone like him. When he did that big thing last night, I wanted to slap him.”

Panic flashed in Bai Ziwei’s eyes. How was this possible? How could a bystander know about his involvement last night?

Although his agent had presented irrefutable evidence when she called to terminate his contract in the middle of the night, she had assured him that this wouldn’t be leaked!

It must be Shen Ci who told Wei Shuo! Who knows how many more people he had told, waiting to ruin his career in the entertainment industry.

His resentful gaze turned towards Shen Ci again, but Wei Shuo stepped forward, half-smiling as he looked at Bai Ziwei. “Take it easy. If you keep glaring, I might just pluck out your eyeballs.”

Bai Ziwei’s eyes immediately drooped, and his eye sockets turned red. “I slept peacefully last night, I didn’t do anything wrong. Why does everyone always target me?”

Wei Shuo couldn’t stand his fake and timid demeanor. “Don’t think that because Uncle Lu is being polite to you, just terminating your contract because of Xiao Ci that others will be as forgiving!”

“I just said it casually to test the waters, who knew your face would actually turn paper white like that? Isn’t this forcing me to believe it?”

Bai Ziwei had nothing to say, so he could only turn to look at Shao Jinhuan with tears in his eyes, trying to get his pity and support. “Shao Ge, I really don’t understand what they’re talking about. I know you must believe me…”

If he couldn’t help him get into the company, he could play the role of the main protagonist’s defender during his moments of being bullied right?

Shao Jinhuan gave him face, turning his eyes away from Shen Ci: “I don’t.”

Bai Ziwei: “…”

Ignoring his stunned expression, Shao Jinhuan walked over to Shen Ci, adjusted his earmuffs for him and said softly and gently, “Put it on properly.”

This remarkably different gentle demeanor made Bai Ziwei’s anger float up. He was being bullied by the relentless Wei Shuo, yet Shao Jinhuan had been looking for an opportunity to help Shen Ci adjust his earmuffs?!

Shen Ci didn’t react, tugging Wei Shuo’s coat.

Wei Shuo quickly slapped Shao Jinhuan’s hand away. “Tsk, you got your way this time because I wasn’t paying attention. Forget it, I won’t bother with you guys.”

He pulled Shen Ci behind him vigilantly and gave Bai Ziwei a menacing look. “It’s fine if you say you don’t understand.”

“Anyway, I’m warning you, behave yourself from now on.”

“If you dare to shake around Xiao Ci again, I’ll beat you up every time I see you.”

With these harsh words, Wei Shuo left, pulling Shen Ci, who was still out of it, along with him.

Bai Ziwei was confused, but when he saw that Shao Jinhuan was also about to follow them, he quickly reached out to grab him. “Shao Ge…”

This time, Shao Jinhuan didn’t even turn his head. He shook off his hand and caught up with the two ahead anxiously.

Bai Ziwei’s face turned livid with rage, and he angrily stamped his foot several times.

He would rather do without this kind of fickle main protagonist gong!

In comparison, the best option for him now seemed to be the villain, Lu Xiao.

Despite the contract termination, Lu Xiao hadn’t ruined his reputation and had kept the reasons confidential.

Bai Ziwei was touched by this. It was clear that Lu Xiao was going easy on him and had probably terminated the contract just to appease Shen Ci, that little cannon fodder.

He regretted taking and using those pictures of Lu Xiao and Shen Ci together a little, especially since Lu Xiao clearly had feelings for him.

But the way Lu Xiao was handling things so leniently… he was definitely not angry.

Bai Ziwei’s heart couldn’t help but beat a little faster.

In the end, Shen Ci didn’t buy any gifts because Wei Shuo couldn’t stand Shao Jinhuan following them and immediately suggested that they buy gifts another time.

Shen Ci agreed readily, and Wei Shuo, wary of Shao Jinhuan ‘seizing the opportunity’, drove him away vigilantly and personally sent Shen Ci back home.

Shen Ci returned to his small bachelor apartment, but as soon as he walked in, he felt that something was off.

After taking off his shoes and stepping into the living room, he noticed someone sitting on the sofa with their back to him! Shen Ci was immediately startled and took a few steps back, feeling his heart race.

However, after closer inspection, he quickly recognized who it was.

He breathed a sigh of relief and run to sit next to him. “Little Uncle, you’re here. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

Lu Xiao was still wearing glasses and reading documents, which Shen Ci found quite strange. If his little uncle was so busy with work, why did he come here?

Lu Xiao looked up at him and said calmly, “Check your phone yourself.”

Shen Ci took his phone out obediently from his backpack. As soon as he unlocked the screen, he saw a striking line of words.

Missed Call: A Little Uncle (23)

Shen Ci: “…”

Looking at Lu Xiao’s gentle smile, filled with a hint of impending storm, Shen Ci couldn’t help but ‘gulp’, swallowing nervously.

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