Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 1.2 Shen Ci: I, this big flower vase, is making money!

The so-called protagonist law wasn’t a lie; Shen Ci followed Bai Ziwei for a while and ran into a familiar face.

The original male lead, Shao Jinhuan.

Shen Ci was inwardly crying a river, why did they have to bring the three of them together?!

Shao Jinhuan saw the two of them walking side by side harmoniously, his cold expression loosening slightly, obviously somewhat surprised.

“Brother Shao! What a coincidence! Let’s all go together!” Bai Ziwei’s eyes lit up, and even Shen Ci could hear his voice becoming more enthusiastic.

Shen Ci forced a laugh, “Ha ha… yeah, let’s go together, Brother Huan… Brother Shao.”

Shao Jinhuan frowned, his gaze focused on Shen Ci’s face. The atmosphere between the three suddenly became a bit cold.

Shen Ci felt a chill down his spine from his stare. In the original story, whenever he called Shao Jinhuan “Brother Huan”, Shao Jinhuan would clearly become unhappy, disliking the nickname.

Shen Ci didn’t want to cause trouble, so he quickly corrected himself.

Even though he had been using this affectionate nickname for more than a decade. When he was young, it was endearing, but as he grew up, it became somewhat distasteful.

Perhaps Shao Jinhuan hadn’t accepted the fact that his adoring follower was no longer fawning over him, and he quickly returned to normal. Shen Ci comforted himself.

Fortunately, Shao Jinhuan only stared for a moment before withdrawing his gaze, giving a low “Mm” and turning to lead the way.

Shen Ci breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, there were no more disturbances until they sat down at the recording site.

In this kind of talk show, the host sits on one side, and the guests sit on the other. Shen Ci sat down next to Bai Ziwei according to the rehearsal order, and looked at his phone’s memo, which had the questions he was supposed to answer and the standard answers Brother Zhang had written for him.

Brother Zhang, as the most senior agent of Yunxiao Entertainment, was very experienced in handling a vase like Shen Ci.

For this variety show, he planned Shen Ci’s route to be “surrounded by substance while being a vase, seizing power with cuteness.”

In the designed script, the host’s questions were mainly focused on the actors playing the male and female leads, and Shen Ci’s lines were few. The production team and the cast probably thought that it was best for him to quietly be a vase.

However, in his dream, Shen Ci’s mind was clouded, completely disregarding the arrangement, and was desperately trying to steal the spotlight, even openly attacking Bai Ziwei and the host on the spot. The variety show hadn’t even aired, and it was already being criticized by fans and trending online.

With everything ready, the moment the camera started rolling, Shen Ci silently chanted to himself.

Be a vase, be a vase, be a big vase!

The psychological suggestion was quite effective. During the half-hour recording, Shen Ci spoke very little. Instead, he put all his energy into sweetly smiling at the camera, and, under the guidance of the host, playfully interacting with the other actors. He was quite the professional vase.

Guo Ruoruo had a face full of adoration throughout the show, her maternal instincts overflowing: “Xiao Ci is so adorable! Did everyone want to take care of you during the shooting?”

Shen Ci was a bit confused because this question wasn’t in the script; it was Guo Ruoruo’s improvisation.

He pondered for a moment but was interrupted as soon as he opened his mouth.


“Xiao Ci…”

Shao Jinhuan and Bai Ziwei spoke at the same time and stopped simultaneously. They exchanged glances, both seeing confusion in each other’s eyes.

Guo Ruoruo laughed and smoothed things over: “It seems my question has been answered. Movie Emperor Shao, who is famously reticent, is actually willing to answer a question. I’m quite flattered.”

Everyone on stage laughed, and the atmosphere became harmonious and lively again.

“Alright, we’ve asked you so many questions today; you must be exhausted. But for your beloved fans and friends, how about making a heart gesture for everyone?”

Under the host’s suggestion, the camera zoomed in on Shao Jinhuan, who was seated first.

Guo Ruoruo: “Movie Emperor Shao, smile please!”

Shen Ci peeked at the icy Shao Jinhuan, who reluctantly formed a stiff heart with his hands and forced a smile: “I hope everyone will support ‘Don’t Say Farewell.'”

Being forced to cater to the fans was deadly.

Shen Ci almost couldn’t hold back his laughter and tried his best to suppress it. When the camera focused on him, he suddenly burst into a brilliant smile: “Sisters, you must watch ‘Don’t Say Farewell’ multiple times! Then you can see me more often!”

In addition to the heart gesture, Shen Ci also added a highly skilled, charming wink.

Everyone on and off the stage was stunned. Guo Ruoruo hesitated for a while, holding back her urge to scream as a fan and smiled: “Xiao Ci is really enthusiastic! It would be great if everyone could be as passionate as him.”

Shen Ci smiled shyly, showing the appearance of an innocent young man.

Everyone present felt countless “What the hell?” moments in their hearts, suddenly understanding why Shen Ci, a small supporting actor who entered the group with resources and was still a newcomer, could become so popular and even sit on an equal footing with them, participating in such variety shows.

A smile that could infect everyone’s emotions wasn’t something an ordinary vase could achieve.

The variety show soon wrapped up, and after the host and crew members thanked each other, they went backstage in turn.

Shen Ci successfully avoided walking with Shao Jinhuan and Bai Ziwei and returned to the backstage in high spirits.

The silly incidents that were supposed to happen in the original plot didn’t occur! Shen Ci was absolutely ecstatic, feeling the thrill of changing his fate.

Brother Zhang had been waiting for him and happily put his arm around Shen Ci’s shoulder as soon as he saw him.

“Good job, Ci Bao’er! No wonder Mr. Lu specially instructed us to promote you! Last night, I observed the stars and calculated that you have a destiny for great fame!”

Shen Ci: “Brother, it rained last night…”

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