Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 9.1 “Bai Ziwei can disappear”

Earlier, Shen Ci had just wanted to bluff Lu Xiao over the phone; he actually just wanted to return to his rented hideaway and sleep. However, Shen Bie took him seriously and after his wound was bandaged, intended to drag him home.

Shen Ci was anxious. If he went back to his parents’ place, they would definitely use his injury as a reason for him to avoid ice, spicy foods, and staying up late… he couldn’t stand such a disciplined lifestyle!

“But you did say I should take you home.” Shen Bie pointed out.

Shen Ci: “…..”

He glared at him, “You and I have been tricking adults together since we were kids, and now you’re playing dumb?!”

Shen Bie smiled sinisterly, “Sorry, Xiao Ci, I’m now one of those horrible adults.”

Unable to resist, Shen Ci could only give in.

As expected, as soon as he returned home, he was under his mother’s strict supervision.

Mother Shen asked a few aunties in the house to carry out a thorough search of his room to confiscate all his snacks, and at the end brought him a bowl of plain porridge and ordered that he drink it.

Mother Shen, who was usually gentle and doted on her youngest was stern at this time, forcing Shen Ci towards a road of health, just like how she would treat him whenever he had a fever or cold.

This was precisely why Shen Ci was unwilling to return home during times like these!

Under his mother’s watchful eye, Shen Ci could only keep his dissatisfaction to himself and drink the tasteless porridge with a bitter face.

“Speaking of which, Xiao Ci, there’s a lot of stuff happening with your ‘Don’t Say Farewell’.”

Mother Shen suddenly said out of nowhere and seeing Shen Ci’s puzzled face, she simply moved her phone over to show him.

“Here, Xiao Wang showed me this today.”

The headline of the news read, “Beaten up on the street until they vomited blood, and the police came to arrest the victims. Netizens know the truth: They deserved it!”

Shen Ci: “….” This was really an old classic clickbait title.

He clicked and skimmed through the article helplessly. It turns out, the three men were suspected of serially rping an underage girl two years ago and then fled. The girl had severe depression afterwards and attempted suc*de multiple times but was unsuccessful. The ones who beat them up were the girl’s father and other relatives.

Furthermore, these three men were exposed by insiders to be crew members of ‘Don’t Say Farewell’, which quickly drew a lot of attention online. Some extreme fans even started their own investigations, determined to uncover their real identities to protect their idols.

The names and faces of the three men were blurred out, but when Shen Ci took a closer look, he found them somewhat familiar.

Shen Ci didn’t deliberately pay much attention to what the unimportant people around him looked like, so he barely remembered most of the people in the crew. The fact that he found these three men familiar…. might probably be because they appeared in front of him often, but Shen Ci couldn’t be bothered to think any further.

“There was a car accident involving the lead actor, crew members are being arrested for r*pe, and now your hand is injured like this. It’s all a bit strange…..”

“These are all just accidents.”

Shen Ci wasn’t really paying attention to his mother’s murmuring. He just responded with a few words then continued to tackle the plain porridge with a bitter face.

Fortunately, his mother received a call from her best friend and he took the opportunity to sneak to the bathroom and pour out the remaining half bowl of porridge.

Just as he sat back down with the empty bowl, Shen Bie, monitor number two came over and handed him an elderly style, low key thermos full of water solemnly.

Shen Bie said seriously, “Drink more hot water.”

Shen Ci, “….. I want to ask, Mr. Shen, why are you smiling?”

Shen Bie finally couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing, “I, I just thought of something funny hahaha…..”

Annoyed, Shen Ci used his uninjured right hand and a long pillow to shoo Shen Bie out of the room, but in the end, he was still forced to finish the hot water in the thermos.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

After drinking for what felt like ages, the hot water in the thermos only went down by a third, so hearing someone knocking on the door, Shen Ci was so upset he shouted without thinking, “Come in yourself!”

The door was pushed open slowly and Shen Ci looked up only to almost choke on a mouthful of hot water.

It seemed he had really been having bad luck recently, constantly being startled by Lu Xiao!

Lu Xiao closed the door behind him gently, a gentle and light smile on his face. “So angry?” He was so angry that even his young master’s temper, which he hadn’t seen for many days, was showing itself.

Shen Ci wiped his mouth with a tissue, “I’m not angry. Little uncle, don’t mind me.”

Lu Xiao didn’t respond, instead walking over elegantly to hand him a thin wooden box with delicate carvings, “I brought this for you.”

Curious, Shen Ci opened the box, “What’s this?”

Exquisite pastries with tantalizing aromas were lying in the middle of the box. They were shaped like fine cherry blossoms and adorned with layers of red velvet and crushed nuts with an intoxicatingly sweet scent.

Shen Ci was immediately attracted. He picked up a small piece and took a bite, his eyes lighting up, “These are Aunt Qu’s pastries, isn’t it? I haven’t had them for a long time. Her skills are still so good!”

Aunt Qu was the chef hired by Lu Xiao’s family. She had previously been a head chef in a Michelin rated restaurant and Shen Ci was addicted to the pastries she made.

Shen Ci couldn’t stop eating, one after another, until Lu Xiao finally closed the box, forcibly stopping him.

“Okay, don’t eat too much at once.”

Lu Xiao said lightly then got up and put the box on top of a bookshelf over two meters high in the room. With a stretch of his long arm, he did this so easily.

Shen Ci: “….”

Too cruel. At this height, probably no one in the house, especially him could reach it except Lu Xiao.

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