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Chapter 18.1 I can’t be a salted fish, I have to work hard

Inside the executive office at the top floor of the Lu Group, the atmosphere was thick with tension, incredibly heavy.

Lu Xiao was sitting at his desk reading through some files. His demeanor seemed as calm as ever, yet his gaze was unusually icy.

There were two men in suits standing by the office desk, neither daring to lift their heads. The silence in the office was so profound that they could only hear their own nervous heartbeats pounding like drums.

Both were high-ranking executives within the group and they were significantly older than Lu Xiao. Yet, they were still completely stifled by Lu Xiao’s natural, intimidating aura of a leader, not even daring to breathe freely.

They knew all too well that Lu Xiao was angry.

“President Lu….. we shouldn’t have disclosed the bidding information to your uncle. It won’t happen again.” One of the executives stuttered out, breaking the oppressive silence.

Lu Xiao looked up at him, the corners of his lips maintaining their curve, but his coldness sent chills down his spine. “Just remember, I don’t have an uncle. Now, in the Lu family, there’s only me.”

“As for whether there’ll be a next time… I think the answer is up to you.”

“Is it going to be faster for you guys to run off to those people with your wives and kids, or am I quicker to act? Think about it.”

The executive shivered all over, breaking out in a cold sweat, his face turning pale.

Lu Xiao looked a little tired, rubbing his temples as he said, “Leave.”

They seemed as if they wanted to explain something, but after exchanging glances, no one dared to speak and they remained frozen in place by the desk.

Lu Xiao glanced at his assistant. Special Assistant Min immediately understood and escorted the two executives out of the office politely.

After that he closed the door behind and left the room thoughtfully, giving Lu Xiao some time alone.

The room fell silent and Lu Xiao felt slightly short of breath.

But he quickly calmed himself down, returned to his work mode, and continued going through the files.


His phone vibrated once. Lu Xiao glanced up. The screen showed a notification from Shen Ci.

Tapping it, he found that it was a song played and sung by someone. The voice had the unique clarity of a youth and it was obvious that Shen Ci himself was singing.

“Cause there’s still too long to the weekend.”

“Too long till I drown in your hands.”


Lu Xiao’s gaze grew softer and softer. His fingers even started lightly tapping on the desk along with the rhythm of the song.

When the not-so-perfect song ended, Lu Xiao caressed the icon of Shen Ci on his phone screen, his heavy mood from just a moment ago noticeably lifted.

This kid always knew how to charm him.

Shen Ci loved to see him smile, so he probably sent the recording to cheer him up. Scrolling through the built-in emojis in the app, he found the most similar one to a [smile] and sent it over.

Seeing no response from Shen Ci, Lu Xiao added, “It’s very good.”

This time, Shen Ci responded almost immediately, “I also think it’s pretty good, that’s why I sent it to you!”

“Little uncle, don’t forget to eat properly while working. You have to take good care of your health!”

“I’m going to practice now. When I sing even better, I’ll sing for little uncle again!”

He typed so fast that Lu Xiao had a bit of trouble keeping up. By the time he had reacted, Shen Ci was already saying goodbye.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Lu Xiao typed “Okay” and put the phone down.

This little interlude had lightened his mood greatly and even the lengthy and complex documents he had to review suddenly seemed more bearable.

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