Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 10.1 They would pay heavily for a pair of eyes that hadn’t seen the President’s secret!

In the living room, Shen Ci was sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, gradually warming up his frozen body from the chilly outdoors.

Wei Shuo sat across from him, his posture against the couch somewhat awkward, the atmosphere between them heavy with silence.

His gaze shifted to Shen Ci’s left hand wrapped in layers of bandages. Finally, he couldn’t resist breaking the silence first, “Ah, um… why did you suddenly come over?”

At his words, Shen Ci put down his cup, stood up abruptly and with a serious expression, opened his arms to hug the bewildered Wei Shuo.

Wei Shuo: “!!!”

With his eyes closed, Shen Ci shouted, “Shuo Shuo, I’m sorry!”

Wei Shuo: “???”

Shen Ci let go, sliding down to lean against Wei Shuo, his voice low, “Sigh, I shouldn’t have argued with you over such a trivial matter before and I shouldn’t have given you the cold shoulder… Shuo Shuo, I should actually be thanking you.”

Wei Shuo was a bit stunned. They had been friends for over twenty years, yet this was the first time he had heard Shen Ci apologize and say thank you.

To be honest, Wei Shuo couldn’t even remember why they had argued in the first place. All he remembered was Shen Ci suddenly getting extremely angry, yelling, and starting to smash cups.

Shen Ci had a bit of a temper, but he’d never caused such a scene before. Wei Shuo was infuriated at the time and against his better judgment, didn’t try to coax Shen Ci, instead storming off and slamming the door behind him.

After that, they didn’t speak to each other for a full month.

Shen Ci said, “You were right, Shao Jinhuan is really a big pig trotter! I won’t be so naive in the future.”

Wei Shuo: “….”

He seemed to remember that their argument started when Wei Shuo bad-mouthed Shao Jinhuan.

When Shen Ci came to him to vent about Shao Jinhuan always ignoring him to take care of a newbie with no background, Wei Shuo naturally joined in to scold Shao Jinhuan. But Shen Ci got even more upset, saying that it wasn’t Shao Jinhuan’s fault but the fault of the little brat who seduced him.

Remembering Shen Ci’s mindless, unprincipled defense of Shao Jinhuan, Wei Shuo started to feel annoyed again. Why was there such a difference in treatment between him and Shao Jinhuan when the two of them were both childhood friends? And why was Shao Jinhuan, that big pig trotter liked so much by Shen Ci?

But now…. why had Shen Ci’s attitude towards Shao Jinhuan done a complete 180° turn?

Wei Shuo was confused, but he didn’t ask. Maybe this was a new strategy Shen Ci had thought of to attract Shao Jinhuan’s attention.

“What happened to your hand?” Wei Shuo felt a little uneasy and quickly changed the subject, as he had been paying attention to Shen Ci’s hand the whole time.

Shen Ci lifted it up casually and waved, “Just burned it, it’s not a big deal.”

Wei Shuo pulled it over and examined the bandaged area closely, “Who burned you? Don’t tell me it was that pig head Shao Jinhuan?”

“It wasn’t him, your mind really works in strange ways.” Shen Ci felt ashamed. Shao Jinhuan seemed to be a super scapegoat, any problem could be blamed on him.

Wei Shuo was puzzled, “Then why do you suddenly hate pig trotter Shao so much, didn’t you… um… that him?”

Shen Ci: “Ah? You want to say I liked him?”

Wei Shuo pursed his mouth and made an hm-mh in response.

Shen Ci reached out to hug his friend like a pillow. “I haven’t liked him for a long time. He’s so annoying to me, why should I belittle myself and chase after him?”

Wei Shuo reached out to touch Shen Ci’s forehead, muttering, “You don’t have a fever…”

“Stinky Shuo!”

Shen Ci glared at him, picked up a pillow, and smacked Wei Shuo. Wei Shuo, prepared for this, smiled slyly and lunged at Shen Ci. The two immediately began wrestling as they had countless times before. However their similar physiques, both thin and just over “5’7”, meant neither could gain an advantage. After a while, all they managed to do was wrinkle their clothes and mess up their hair.

Exhausted, Wei Shuo lay on the couch panting. “I say, you came here just to say all this?”

Shen Ci slapped his forehead. “Ah! I almost forgot the important thing! Get up, get up quickly…”

Wei Shuo covered his forehead angrily. “Why did you hit me! Shen Ci, I’m going to kill you!”

Shen Ci pulled out a small bottle from his pocket. “Here.”

“What’s this?” Wei Shuo didn’t take it, but leaned in to look at it closely. He saw that there was a substantial amount of hair in each of the three small glass bottles, with handwritten labels on the outside: Dad, Mom, Big Brother.

Wei Shuo: “…Can you see the question mark above my head?”

Shen Ci thrust it into his hands. “Help me get someone to identify these. Your dad works in biotech, he should have some friends who can do this. I want to confirm my blood relations with my family.”

If it really turned out that he was not a child of the Shen family, then he would fully accept everything in his dreams.

He pulled out a strand of his own hair, put it in a fourth empty bottle, and handed it to Wei Shuo. “Oh, and don’t reveal my identity!”

Wei Shuo took the four bottles with a dazed expression and after a long while, he managed to speak. “Uh… why are you suddenly testing for blood relations?”

Shen Ci had expected Wei Shuo to ask this. He didn’t plan on hiding anything from his childhood friend, so he directly explained the whole thing: He might be a child that the Shen family had picked up.

The room fell silent, the previously lively atmosphere suddenly freezing.

Wei Shuo, who was usually as boisterous as Shen Ci, had a serious and tense expression on his face. “Are you serious?”

Shen Ci pointed at the bottles. “Do I look like I’m joking?”

The living room was flooded with brilliant sunlight, casting a gentle and warm glow on Shen Ci. His nonchalant smile seemed unreal in Wei Shuo’s eyes, like an illusion.

Wei Shuo stopped talking, silently got up to put the bottles away, and when he came back, he hugged Shen Ci tightly.

“No matter who you are, Shen Ci, you will always be my friend. If anyone bullies you, come find me!”

Shen Ci tightened his embrace, feeling touched.

In the original novel, Wei Shuo left him in the end. But it wasn’t Wei Shuo’s fault, it was his fault.

After countless arguments centered around Shao Jinhuan and Bai Ziwei, a sentence, “It’s none of your business, I don’t need a friend like you” completely shattered the already fragile friendship between the two. Wei Shuo left in anger and the two never saw each other again until Shen Ci was kicked out of his home.

When nobody wanted him, it was Wei Shuo who reluctantly came to shelter him. However Shen Ci was still sarcastic and bitter, continuing to tear at Wei Shuo’s sincerity until he finally drove him away completely.

When Shen Ci woke up, he was filled with regret and guilt. He felt like his head had been squeezed in a door, leading him to exchange hot words with his best friend of twenty years, even going as far as to hurt him just to chase after the male lead cheaply.

He even began to suspect that his original self had some kind of “cannon fodder mentality system” installed in him.

In a daze, Shen Ci seemed to hear some strange noises and hurriedly pulled Wei Shuo’s face away from his shoulder.

Wei Shuo was sobbing and sniffling, choking up, “Xiao Ci, your life is so full of hardship….. so sad, poor baby wuu wuu…”

Shen Ci: “???”

The corner of Shen Ci’s mouth twitched and he shook Wei Shuo’s shoulder hard, “Wake up! Stop fantasizing!”

He almost forgot. Wei Shuo was someone who could imagine a 60 episode C Country tear-jerker about fighting cancer at the mere mention of the word ‘cancer’….

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3 thoughts on “Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

  1. Honestly, if he’s got such a strong imagination then he should hire a really talented editor and write down all of his rampant imaginings and toss them to the editor to have them reworked into an actual script or novel. There should be more people with my problem of having practically zero creativity but a strong ability to expound on and rework other people’s stuff into a more interesting form. I recently found an intro and a first chapter for something that I had re-written for a friend to give them a bit of direction in how they could take their story and I had completely and utterly forgotten about it. I read it and was like, wait, I wrote this? This seems actually good? So, yeah, sometimes it’s better to just throw half-formed plots to someone else to refine for you.

    1. Yes, I have that problem too, but I think it’s actually a talent, well, some people are just really good on a specific thing on the same field, you don’t have to be good at everything, maybe we are trash at the beginning but shine in the mid part of the game. But for our part, we have to be very responsible and give credits to the one who thought of the idea. That’s how I do mine.

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