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Chapter 22.2 Shen Ci bed climbing [throw up]

The next day, it was a call from Zhang Ge that woke Shen Ci up.

He didn’t even feel like getting out of the comforter, so he stretched lazily on the bed as he answered the call sleepily, “Hello…”

Zhang Ge glanced at the time. It was already past nine in the morning. He couldn’t help but chuckle, “You had a good sleep. You really were obedient and didn’t worry at all.”

Shen Ci: “Other than sleeping, what else can I do…”

Zhang Ge: “True. Everything has been resolved, check the hot search on Weibo yourself.”

Shen Ci was instantly energized by the news, “So fast! I’ll hang up now-“

“Wait a minute.” Zhang Ge interrupted Shen Ci, “Do you know who was behind all this?”

Shen Ci: “…No idea.” He hoped it wouldn’t turn out to be Bai Ziwei or Xu Shayan who had previously spread negative rumors about him.

Zhang Ge tsked, “Weibo found out it was Xu Shayan who posted from a burner account, but Bai Ziwei was also involved. He provided several pictures. He was also involved in the incident last time. He’s really a troublemaker…”

Shen Ci: “…”

This mouth of his was probably enlightened.

He asked again hurriedly, “How did you guys find out it was Bai Ziwei?”

Zhang Ge gave a meaningful laugh, “I don’t know, but in short, whoever solved the issue last night must have been the one who found out. Anyway, those two troublemakers are going to get what they deserve. With President Lu stepping in, it’s really so satisfying.”


Shen Ci felt a chill run down his spine. Did that mean Lu Xiao was going to confront Bai Ziwei?

His worst fears were coming true. He quickly said goodbye to Zhang Ge and called Lu Xiao.

“Xiao Ci, what’s wrong?” Lu Xiao was at work and his voice was as calm as ever.

Shen Ci was almost dying from anxiety, but tried to keep his composure so as not to alarm Lu Xiao, “Um… Little uncle, I heard that Bai Ziwei was behind the incident last night?”

Lu Xiao: “Yes. Xiao Ci, how do you want to handle it?”

Shen Ci forced a smile, “Uh, after all he’s part of our company, haha. Can we… maybe forgive him a little?”

There was a long pause on the other end before Lu Xiao spoke again, “Xiao Ci, can you tell me why you have been tolerating him?”

His tone was gloomy; it seemed Lu Xiao was a little angry.

Shen Ci simply wanted to cry. Lu Xiao was actually angry because he couldn’t deal with the protagonist.

Could it be that Lu Xiao inherently had a villainous nature, and so confronting the protagonist was his inevitable fate?

Shen Ci quickly pushed this ridiculous thought from his mind, extremely worried.

He wasn’t a white lotus flower who loved to forgive, and he really disliked Bai Ziwei who was always causing trouble.

But… Bai Ziwei was the fated male lead of the novel, they couldn’t afford to provoke him.

Shen Ci felt like he was caught between a rock and a hard place, so he decided to take the bull by the horns, “Anyway, he’s particularly difficult to deal with, not as simple as he seems on the surface. Little uncle, you have to consider it carefully. I’m hanging up now! Oh, and little uncle, don’t forget to eat well!”

Shen Ci quickly finished saying this as if it was pouring beans out of a bamboo tube then hung up.

He let out a sigh, but still felt uneasy.

To be honest, if Lu Xiao really wanted to do something, he couldn’t stop him. He could only pray that Lu Xiao would consider his words, even if just a little.

If it ended up like the original novel in his dream, with Lu Xiao’s entire company collapsing because of opposing the protagonist, all his life’s work ruined in an instant and even he himself disappearing… Shen Ci really couldn’t accept such an ending.

His mind going blank, Shen Ci sat blankly on the bed for several minutes before he remembered to check the situation on Weibo. Zhang Ge had told him to check the hot search.

As soon as he opened the hot search list, his sharp eyes caught the two words “Lu Xiao”, and they were even at the top.

“The President of Yunxiao Entertainment, Lu Xiao registered Weibo overnight to explain [laughing and crying]”

The title was so absurd that Shen Ci couldn’t react for a moment.

The pinned post inside the topic was from a user named “Lu Xiao”. There was a yellow V authentication, and the profile picture was a cover portrait he had taken for a financial magazine.

Shen Ci was very surprised. Lu Xiao had never used this kind of social media before, so maybe he had really just registered one.

“The little child of an old family friend.”

A simple sentence was accompanied by more than a dozen pictures, and as Shen Ci looked through from beginning to end, he found that the timeline of the pictures were quite extensive…

One was of a teenage Lu Xiao sitting on the lawn, holding a baby Shen Ci who was eating cotton candy in his arms both clumsily and happily. One was a picture of the two of them when they weren’t much older, sitting and chatting with Shen Ci’s grandfather who looked very kind. One was a picture of a little Shen Ci crying and hugging Shen Bie who was about to go overseas for school, refusing to let go. Another one was of Shen Ci dressed in a formal suit sitting with his mother at the Lu Group shareholders’ meeting…

Shen Ci rarely went through these old pictures, so seeing these now, he felt a bit nostalgic.

Especially since he had just been scolded by Lu Xiao while also remembering Lu Xiao’s original tragic ending. But now seeing his gentle and innocent teenaged pictures… Shen Ci felt a sour pain in his heart, his nose turning red. He quickly tilted his head back to stop the impending tears from gushing out.

At that time, Lu Xiao would panic and satisfy all the requests of the little milk bag Shen Ci as long as he pouted and started to cry. In fact, Lu Xiao had never changed; even now he still fulfilled all that he asked for, it was just that he had become much more composed.

And it was also this giving him all that he asked for that led Lu Xiao to his downfall in the original novel.

Shen Ci looked at the pictures over and over again and as he looked at them carefully, he remembered each scene and saved each of them on his phone.

He didn’t realise… that his little uncle was such a nostalgic person, that he would keep so many pictures.

However the warm memories triggered by the pictures vanished the moment he read the top comments.

“This, this the climbing up story? Passionate question: Where can I get such a cute little bun, does the government distribute them?”

“Comrades, look at the details! The living environment of Xiao Ci, I can smell the damn bourgeois scent from the pictures! What kind of bed does he need to climb with this family? Isn’t it ridiculous?”

“Shippers are ascending to heaven. I once shipped them, didn’t expect there would really be such a day… so sweet, I need to express my respect!”

“Ugh, sisters, don’t you feel Xiao Ci has been working very hard lately? Now I suspect he’s been warned by his family ‘if you don’t become a good idol, you must come back and inherit millions of assets’…”

“Agree with the above +1. I’m also guessing it’s like this! So Xiao Ci who is pursuing his dream is trying to prove it with his results!”

“Above +10086! Too inspirational. I hereby request ‘Pursuing The Dream Of Show Biz’.”


His fans, were probably all purebred sand sculptures! Shen Ci kept a straight face throughout, feeling that their imaginative abilities were on par with Wei Shuo…

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