Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 6.1 “Is there a thank you kiss?”

“So much delicious food, I’m so touched!”

Shen Ci stared at the dishes with twinkling eyes, quickly snatching a piece of fried chicken from the cutting board while his big brother wasn’t looking and chewed it contentedly.

Home cooked meals were really the best!

Shen Bie pretended not to see and chuckled, “You’re such a foodie, how could we not spoil you a bit?”

“Right! Look at that thin face of yours! We need to fatten you up.”

Mother Shen agreed seriously while stuffing things into the oven.

Shen Ci pinched his face silently. Wasn’t this softness just fat? Sure enough, in the eyes of parents, if you weren’t chubby like a pig, you were considered thin.

Mother Shen: “There’s too much oil and smoke in here. Xiao Ci, go sit outside and wait.”

Shen Ci shook his head like a rattle drum: “I want to watch and learn!”

“You this child….” Mother Shen was a bit helpless but let Shen Ci stay, thinking that it was because he hadn’t been home for a long time and just wanted to spend more time with them.

However, Shen Ci’s real reason…. was that he was afraid to be alone with Lu Xiao!

His little uncle appeared too quickly that Shen Ci hadn’t figured out how to face him yet. If the two of them sat together and just stared at each other, it would be way too awkward.

What was that saying again? Escaping might be shameful, but it was useful!

To make it back for this small reunion dinner, Father Shen even left work early. Lu Xiao was very familiar with the Shen family, so it was natural for him to sit together. The family happily enjoyed their meal at the big dining table.

Shen Ci felt a bit awkward because Lu Xiao naturally sat to his left and even politely laid out a napkin for him. Now he had no choice but to face him.

Usually, when Lu Xiao came over for dinner, he would sit in this spot too. If Shen Ci suddenly asked to change seats, it would only make things worse.

So, Shen Ci reluctantly accepted his fate.

A peeled shrimp was tossed into Shen Ci’s bowl with a “plop” and he smiled at his big brother at the right: “Thank you big brother! You should eat some too!”

Shen Bie didn’t respond and continued peeling.

Another shrimp was gently placed in his bowl and Shen Ci turned his head stiffly to the left: “…. Uh, little uncle, I can peel it myself!”

Lu Xiao’s face softened with a smile, and he slowly peeled another shrimp and placed it in Shen Ci’s bowl: “I remember shrimp is your favorite.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Bie tossed another shrimp into his bowl with a “plop”.

One from the left, one from the right.

Left one, right one….

Shen Ci stared in amazement at the growing mountain of shrimp in his bowl, but both men seemed determined, peeling shrimp non stop and concentrating on their task.

“Stop, stop!” Shen Ci hurriedly covered his bowl with his hand, whispering, “Even if I love shrimp, I can’t eat this much by myself.”

Lu Xiao raised an eyebrow and said helplessly while holding the peeled shrimp, “But I don’t like shrimp.”

He held the shrimp near Shen Ci’s mouth, his smile gentle, “This is the last one, Xiao Ci, why don’t you eat it?”

Since it was already brought to his lips, Shen Ci couldn’t refuse and obediently opened his mouth to bite into it.

It seemed…. he accidentally bit his finger?

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Shen Ci lowered his head and picked up a few more small shrimp to eat, not daring to look at Lu Xiao’s expression.

He didn’t notice that Shen Bie narrowed his eyes, casting an inquisitive glance at Lu Xiao.

Aside from the shrimp, there wasn’t a single dish on the table that Shen Ci didn’t like. He ate until he was full, so much so that he had to walk slowly with his stomach protruding.

Shen Bie, who enjoyed watching the fun, followed Shen Ci and teased him for looking like he was three months pregnant, earning himself an angry kick from Shen Ci.

After resting on the sofa for a while, Shen Ci felt less full and got up to go upstairs. He looked back to make sure no one was behind him before quietly pushing open his parents’ bedroom door.

He hurried to the bathroom, but after searching earnestly for a while, he only managed to find a few strands of hair in a corner.

It was all because the housekeepers were too diligent in cleaning, making it so difficult for him to find hair samples for testing!

He wrapped the hair he found in a tissue and stuffed it into his pocket. Just as he was about to leave, he looked up and let out a gasp.

Lu Xiao was somehow already leaning against the doorframe with his hands in his pockets, watching him with a playful smile.

He had removed his jacket and tie and the top buttons of his black shirt were undone. With his long legs stretched out, he looked like a male model ready for a photoshoot.

But now was not the time to appreciate!

His gaze flickering, Shen Ci touched his hair, “Ah… I-I was looking for my mom’s facial cleanser to use. Hers is really good!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he regretted it. Lu Xiao hadn’t even asked anything yet! Wasn’t this just revealing himself?

“Why were you crying earlier?”

Lu Xiao’s question was unrelated to the current situation and Shen Ci was momentarily stunned.

Was he talking about when they entered the house?

Seeing Shen Ci’s confusion, Lu Xiao took a few steps and approached him, lowering his head to pinch and rub his earlobe. His deep, magnetic voice said, “Your ears were red, just like now.”

A current shot through Shen Ci’s ear and he couldn’t help but shiver.

When he was emotional, such as when crying or angry, his ears would really turn red. Surprisingly, Lu Xiao had noticed even such a small detail.

Lu Xiao’s tall figure was close, and just a simple touch felt like he was hugging Shen Ci. With every breath, Shen Ci could smell the familiar, faint fragrance on him.

The handsome, angular face was close, and Shen Ci’s upturned face suddenly felt inexplicably warm. He quickly shook his head to get rid of Lu Xiao’s hand, stuttering, “Uh, I was just emotional because I haven’t been home for a long time.”

“Um… little uncle, let’s go watch TV! The variety show I recorded yesterday is going to be broadcast tonight.”

Without giving Lu Xiao a chance to refuse, Shen Ci had hardly finished speaking before forcibly turning Lu Xiao around and pushing him away.

His heartbeat had been a bit obvious just now. His little uncle hadn’t heard it right?

Shen Ci felt a bit puzzled. Was Lu Xiao’s charm always this strong? Why did he feel like he was being flirted with just now?

Could it be… because of the awkwardness last night?

How come Lu Xiao, who was also involved, acted like nothing happened, while he was…

Shen Ci felt awkward once again.

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