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Chapter 30.1 The cabbage run to the pig?

Editor: Jodi

“Xiao Ci, do you want to see it?”

Shao Jinhuan asked softly.

Shen Ci looked down, staring at his hand that was gradually tightening on the bedding, feeling extremely conflicted.

Has this day, finally come?

No matter what Bai Ziwei had done to him, the fact that he was the true young master of the Shen family couldn’t be disputed.

While he….. was about to lose everything.

Lu Xiao was unusually silent. Normally, if he saw Shen Ci so unwilling, he would have directly intervened.

But this was about Shen Ci’s origin and family, something he needed to know.

From the previous DNA test results that he had asked Wei Moshan to suppress, it meant that Shen Ci probably knew the truth from somewhere, maybe it was even Bai Ziwei who told him.

Hopefully he was already prepared mentally.

“Baby.” Lu Xiao’s voice was somewhat hoarse, “I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

“But you have to remember that no one will abandon you.” He leaned down to hug Shen Ci, whispering softly in his ear.

This scene was particularly glaring to Shao Jinhuan, and he repeatedly wanted to speak but stopped himself, in the end just pursing his lips and pretending not to have seen anything.

The tips of the nose of Shen Ci who was held in the circle of Lu Xiao’s arms was a little sour.

Obviously….. in the dream in the original novel, he was abandoned by everyone.

But that was because he always made a fool of himself and caused trouble, messing things up. Now that he was behaving so well and avoiding provoking the protagonist, he wouldn’t be so miserable, right? At least….. the people around him wouldn’t hate him this time right?

Shen Ci made up his mind: “En, I want to see.”

Lu Xiao stood up, then glanced at Shao Jinhuan who, understanding, handed over the tablet with the video already turned on to Shen Ci.

Taking a deep breath, Shen Ci clicked play.

In the video, his father, mother, and big brother were all standing in front of the camera in formal attire, looking serious. Shen Ci noticed a nameplate with his name, Shen Ci, on the representative’s seat behind them.

He was shocked. He wasn’t even there, this…

Big brother, with his hair combed neatly, revealed his cold yet handsome face and taking the microphone, he announced loudly, “This press conference is something the Shen family has been preparing for a long time.”

“But the unexpected incident yesterday forced us to hold it earlier. I’m sure everyone has already heard about last night’s events.”

The reporters below nodded, eager to start asking questions.

Last night was a big scoop. The young master of the Shen family nearly drowned at his birthday party and then it was revealed he didn’t have Shen family blood– he was a fake young master. The drowning incident might even have been a plot against the real young master that backfired on him!

This kind of wealthy family feud was absolutely the most eye-catching headline of all time!

Shen Bie: “First, reporters, please stay calm, our Shen family needs to make certain statements.”

His voice was steady and powerful, already showing the demeanor of a family head.

Big brother is so handsome!

This thought suddenly appeared in Shen Ci’s heart, but…. Shen Bie would be Bai Ziwei’s big brother from now on, so he had to change the way he called him.

“Shen Ci is indeed just an adopted son of the Shen family. The one who is truly related by blood to the Shen family is Bai Ziwei.”

Shen Ci’s heart tightened, his hand trembling uncontrollably, but it was covered by a warm hand.

Looking up, he saw Lu Xiao looking at him, his deep, dark eyes clearly reminding Shen Ci of his presence, as if repeating silently, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

And like a calming pill, Shen Ci instantly felt more settled. He gave Lu Xiao a grateful smile and refocused on the video.

When Shen Bie said this, there was an uproar below, and all the reporters were already standing up to ask questions.

“Will the Shen family sever ties with Shen Ci and acknowledge Bai Ziwei as the young master?”

“How will the family wealth be divided? Will Bai Ziwei share it equally with you?”

“Is it true as rumored that Shen Ci tried to harm the real young master and almost drowned himself?”


Shen Bie forced a smile, the anger he had just suppressed nearly flaring up again: “First of all, the rumors are false.”

“It’s not false!”

A thunderous scream startled the reporters, then they turned to see who had just run in from the entrance.

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