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Chapter 21.1 Year-end bonus for outstanding employee Xiao Ci

“Summer, the corner of the street, sunlight.”

“A chance encounter with you, it’s a bit blurry from my memories.”


The teenager’s voice was clear and melodious, with a light tone, nearly an acappella over the simple strums of the guitar. Both the song and the singer were clear and clean, and if you listened carefully, you could catch a hint of a youthful, limited-time-only kind of sorrow.

Another light turned on slowly. Yang Ning, sitting on a stool, smiled at Shen Ci, strumming the guitar strings slowly to accompany him, the two of them working together seamlessly.

The audience below had been hushed for a while. Even though they were itching with curiosity and dying to gossip, they insisted on keeping quiet, not wanting to disturb the soft song of the teenager.

Yang Ning had been in the industry for over ten years, with countless stage experiences, but in the public’s impression, this was his first time purposely playing backup for someone else, even leaving the center position to sit on the side of the stage.

And… all this for a novice amateur singer!

Yang Ning was notorious for being famously proud, so the onlookers almost questioned their existence. How on earth did Shen Ci get connected with Big god Yang and convince him to play second fiddle?

“My wildest dream, is the most naive echo.”

“I found the longing that I threw away on a certain day, a certain month, a certain year, during a heavy rain.”


As Shen Ci’s opening part ended, Yang Ning’s slightly husky, fast-paced rap followed close behind. He had already put down the guitar at some point, lowered his baseball cap and slowly walked to the center, standing next to Shen Ci.

Yang Ning’s rap and Shen Ci’s singing were a perfect back and forth, the result of a month’s practice clearly visible. The audience who initially wanted to gossip unknowingly became immersed, holding their breath to listen.

The song was gradually pushed to its climax. Shen Ci’s rising high notes were clear and natural, full of a deep youthful sorrow and regret, and paired with Yang Ning’s harmonies, it nearly penetrated the audience’s minds, causing goosebumps to rise.

Zhang Ge rubbed his eyes for the nth time, staring wide eyed as he confirmed that the teenager on the stage was really Shen Ci!

How was it that in just a month, his singing seemed to have completely transformed?

He stood confidently on the stage, not shy about showcasing his talents. But the Shen Ci who used to consider himself a pretty vase, was always reluctant to sing and dance in front of many people, always giving up or getting stage fright.

Was it because of the teaching genius Yang Ning or was it Shen Ci’s adaptability?

After the rap, it was again the teenager’s clear and soft singing. Shen Ci wrapped up, ending the entire song.

The scene was quiet for a moment, and then broke out into thunderous applause that lasted for a long time.

“And they call him a pretty vase? My goodness! Has the industry’s requirements for pretty vases become so high?”

“Xiao Ci is such a hidden gem, if I knew he could sing so well, I would have definitely snatched him from Zhang Ge!”

“I really can’t stand the look in Big god Yang’s eyes, wuu wuu wuu, I’m so touched… “


Bai Ziwei was angry as he listened to the applause in his ears, along with the extreme cheering and shouting from artists like Xia Qing Qing and the staff.

Why was Shen Ci always so lucky? He initially thought Shen Ci wouldn’t even have a program, but somehow he always stumbled upon good opportunities!

He had specifically observed that during Shen Ci and Yang Ning’s performance, Lu Xiao was watching without blinking! Unlike his own eight-person show, Lu Xiao had no interest at all.

If he, Bai Ziwei, had been the one to quit “Wonderful Playground” back then… perhaps it would have been him with such a high exposure now!

Bai Ziwei felt a wave of regret.

Coming back to his senses from the song, Shen Ci finally relaxed, and smiled shyly at the audience.

Thanks to Yang Ning, it looked like his efforts to ride the wave of popularity were very successful.

After the two bowed to the audience, they directly walked into the audience seats.

Lu Xiao’s gaze, carrying a faint smile, hadn’t left, and seeing Shen Ci getting closer, he pointed lightly in the direction of the exit.

Shen Ci caught his drift, winked at him, said goodbye to Yang Ning, and headed straight out of the venue.

Bai Ziwei, sharp-eyed, saw from a distance that Lu Xiao was getting up, and an idea came to him. Seeing that Yang Ning had just returned and sat down, about to pull out his phone to play, Bai Ziwei hurriedly struck up a conversation: “Ning Ge, could you let me pass? I need to go to the bathroom.”

Yang Ning glanced at him, a hint of annoyance in his eyes: “But I’m tired and don’t feel like moving. You don’t look that fat, can’t you pass through this wide aisle?”

“And don’t call me Ning Ge, only my idol can call me that.”

Bai Ziwei: “……”

He felt he should buy some heart-relief pills in advance, otherwise he might die of anger one day before he even started his career.

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