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Chapter 21.2 Year-end bonus for outstanding employee Xiao Ci

It was already early winter. Shen Ci had only put on a thin white shirt, and he felt a bit cold as soon as he walked out of the venue.

He hugged his arms and stomped his feet a couple of times to warm up, when suddenly a warm piece was draped over his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Lu Xiao’s deep, magnetic voice sounded from behind him as he draped his suit jacket over Shen Ci.

Shen Ci: “Stomping my feet to keep warm, a must-have skill for winter.”

Lu Xiao laughed: “A must-have skill for little fools.”

If it was Wei Shuo who said this, Shen Ci would have started a fight with him.

But Shen. coward. Ci didn’t dare make a move in front of Lu Xiao. He could only make faces at him in protest, finally ending up changing the subject resentfully: “Little Uncle, why did we come out?”

Lu Xiao patted Shen Ci’s shoulder: “Follow me.”

Shen Ci didn’t understand, but followed along.

They passed through a corridor, a courtyard, and stairs, eventually entering a hidden elevator.

The elevator ascended to the 27th floor, and opened.

A warm current instantly swept over him, and Shen Ci found that this was actually a very spacious rooftop glass garden.

Under the dim warm light, bushes and flower beds of varying heights were scattered about elegantly, and a small fountain made the scene even more lively. A swimming pool and lounge chairs were also available. The slanted glass ceiling provided perfect lighting, and at a glance, you could see the city’s deep night sky and dazzling lights.

Lu Xiao’s eyes held a smile: “Do you like it? This is the year-end bonus for our outstanding employee Xiao Ci.”

Hearing the word “outstanding”, Shen Ci, the vase, was completely disoriented: “Uh, do I deserve it…”

Lu. Ostentatiously Generous. Xiao laughed: “Why wouldn’t you? It’s tailor-made for you.”

Shen Ci: “……” This also works?

His family yard also had a glass flower room, but in terms of size, facilities, or scenery, it couldn’t match this one built on the top floor of a luxury hotel near the CBD, which Lu Xiao casually gifted to him.

After much hesitation, Shen Ci accepted the gift with the thought, “If Lu Xiao goes bankrupt, I’ll sell this to pay off his debts.” This was how he persuaded himself to accept all the valuable gifts that Lu Xiao insisted on giving him before.

His heart feeling a lot lighter, he walked around curiously to observe the flower room and the more he looked, the more he liked it: “Little uncle, what are all these flower species, there are so many I haven’t seen… aahh!”

Shen Ci’s right foot happened to step on the edge of the swimming pool, and with a slip, he lost his balance and tilted towards the water.

The incident happened so fast that Shen Ci only woke up with a start the moment he touched the icy water surface, his blood freezing from head to toe.

Finished, finished, he didn’t know how to swim!

The sound of “splash splash” instantly filled the entire glass room. By the time Shen Ci came to his senses and opened his eyes, he was already out of the swimming pool.

Shen Ci looked up in surprise to find himself being held in Lu Xiao’s arms. Half-kneeling Lu Xiao was soaked all over, his chest heaving violently, panting heavily because of the strenuous exercise. The look in his eyes as he stared at Shen Ci sharply chilling, almost scary: “Does it hurt?!”

Too fierce… Shen Ci was a bit scared and subconsciously lowered his head to avoid Lu Xiao’s oppressive gaze, akin to that of a wild beast.

Lu Xiao froze, then immediately closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, he was back to his usual calm demeanour, only his brows were still furrowed, his expression tense.

Seeing that Shen Ci didn’t dare to look up at him, Lu Xiao could only patiently coax in a low voice, “Baby, don’t be scared, where do you feel uncomfortable now?”

Shen Ci lowered his head and muttered, “No, nowhere…”

Lu Xiao lifted Shen Ci up by the waist onto a lounge chair, wiped the water from the corner of Shen Ci’s eyes, and sighed.

Since he was a child, Shen Ci was reluctant to touch water, and swimming was always something he put off learning. This time, Lu Xiao had specifically asked for a swimming pool to be designed so that Xiao Ci could learn to swim.

So that if an accident were to happen in the future, it would serve as an additional safeguard. Who knew that before he even started learning, Shen Ci would accidentally fall into the water.

Lu Xiao didn’t dare to think about what would happen if Shen Ci was here alone.

Just thinking about it, Lu Xiao’s anger began to surge: “Why don’t you watch where you’re stepping when you walk?”

Shen Ci’s hand shook, thinking, sure enough, I’m being scolded, and cautiously looked up at Lu Xiao.

Even his pretty deer eyes were wet, Shen Ci looked at Lu Xiao like a little puppy that had done something wrong. Seeing this, Lu Xiao’s heart softened, and the harsh words that were about to leave his mouth got stuck in his throat.

Lu Xiao felt helpless.

He was completely smitten by him, and yet this little guy was completely oblivious.

Lu Xiao carried Shen Ci to the room reserved for the president in the Golden Coast Hotel, and found a spare set of his own clothes for Shen Ci to wear.

Shen Ci quickly took a shower and changed into Lu Xiao’s shirt. He was small and looked like a child wearing an adult’s clothes. Shen Ci even laughed at himself as he stood in front of the full-length mirror.

However in the mirror, he could see Lu Xiao passing by behind him and glancing at him, so he immediately straightened his mouth, looking serious, his face filled with deep regret and sadness.

Lu Xiao saw Shen Ci’s reaction and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He graciously pretended not to see and went over to wipe Shen Ci’s hair with a towel: “Don’t catch a cold.”

Seeing that Lu Xiao was slowly returning to his usual calm and gentle self, Shen Ci finally breathed a sigh of relief, took the towel and rubbed his own hair: “Little uncle, I can do it myself. You should go and clean yourself up.”

Lu Xiao looked up, Shen Ci in the mirror stood in front of his chest, looking very small compared to his towering height of 1.9 meters. He was wearing only an oversized white shirt, his fair and straight legs casually exposed.

So unsuspecting.

Lu Xiao lowered his gaze, suppressing the fire in his eyes, and still said in his usual gentle tone, “Okay.” and calmly turned around and left.

After a day of hustle and bustle, Shen Ci felt sleepy after drying his hair. He originally intended to sleep with Lu Xiao, but was politely driven out by him. This left Shen Ci very puzzled. Hadn’t they often shared a bed before?

After thinking about it for a long time, he could only conclude that because he had grown up now, his Little uncle found it awkward to sleep together.

With a sigh, Shen Ci had no choice but to lie on the big bed by himself, scrolling through Weibo in boredom, but as he scrolled, he noticed his own name in the top trending hot searches?!

Zhang Ge bought a hot search without telling him?

He clicked in and found that the top post was from a fan page. Thousands of comments were excited and jubilant.

“Collaborated with Movie Emperor Shao in a drama! Filmed an MV with Sweetheart Xia! Performed on the same stage as Music God Yang! All these once-in-a-lifetime tasks have been completed! The Shen Ci global fan support club hereby solemnly declares: Our leader is not! a! waste!”

Shen Ci:… Slowly typed out a “?”

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