Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 2.1 He had the courage to go against the doting Lu Xiao but not to provoke the fated male lead

Brother Zhang laughed, “It doesn’t matter! You were very well-behaved today, and the result was beyond my expectations. I promise, when this variety show airs, you’ll definitely gain another wave of fans.”

He spoke in a low voice, as other people from the crew were still in the dressing room, removing their makeup.

Shen Ci couldn’t help but laugh too, “En! Thank you, Brother Zhang for guiding me!”

He had been thinking a lot these past few days. In the original novel, he acted arrogantly and ultimately died quickly and miserably. Now, having the fortune to know the future, he naturally wanted to change his tragic fate.

The most important thing was to stay away from Bai Ziwei’s protagonist halo and avoid provoking or bullying him.

He couldn’t compete for the gong or the family fortune, so Shen Ci decided to peacefully stay away from Bai Ziwei’s interests and simply make a living as a pretty vase in the entertainment industry.

Brother Zhang, being a seasoned professional, immediately offered sweet benefits when he heard his words. If he obediently followed arrangements in the future, at least making a living in the industry wouldn’t be an issue.

Why didn’t he take Brother Zhang and the company seriously in the novel?

Shen Ci obediently sat down, letting the sweet sister, who had styled him earlier, help him remove his makeup.

“Oh, by the way.” Brother Zhang lightly patted Shen Ci’s shoulder, “Why do I feel like Movie Emperor Shao is giving you an odd look?”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips, pointing to Shao Jinhuan’s location.

Shen Ci looked over in confusion, his gaze meeting Shao Jinhuan’s.

Shao Jinhuan was in the process of removing his makeup, his face showing his usual indifference, seemingly listening to his agent speaking.

Shen Ci didn’t react in time and stared blankly, blinking his eyes. Shao Jinhuan’s gaze flickered, and he looked away, closing his eyes to rest.

Perhaps it was because Shao Jinhuan’s current appearance was messy, because his evasive look seemed somewhat awkward.

Shen Ci looked back at Brother Zhang, “I don’t understand, what happened?”

Brother Zhang rubbed his chin stubble, gazing in Shao Jinhuan’s direction and clicking his tongue, “I don’t quite understand either. It feels like he used to be indifferent to you, but now it’s like… he’s paying special attention to you. What did you do to him?”

Shen Ci: “I didn’t do anything. Just now when I bumped into him, I called him ‘Brother Shao’ and I thought he was kind of funny during the recording, but I swear I didn’t laugh out loud!”

Brother Zhang looked as if he’d seen a ghost, “What? You called him ‘Brother Shao’? Haven’t you always called him ‘Brother Huan’? Ah, it gives me goosebumps just saying it. Teach me how you manage to call him that so naturally!”

After he finished speaking, he shuddered as if he couldn’t stand it.

Shen Ci realized he was being made fun of again, so he humphed and closed his eyes to rest like Shao Jinhuan, refusing to answer Brother Zhang’s question.

Brother Zhang didn’t get angry, just chuckled and went off to handle some business.

Perhaps he was tired from laughing earlier, that Shen Ci dozed off in a daze.

When he opened his eyes again, there weren’t many people left in the resting room.

“Little ancestor, you’re awake?” Brother Zhang approached, “Hurry up and put on your coat and scarf. We have to leave soon, everyone else is already on their way.”

Seeing Shen Ci’s increasingly bewildered face, Brother Zhang sighed, “Pretty vase Shen, your muddled mind is really something else. Tonight the producer is treating the crew to dinner, hurry up.”

Shen Ci finally realized what was going on, stood up, and stretched his body.

“Oh, by the way, I have something to do later, so I won’t be accompanying you.” Brother Zhang added.

Shen Ci was confused, “Ah? Then how will I get there?”

Brother Zhang’s face was inscrutable, “You, have someone special to pick you up.”

Shen Ci: “???”

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