Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 12.2 Hacked to the top of the hot search

“Don’t Say Farewell” had been consistently topping the hot search list, closely followed by Shen Ci’s solo hot search, the other main actors lingering outside of the top five. Although Yunxiao Entertainment, the investors, had given a heads up, some minor actors couldn’t help but feel green-eyed.

“The world of adults is so filthy, isn’t it? Some people work hard, enduring hardships but even after suffering accidents caused by others, they can only rank 48th on the hot search. Then you have some pretty vases who act like divas and intentionally harm others and still get defended. This industry is disgustingly dirty!”

A minor character in “Don’t Say Farewell”, played by Xu Shayan, stirred up a wave with this statement. His hot search soared on the hot search list, almost breaking into the top ten.

“Seems like SC really has a bad temper. I’ve also heard about his diva behaviors, often bullying the powerless staff and minor actors on set. People in the crew all hate him!”

“Suffered an accident caused by others? Does that mean what I think it means? This isn’t just about the unspoken rules and deep waters of the entertainment industry anymore, right? This is a crime! How would Shen Ci’s fans explain this?”

“Isn’t arranging accidents a plot device in TV shows? Does a little star like him have such means? That’s pretty foul! I strongly demand a ban!”

Xu Shayan’s Weibo post, a mix of truths and lies, was followed by comments from several “staff members”, pushing its heat to the top. It was clear that they came prepared. Brother Zhang clicked his tongue, “Why is this guy suddenly stirring things up?”

Seeing this, Shen Ci was surprised. This “Xu Shayan” was actually a stumbling block for Bai Ziwei in the original novel, so why was he tripping him up now?

The post didn’t name names, but the implications were quite clear. Anyone who was familiar with the cast of “Don’t Say Farewell” knew that it referred to Bai Ziwei and Shen Ci.

However, Shen Ci had only targeted Bai Ziwei on set. He didn’t have the time or inclination to mess with others, and his attitude towards them was pretty decent.

So who were these “justice warriors” speaking out now?

Shen Ci didn’t shirk responsibility. He said in resignation, “Brother Zhang, I did bully Bai Ziwei on set before, like splashing water on him and intentionally messing up my lines to cause NG… Maybe I should apologize to Bai Ziwei on Weibo?”

Brother Zhang shook his head, “It’s not that simple. If you do that, it will just be exploited. Let’s wait.”

“Those are indeed facts, we can deal with them later. The key issue is that he’s falsely claiming that you bullied the crew and that it’s somehow related to the accident. That’s the biggest problem. Even if there’s no hammer, the water army can mislead the public.”

Brother Zhang was clueless, but Shen Ci had a sudden realization.

This accident, which he had intentionally avoided, was indeed unrelated to him, but in the original novel, it was his fault and probably the only person who knew about this, was Bai Ziwei whose core had changed.

Could it be that Bai Ziwei was behind this?

Before they had time to look for reasons, Brother Zhang hurriedly contacted the water army to derail the topic, successfully diverting attention.

“Endurance isn’t used that way. Go back and relearn the language properly.”

“What are you hinting at here? You’re pretty good at criticizing people without evidence, huh? If you’re brave, spell it out and let us judge. Don’t play riddles here.”

“You’re right, the industry is quite dirty. There are always those with jealous eyes who, seeing others having resources and support, want to drag them down! Let me tell you, the most important thing for popularity in the entertainment circle is ‘luck’. Your trashy tactics can take a hike!”

“Isn’t this leading the rhythm a joke? The real culprit deliberately burned our Xiao Ci’s hand and now they’re coming here to frame him for causing a car accident? For those who want to be enlightened, go to my homepage to see, there are photos secretly taken by the hospital nurses on that day, the evidence is irrefutable!”

Even though the water army was dispatched and there were repeated attempts to remove the hot search, this topic stubbornly rushed up the hot search time and again. Obviously someone was pulling the strings behind the scenes.

The news about Shen Ci’s hand being burned by Bai Ziwei also leaked out unexpectedly, leaving Brother Zhang at his wit’s end. Both were artists of Yunxiao Entertainment, so the rumors of discord had a great impact on the company’s reputation.

Brother Zhang had contacted Sister Qing many times, hoping that Bai Ziwei would release a statement to clarify the accident issue as well as properly communicate about the set and the hospital to protect both parties’ interests, but Sister Qing helplessly reported that she couldn’t get in touch with Bai Ziwei.

Bai Ziwei’s phone was off and no one was at his residence. Even though he was an artist of the company, he seemed to have evaporated from the world.

This situation was unexpected and inevitably led to speculation.

Brother Zhang was furious, fully convinced that Bai Ziwei was definitely involved in this matter.

He contacted Xu Shayan’s company as well, but was also told that they couldn’t get in touch with their artist.

On Weibo now, Shen Ci was rumored to have thrown his weight around on set, bullying staff and actors and even conspiring to have Bai Ziwei hit by a car. Bai Ziwei was said to have intentionally burned Shen Ci in the hospital, preventing him from working normally. The fans of the two were tearing each other apart.

Seeing that the number of trolls under Shen Ci’s Weibo post was increasing and his fan base was slowly declining, Brother Zhang decided to release some behind the scenes footage and photos of “Don’t Say Farewell” first and then get other cast members and staff to post to divert attention.

But this was just a temporary solution. He was still mobilizing the company’s people to try to find Bai Ziwei.

Shen Ci was the person involved, but he was also the most confused and idle one. Apart from holding his phone to check the latest developments on Weibo, he wasn’t allowed to do anything else. Everything was handed over to professional PR personnel.

He refreshed the hot search out of boredom and gradually noticed a topic “Shao Jinhuan speaks out” creeping up slowly.

Huh? Shao Jinhuan had also stepped in!

Shen Ci felt a chill run down his spine. It was over, it was over. He had provoked the main character so sure enough, he was going to be in trouble with the male lead!

He nervously clicked in and sure enough, the top Weibo post was made by Shao Jinhuan himself.

Actor Shao Jinhuan: If we hadn’t seen that something was wrong and stopped it in time, the little fool who just joined the crew would have gone broke buying for us for a month.

The pictures attached were boxes and boxes of Happy Tea on the set and a few candid shots of Shen Ci handing out cups one by one to the staff, his smile bright and radiant.

Shen Ci: “….Huh?”

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