Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 31.1

Editor: Jodi

When Father and Mother Shen saw their eldest son suddenly freeze, they thought Shen Ci’s condition had worsened in some way and hurried in to check.

And then, Father Shen adopted the same twisted expression, the same stiff posture, and the same anxious desire to roar as Shen Bie.

Xiao Ci had always been sticky with Lu Xiao, but this was definitely not a sufficient explanation for the way the two of them were cuddling so close together!

And it looked like…. Xiao Ci had been the one who had made the advance?!

Both father and son felt as if they had been struck by lightning, feeling that their baby wasn’t pursuing Shao Jinhuan but had now started to pursue the hell level difficult mode Lu Xiao?

Mother Shen reacted quickly, and pretending as if she hadn’t seen anything, walked to the bed and asked Shen Ci in a warm and concerned voice, “Xiao Ci, do you feel any better?”

Sniffling, Shen Ci nodded.

He let go of Lu Xiao’s neck and scratched his head in a somewhat bewildered manner, and it took a while before he was able to muster a careful and tentative “Mom”.

Shen Ci wasn’t really a member of the Shen family, a fact that was known to both him and the Shen family.

Previously, it was possible to deceive themselves, but the morning’s press conference had shattered all illusions, and Shen Ci didn’t know how to face his once ‘parents’ and so could only try to maintain his old habits for the time being.

Mother Shen’s eyes glistened with tears and smiling, she lowered her head and hugged Shen Ci, tears sliding down, “Xiao Ci, don’t ever change the way you call us, okay?”

Shen Ci’s nose started to become sour again, so he quickly lifted his head and it became a little better: “En.”

He knew that regardless of blood ties, he had been accepted fully by the Shen family.

Since Father and Mother Shen were unwilling to accept Bai Ziwei, he didn’t need to make himself suffer by insisting that his parents recognize Bai Ziwei back into the Shen family. It was just… Bai Ziwei wouldn’t stir up any more trouble again, right?

Father Shen also came over and repeated what he had said at the morning’s press conference again gently and euphemistically, the family looking especially warm and affectionate.

It was only Shen Bie who hadn’t recovered from the earlier shock. He rubbed his forehead, “…. You all talk, I need some quiet.”

However before leaving, he cast a glance at Lu Xiao, a little bit of resentfulness in his eyes, but he quickly turned his eyes away, giving the feeling of daring to get angry but not daring to say a word.

After all, that was Lu Xiao… How could he dare glare at him the way he glared at Shao Jinhuan?

Why did Xiao Ci suddenly take a liking to Lu Xiao?

If Shen Ci had been adamant on Shao Jinhuan, then at least he could give him a couple of beatings to make him treat Shen Ci right. But with Lu Xiao… Forget about daring to do anything, he would even feel lucky if he wasn’t flattened first.

His head started to ache even more as he thought with a worried expression about his family’s little fool being abducted by the big devil king.

After a few days in the hospital, Shen Ci came bouncing back to life and sitting on the bed, called his close friends one by one to update them.

And Wei Shuo, seeing that it had started to rain outside the window got up to close it then quietly sat down to peel an apple, cutting it into small pieces and giving them to Shen Ci with a toothpick.

Shen Ci opened his mouth to bite, chewing while continuing to chat on the phone: “Tomorrow, right? Okay, okay, I’ll be there on time.”

“Alright, Brother Zhang, you be busy, I’ll hang up first. See you tomorrow.”

Wei Shuo, seeing that he had finally ended the call opened his mouth hurriedly: “Ah, don’t make any more calls for now, I’m almost bored to death just listening to you.”

Shen Ci laughed: “Aren’t I done now?”

“What are you doing tomorrow, rushing off to another appointment so soon?” Wei Shuo asked him.

Shen Ci nodded, his face full of anticipation: “Yes, there’s been a lot going on lately, but now I can finally open for business. Brother Zhang got me a public service advertisement with XXTV, I’m going to film it tomorrow. I heard that there will be a lot of big shots there!”

Knowing how dedicated Shen Ci was to his career, Wei Shuo was happy to hear this news.

Securing a spot for a newcomer in an XXTV public service advertisement showed the significant investment that the Lu Group Entertainment Company had made, and with Lu Xiao’s support, Wei Shuo was quite confident about Shen Ci’s prospects in the entertainment industry.

“Ah, but I have to visit my family’s company today.” Shen Ci wilted a little when he mentioned this.

Originally, because of Bai Ziwei, Shen Ci didn’t want to have anything to do with the Shen family’s property, however the attitude of Father and Mother Shen, although gentle, was firm: the property had to be inherited jointly by Shen Bie and Shen Ci, with no third party involved.

Therefore it had been arranged for him to make an appearance at the company, at least to show his face in front of the Group’s employees.

As for Bai Ziwei… Shen Ci didn’t know his current situation and didn’t want to think about it in detail.

Bai Ziwei had almost killed him, and he really didn’t want to be hurt again and be forced to swallow his pain. Why should he?

Even if he had the protagonist’s halo, it wasn’t right to bully people like this when he clearly hadn’t done anything.

Whatever! He decided to leave it to fate.

Wei Shuo agreed with the Shen family’s decision: “That’s good, otherwise people will always talk behind your back.”

“It’s raining outside, so let’s not trouble big brother to come all the way here. I came by car, should I take you?”

Shen Ci felt that he made sense, and so after saying goodbye to Shen Bie and the hospital, he let Wei Shuo drive him to the building of the Shen Group Consortium.

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