Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 10.2 They would pay heavily for a pair of eyes that hadn’t seen the President’s secret!

Shen Ci had a two week vacation and was so bored he felt like there was grass growing on his head. One day he would go with Shen Bie to his office to cause trouble, the next he would go to fight with Wei Shuo. After a few days of this cycle, the bored Shen Ci decided to bother Lu Xiao.

Yunxiao Building was in the city centre, with an overwhelming crowd. Shen Ci obediently put on sunglasses and a hat, wrapped a scarf around himself and gave himself a thumbs up in the mirror. No one could recognize him now!

Half an hour later, Shen Ci, surrounded by starry eyed receptionists on the first floor of Yunxiao, silently took back his earlier thumbs up.

“Too cute, such a cute tiny little thing. At a glance you can tell it’s Baby Ci!”

“What’s Baby Ci doing here? Did he get dizzy and give the wrong address to the taxi?”

“Come here, sis will give you candy, let sister take a sniff!”

Shen Ci was dumbfounded. How could he be recognized by fans even when wrapped up like a rice dumpling?!

Just as the weak but hungry Shen Ci was about to be ravaged by the terrifying receptionist fans, someone lightly tapped the reception desk with a finger.

The rowdy girls looked up and saw a man in a suit with an icy face.

“Special Assistant Min…”

They instantly adjusted to a dignified and elegant professional smile, sitting up straight and asking Shen Ci politely, “Sir, may I have your name? Have you made a prior appointment?”

Shen Ci: “…”

Special Assistant Min successfully rescued Shen Ci from the crowd of fans and directly took him to the top floor using the President’s private high-speed elevator. The elevator opened to a spacious and open President office floor. Relieved, Shen Ci took off his glasses and mask.

“Mr. Shen, I’ll get to work. Feel free to do as you please.” The assistant bowed gentlemanly to him, turned around, and walked towards the secretary’s office on one side.

Shen Ci unwrapped his scarf and walked to the left as if familiar with the place and knocked on the door.

The double dark wood doors opened silently and Shen Ci immediately saw Lu Xiao sitting in the middle of the room. He swaggered over to him.

Sitting at the desk, Lu Xiao was only wearing a black shirt, the buttons at the collar casually undone and the sleeves rolled up, revealing his firm and smooth white forearms. He was wearing silver-rimmed glasses and seemed to be writing something, his gaze lowered but his posture upright, his fingers clearly defined from his grip on the pen.

In the office, only the sound of his pen scratching against paper could be heard. Lu Xiao looked up after signing the last character, closing his pen, “Why are you here?”

Shen Ci flopped into the sofa next to Lu Xiao’s desk, sticking out his tongue, “Because I was bored.”

Lu Xiao looked at the time, casually organized the documents in his hand, “It’s almost noon, what do you want to eat?”

Instead of answering, Shen Ci quickly stepped over and took off Lu Xiao’s glasses, observing him carefully.

Lu Xiao raised an eyebrow but didn’t avoid it, questioning Shen Ci with his gaze.

Shen Ci’s little face was serious, he furrowed his brows and poked Lu Xiao’s forehead, muttering, “You’re always frowning, it’s not handsome…”

The soft fingers brought a chill to his skin, and the faint current from his forehead made Lu Xiao’s heart tingle a bit. He relaxed back into his chair, showing Shen Ci a weary and gentle smile, “I can’t help it, work is tiring. How about Xiao Ci helps me with a massage?”

Shen Ci’s eyes lit up, “Sure!”

He often massaged his father when he was a child and was confident in his skills. He rolled up his sleeves and began to massage Lu Xiao’s head and neck points enthusiastically.

Lu Xiao closed his eyes in enjoyment and the office fell into a peaceful silence.

On the office desk, the laptop was left open by its owner.

The employees in the video conference watched as their President was interrupted by a handsome young man after signing a document and even started getting a massage!

In the company’s behind-the-scenes chatter, there was a saying, “It’s more realistic to hope for the end of the world than to expect the President to interrupt his work.” The employees on the other end of the video call were almost went blind. Was this man, who intentionally showed weakness and fatigue to get a massage from the young man, really the workaholic and emotionally distant Lu Xiao?!

None of them dared to speak up. One by one, the attendees had terrified expressions as if they were about to be silenced and carefully exited the meeting.

Ah ah ah ah! They would pay heavily for a pair of eyes that hadn’t seen the President’s secret!

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  1. That’s a good turn of phrase: “They would pay heavily for a pair of eyes that hadn’t seen the president’s secret.”

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