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Chapter 26.1 The goddess’s expression is strange

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“Yes, yes, yes… these ladies and young misses are definitely right.”

Guo Qingming felt like a helpless chick thrown into a den of wolves. He meekly lowered his head, obediently enduring the scolding from the group of wealthy women before him that covered everything from his current behavior to his past amorous affairs.

And he had to force a smile!

He couldn’t believe that there were so many people speaking up for Shen Ci.

The commotion on this side had long attracted the attention of many in the venue, and seeing this peculiar spectacle, onlookers couldn’t help but stifle their laughter. The mocking gazes fixed on Guo Qingming made him feel utterly embarrassed.

He regretted it! In his heart, Guo Qingming slapped and berated himself several times. If he had known, he wouldn’t have indulged in this momentary urge. Now, he was definitely going to get a severe scolding from his father when he got back…

He had truly lost all face that he wished he could find a hole to crawl into and disappear forever.

The wealthy women pointed and scolded for quite a while before finally waving their hands tiredly, sparing Guo Qingming.

“If we catch you bullying Xiao Ci again, we won’t be as lenient as now!”

The woman who was warning Guo Qingming was none other than the alluring beauty who had given him a slap, the favored Young Mistress of the influential Bai family.

After some silent calculation, he realized he couldn’t afford to provoke her.

A gentleman took revenge after ten years. He would come back to deal with the culprit, Shen Ci once he became more powerful!

Nodding, Guo Qingming bowed repeatedly, then run away quickly.

Only after Guo Qingming had left did the Young Mistress of the Bai family cross her arms and raise her beautiful face, smiling. “Hmph, somewhat clever.”

Shen Ci and Wei Shuo had been silently observing from the sidelines. When they saw the women stop the confrontation and start looking for Shen Ci, Wei Shuo immediately tried to pull Shen Ci away.

These women were really too terrifying. Who knew if they might team up to abduct Shen Ci, never to return!

Shen Ci looked serious. “No, no, I’m an idol who pampers his fans!”

Besides, they had done him a favor.

After saying this, he decisively let go of Wei Shuo’s hand and bravely took a few steps forward, looking as if he was a warrior ready to face whatever came his way.

Wei Shuo was dumbfounded, watching Shen Ci approach the group of excited fans who were surrounding him like an adoring mob.

“Oh my, sisters, come quick! He’s even more cute in person than in the pictures. His skin is glowing, and he’s so soft.”

“Wow, I remember holding Xiao Ci when he was little. Now he’s grown up and still so cute! A pity my child turned out to be so plain…”

“His mother is really blessed. Next time we get together, we must ask her to bring Xiao Ci along! Quick, quick, Xiao Ci, come take a picture with Auntie!”


At first, Shen Ci maintained a businesslike smile, but as the compliments piled up, he couldn’t help but become a bit puffed up, smiling brilliantly as he posed for pictures with the wealthy women, even fulfilling their request to record a “wake-up alarm”.

Wei Shuo stood alone on the sidelines, looking upwards speechlessly.

Fortunately, these wealthy ladies weren’t crazy star-struck fangirls and knew when to stop. After taking pictures and getting autographs, they left with smiles, making plans to meet Shen Ci again in the future.

Shen Ci’s face was stiff from all the smiling, and he finally sighed as he leaned on Wei Shuo. “Being in business is really tough… I originally came here to have fun.”

Wei Shuo pinched his face fiercely, thinking in his heart, you also know? Then he dragged him to another, larger venue.

Over there, a stage and audience seats had been set up for the charity auction’s main event.

Lu Xiao had secured a seat in the front row and because of him, Shen Ci and Wei Shuo had the opportunity to sit in such a prominent position.

Shortly after they took their seats, someone pulled out the chair next to them.

“Little Uncle!” Shen Ci’s eyes lit up as he looked up and called out.

Lu Xiao touched his head and took a seat. “I arrived late.”

Shen Ci grinned, “Heh heh heh, not late at all!”

Wei Shuo watched Shen Ci’s obedient and cute puppy-like behavior under Lu Xiao’s hand and couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

Why was it that he fought with him every time when they got together?

As the audience gradually filled the venue, it began to buzz with excitement. When the time seemed right, the host took the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the third annual Starry Charity Auction!”

“Before we begin the official auction, please enjoy the carefully prepared song and dance performances.”

“But first, we have a very special guest to introduce, someone who will really dazzle you all!”

Special guest? Shen Ci hadn’t heard about this. His curious, sparkling eyes blinked a few times.

The host wore a sly grin, keeping the audience in suspense. Then, taking a few steps back, he pointed towards the centre of the stage. “Please welcome!”

The specially designed grand entrance swung open, and from the billowing clouds emerged the silhouette of a tall and stunning woman. She gracefully strode to the center of the stage, taking model-like steps, gradually revealing her figure.

With fair skin, long legs, fiery red lips, and a fishtail evening gown, this cold and captivating beauty stood at an impressive 1.8 meters, radiating a breathtaking charm that elicited gasps and spontaneous applause from the audience.

“Sh*t, they really managed to invite Min Song…. She’s so noble and cool.”

Wei Shuo murmured in a low voice.

Even though Shen Ci might not recognize her, the name Min Song was undoubtedly famous.

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