Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 4.2 Whenever he was with his big brother, Shen Ci became completely lazy.

When the car stopped, Shen Ci pushed the door open and was about to rush out when Shen Bie grabbed his wrist.

“Put, on, your, coat.”

Shen Bie threatened Shen Ci with a cold face. Shen Ci swallowed and immediately conceded, pulling on his coat.

Agent Zhang was already waiting on the side and approached them, “Xiao Ci, I heard that you left the banquet halfway yesterday. Where did you go?”

Shen Ci froze. Why did such an embarrassing and awkward situation keep being brought up?

“Uh, I was a little dizzy from drinking too much… My little uncle sent me home!”

Brother Zhang probably heard that Lu Xiao had also left halfway, so he didn’t doubt Shen Ci anymore and nodded.

Shen Ci felt a tingling sensation on his scalp, hoping that they wouldn’t go to Lu Xiao for confrontation, otherwise, such an embarrassing situation would become public knowledge.

Brother Zhang seemed preoccupied, frowning as he led Shen Ci and Shen Bie into the hospital.

“Bai Ziwei and the crew members left the hotel together yesterday. They were all standing on the sidewalk waiting for a taxi when a car suddenly drove onto the sidewalk. Bai Ziwei couldn’t avoid it and was knocked down. Although he lost a lot of blood, luckily the injuries weren’t too severe, and he’s now out of danger.”

Brother Zhang hurriedly explained on the way, leading them to the eighth floor of the inpatient building, the special care floor.

In the hallway, Shen Ci saw many familiar faces, including staff from Yunxiao Entertainment and several actors from “Don’t say Farewell”.

Bai Ziwei’s sudden accident made everyone in Yunxiao Entertainment’s Artist Operations Department very nervous. After all, he was one of the newcomers that Yunxiao Entertainment heavily promoted this year, and a lot of resources had already been invested in him.

Outside Bai Ziwei’s ward, Shao Jinhuan leaned against the wall, hands in his pockets, lost in thought. Hearing footsteps, he instinctively looked up, but froze the moment he saw Shen Ci, and there was a clear trace of haggardness on his handsome face.

Shen Ci could tell that something was wrong when he saw Shao Jinhuan hesitate to speak. He was probably going to ask about last night’s events, so Shen Ci immediately took the initiative to ask, “Brother Shao, how is Brother Bai?”

Shao Jinhuan paused for a moment before answering in a low voice, “He’s out of danger, but he hasn’t woken up yet.”

Shen Ci felt a headache coming on, thinking to himself, was Bai Ziwei being hit by a car a destined plotline? He was the protagonist, so there was no need to worry about life and death, but… would this cause unexpected changes in the plot?

“Can we go in and see him now?”

Shao Jinhuan looked at Shen Ci with complex eyes. The anxiety in the young man’s eyes was extremely real, not a pretense.

Xiao Ci seemed to have changed at some point.

He no longer acted willfully, but rather became well behaved and sensible. He even… stopped pestering him.

Seeing that Shao Jinhuan hadn’t spoken for a while, Shen Bie impatiently said, “If you’re not going in, then move aside. Can’t you see that Xiao Ci is in a hurry?”

Shen Ci quickly grabbed his big brother’s hand, “Big brother, calm down, I’m not in a hurry, not in a hurry…”

Without saying a word, Shao Jinhuan silently turned around, opened the door to the ward, and went in first.

There were four or five people in the ward, mostly minor celebrities from “No Farewell” who had been taken care of by Bai Ziwei. They all had bitter expressions on their faces as they quietly looked at Bai Ziwei.

Bai Ziwei’s agent was sitting by the bed, Bai Ziwei had an oxygen mask on, his face was pale, and he lay motionless on the bed with his eyes tightly closed. The only sound in the quiet ward was the “di di di di” of the machines.

Brother Zhang went over to greet Bai Ziwei’s agent and the two of them began discussing in hushed tones how to handle public relations afterward.

Shao Jinhuan stood in front of the bed, gazing down at Bai Ziwei with his eyes hidden behind his disheveled hair, silent and expressionless.

Shen Ci also approached the bed and looked at the unconscious Bai Ziwei with mixed feelings, sighing after a long while.

Hearing his brother’s sigh, Shen Bie raised an eyebrow and glanced over.

He knew about Bai Ziwei. After all, Xiao Ci had mentioned him more than once in front of him. But it had always been complaints and ridicule, even discussing some childish pranks to play on him.

It was probably because Shao Jinhuan took a liking to him that Xiao Ci became jealous.

But the current situation… left him somewhat confused.

“Ah— Xiao Bai’s hand seems to be moving!”

Bai Ziwei’s agent, Sister Qing, covered her mouth and exclaimed with wide eyes.

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