Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 33.2 A truck of gifts?

Editor: Jodi

The moment Shen Ci reached home, he saw the servants and aunties of the Shen family moving items around busily, with several piles of parcels accumulating in the front yard.

He was confused. When had the Shen family residence become a courier distribution point?

He walked into the house, just in time to see the housekeeper, Auntie Zhou, organizing the moving.

He walked over to her and asked, “Auntie Zhou, this…… what’s happening?”

Auntie Zhou’s eyes lit up when she saw him, “Ai-ya, Xiao Ci, you’re finally back. All these seem to be gifts from your friends! I just don’t know if they’re for your birthday or for the New Year…..”

Shen Ci was stunned. He looked down and sure enough, he saw small mountains of meticulously wrapped gift boxes filling the yard.

And just as they were talking, a big kamikaze express truck rumbled up to the Shen residence then the courier big brother, looking drained, stepped out of the truck and opened the cargo area to reveal yet another load of gift boxes tied with ribbons on them.

Shen Ci: “….”

He didn’t seem to have that many friends right?!

The courier big brother, carrying a large parcel, came closer and set it down, break down written all over his face. Auntie Zhou sighed and handed him a bottle of water, “Young man, you’ve worked hard. Is this your third or fourth trip here today?”

The courier big brother’s eyes were filled with a deep sense of grievance, as if his soul was about to be spat out in the next second, “Yes, and it’s a two-hour round trip each time. And we’ve only delivered half so far…”

Hearing this, Shen Ci became numb. Three to four truckloads full of gifts and they were only half done?!

His phone suddenly rang, and Shen Ci answered it.

“Hello? Is this Mr. Shen from unit 1102?”

He suddenly had a bad feeling, “Uh, yes.”

The young lady on the phone sounded as if she was on the verge of tears, “Mr. Shen! The front desk of your apartment is filled with your parcels! Please come and pick them up quickly.”

The corner of Shen Ci’s lips twitched, “…Okay.”

Friends, friends, where did he get such crazy friends!

He hung up the phone then bent down to pick up a box, curious to see the sender’s name on the delivery note. However even after he flipped it over several times, he didn’t see anything. He muttered, “Why isn’t there anything?”

The courier big brother put a large box down then said in a low voice, “Because they were all directly shipped from the Lu Group Entertainment Company.”

The Lu Group Entertainment Company?

This— Could it be that they were gifts sent by his fans?

He called Brother Zhang immediately to confirm, and it was just as he had thought.

“Ai, the company definitely can’t accommodate all of these, so we shipped them directly to your house. It’s big anyways.” Brother Zhang said gleefully, laughing at him. “But seriously, I’ve never seen anyone receive so many fan gifts at once. Make sure to open them all.”

After Brother Zhang hung up with a laugh, Shen Ci looked up at the sky, speechless.

So many gifts, it would take him ages to open them all!

He received truck after truck, and sitting in the living room, he started to open them with difficulty.

From rings to trendy clothes, from books to CDs, from game consoles to the latest smartphones…..

Shen Ci unwrapped numbly for over an hour, only managing to get through just a fraction of them before he finally collapsed and went upstairs to lie down.

Apart from the gifts from his fans, there were really some from Shen Ci’s friends. For example, Min Song had inexplicably sent him a half-truckload full of cute and soft snacks which Shen Ci could only put aside first with black lines on his face.

He threw himself onto his king-sized bed despondently, then turned his head, only to see a kraft paper bag that had been put on the floor casually.

It was the gift from Shao Jinhuan.

Sitting up, he took the bag that was wrapped in layers, unwrapped it carefully and saw a thick, knitted scarf inside.

The flower design was simple and understated, and on closer inspection, he could see some rough stitches.

“…I made it myself.”

Shao Jinhuan’s words from yesterday echoed in his mind. Shen Ci pinched the scarf, thinking that it really was handmade. Time-consuming, effortful, and straining on the eyes, Shao Jinhuan had really put a lot of work into it.

It was just that him doing this….. it was too much like the Shen Ci of the past. Every time he found an opportunity to send a gift he would put his heart into it and work hard.

Shen Ci felt a mix of emotions. Having experienced similar feelings and efforts, he quickly understood Shao Jinhuan’s intentions.

Although he didn’t know why he had suddenly had a change of heart, no matter what, Shen Ci felt that he needed to make things clear to Shao Jinhuan.

Not liking someone but then leading them on without a clear response – this wasn’t something he wanted to do.


As the year drew to a close, Shen Ci had finished most of his scattered engagements and was finally kicked home by Brother Zhang for a holiday break, with the plan for him to resume work after the Spring Festival.

Brother Zhang dropped him off at his bachelor apartment, handing him a gift box before saying goodbye, telling him that it was a combined birthday and New Year present.

Shen Ci: “…Okay, thank you Brother Zhang!”

To be honest, Shen Ci now went back to the Shen family’s residence everyday to unwrap gift boxes for an hour or two, and there was still a huge pile left at home. So now, the sight of gift boxes tied with pretty ribbons made his scalp tingle.

He pretended to be especially happy whenever he received a gift, then would turn around and almost shed tears.

The thought of having to go through this again in the coming year made him want to retire early.

But complaints aside, he started packing hurriedly the moment he was back in his apartment, and in less than half an hour, he had his suitcase ready and dragged it downstairs.

The Spring Festival holiday had officially begun. He spent the holidays at his grandpa’s place every year, and this year was no exception.

After going downstairs, he immediately spotted a familiar car and run over with his suitcase in tow.

He knocked on the car window, opened the door, then beamed at the person in the back seat, “Little Uncle, let’s go, let’s go!”

There was a faint, helpless smile at the corners of Lu Xiao’s lips. Sometimes, it was as if Shen Ci hadn’t grown up.

He got out of the car to help him put the luggage up himself, then after getting back in, tousled his hair gently, saying softly, “Sleep, when you wake up we’ll have arrived.”

Shen Ci tilted his head up and hummed an “En” happily.

Lu Xiao wasn’t just dropping him off, he was actually going to stay with Shen Ci at his grandpa’s place for the New Year. Thinking about being able to stay with Lu Xiao for such a long period of time, Shen Ci felt happy for no reason.

Lu Xiao’s family was small, and before this he used to spend his time alone in his large house during the holidays. And it wasn’t known which year the little milk ball found out and insisted on pulling Lu Xiao to spend the New Year with them.

Over time, it became a habit for Lu Xiao to spend every New Year at Shen Ci’s grandpa’s home.

The car ride was smooth, and Shen Ci, leaning against Lu Xiao comfortably, felt warm and cozy. His eyelids began to droop, and eventually, he really drifted off to sleep.

After an unknown amount of time, the car suddenly jerked violently.

Shen Ci was thrown forward by the momentum, almost strangled by Lu Xiao’s protective arm that was around him, then bounced back against Lu Xiao’s chest, jolting awake.

He rubbed his eyes which were still not quite open in confusion, looked out the window at the barren mountains and asked with confusion, “Little Uncle….. what happened?”

Lu Xiao stroked his head soothingly, his brows furrowing slightly as he tapped on the car window.

The driver’s trembling voice came through, “President Lu, it seems the car has broken down…..”

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