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Chapter 18.2 I can’t be a salted fish, I have to work hard

For the next two days, as Zhang Ge had suggested that the choreography and positioning might need to be modified after consulting with professional singers and dancers who might be performing, Shen Ci had been practicing singing with Yang Ning and hadn’t been practicing dance.

Yang Ning was an extremely talented young musician who had won numerous music awards and was also an excellent music teacher, so he could transform complex music theory into easy to understand techniques to teach Shen Ci. In just two days, Shen Ci had not only learned the song he was going to perform, his overall singing ability had improved as well.

Yang Ning played the electronic keyboard while Shen Ci practiced for the last time today and when they finished, Yang Ning mimicked a thunderous round of applause exaggeratedly.

“Excellent, excellent! You’re very strong in terms of learning ability!”

He was generous with his praise, and Shen Ci made a funny face at him and laughed heartily. The two had gone from the initial awkwardness of sitting together in the studio to being able to work in harmony, even sneaking snacks behind their agents’ backs in the break room. Their relationship had grown considerably closer in just two short days.

Today, Zhang Ge told Shen Ci in advance that he would be presenting the final version of the song and dance so after practicing the song he had to rush to the practice room in the afternoon. Not daring to delay, after he finished having lunch with Yang Ning, he went to the practice room.

But what surprised him was that there were already people in the practice room.

The three girls who were practicing their moves turned their heads when they heard the door open and seeing Shen Ci, they all smiled warmly, “Oh, it’s Shen Ci. Hello.”

“Ah… hello, hello!” Shen Ci quickly responded.

They were wearing simple and convenient sportswear and were sweating profusely from the dance practice, so they took the interruption as a welcome break.

Shen Ci helpfully brought over bottles of mineral water from the corner of the room and distributed them. “You ladies are working so hard! Are you members of the group White?”

The three girls looked at each other, then smiled in surprise, “You actually know us?”

Shen Ci: “Yes, you’re all so pretty and fair and your skin is as white as milk, just like your group’s name. I definitely wouldn’t forget. I remember your show is called ‘Wonderful Playground’?”

‘Wonderful Playground’ was a children’s show… The reason Shen Ci remembered them was actually because he often went through the show’s schedule and so knew the participants by heart.

The short-haired girl nodded, “Yes, we were practicing that just now.”

Shen Ci was a little surprised. In that show, everyone wore thick animal suits to sing and dance, so the choreography was very simple. Otherwise, Shen Ci wouldn’t have thought that a vase like him could handle the dance.

Such simple moves yet they were sacrificing their rest time to practice so seriously and hard?

Perhaps his surprise was too obvious, the girl with the ponytail smiled mischievously, “I know what you’re going to say. I’ve been learning dance since elementary school and even the simplest moves require thousands and thousands of practices.”

“And besides, there’s never anything wrong with working hard.”

“Our group is not very popular, so opportunities to perform on stage are not easy to come by. We have to take them seriously.”

“Maybe when the show airs, we’ll become famous!”

“Hahaha… yes…”

The three not so old girls laughed together and Shen Ci sitting on the side holding the opened bottle of mineral water felt a little moved.

They really weren’t very popular, otherwise they wouldn’t be arranged for such a lackluster show. But they were still practicing hard, not giving up any opportunity, optimistic and proactive.

Artists like these, as long as they got a chance, would definitely be able to soar.

Shen Ci, who had been sheltered behind the high walls of a castle for a long time, was moved and put down his water bottle, saying with determination, “You are so incredible! I also want to try hard with you!”

Ten minutes later, he regretted it.

Shen Ci, who was so tired that he collapsed on the floor without moving looked like a dried salted fish under the sun, full of despair.

Shen Ci: “This ‘Wonderful Playground’ actually turned out to be so difficult!”

“We forgot to tell you, we have rearranged the choreography of the show with our dance teacher hahaha…”

The three girls almost laughed themselves to death and didn’t continue their practice. Instead, they took turns taking pictures with the salted-fish like Shen Ci.

Following the principle of “work for three days, rest for two.” Shen Ci hadn’t learned much choreography before the lunch break ended.

The practice room gradually filled with people. Shen Ci, sitting in a corner drinking water, took a quick glance and found that these seemed to be all the performers from his and Bai Ziwei’s shows?

Among them, he noticed Xia Qing Qing, the girl who was about to film a youth romance MV with him. She was only eighteen and had debuted from a C-position in a talent show.

When she saw Shen Ci, she ran over and greeted him with a smile, asking for his guidance.

Shen Ci smiled stiffly: … It’s not clear yet who will be guiding whom.

Some people didn’t want to waste their waiting time and started practicing their dance moves, including some singing and dancing veterans.

Regardless of whether they were popular or not, these people danced far better than Shen Ci, but they were all still using their time to practice. Shen Ci felt a little guilty for being lazy, so he got up and joined the practice.

I can’t be a salted fish, I have to work hard.

The people in the front row seemed to have already learned the new choreography and practiced as smoothly as flowing clouds. Following their movements, Shen Ci found that the choreography was a lot harder than he thought.

“Bai Ziwei, you can make this move look much better by adding a bit more strength!”

Xia Qing Qing’s lowered voice sounded behind him. Turning his head with the rhythm of the dance, Shen Ci realized that Bai Ziwei, who had come to practice, was now standing behind him and was dancing quite well.

Bai Ziwei was impatient: “I think it looks good as it is, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Xia Qing Qing pouted, “Why? Just try it and you’ll see that it will look better with more strength.”

“But if I do it your way, the move will be both tiring and ugly.”

“But that’s what the dance teacher wants! You need to follow the overall arrangement!”

“What’s that got to do with you?”

Bai Ziwei didn’t yield at all, and Xia Qing Qing was so angry that her face turned red. ‘Hmphing’, she ignored him.

Shen Ci was speechless.

Alright, he originally thought that Bai Ziwei was always causing trouble because he was targeting him, this cannon fodder. But it turns out that this transmigrator himself had a quirky personality and that sometimes the way he interacted with people was really puzzling.

Could this kind of personality…. be saved by the protagonist halo?

After the dance teacher arrived, Shen Ci learned that the two shows had been combined and interspersed together, involving nine people in total, so the duration also became longer because the music had been remixed.

What made him relieved was that the music they finally chose was still “Wonderful Playground”, which would save him some effort to learn again.

The heavy animal costumes required in the original kindergarten program were all replaced with light mascot coats, and the heavy headgear was replaced with hair clips. Although it was more convenient to dance, mistakes would also be more noticeable.

The dance teacher taught everyone a few times, then divided them into small groups to practice on their own.

Shen Ci put in his utmost effort and practiced hard with the White trio, but he still made frequent mistakes and couldn’t remember the moves.

His shoulder was suddenly patted and the dance teacher said with an expression of’hating iron for not becoming steel’, “Shen Ci, come with me to the front, I will teach you again on your own.”

At the same time, Shen Ci heard a snicker from behind him.

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