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Chapter 24.1 Jealous

Editor: Jodi

In front of the two, the coffee remained untouched, already cold.

Bai Ziwei pulled up his collar to cover his face, looking around cautiously, wishing he could hide his entire body.

Even though Yunxiao had terminated his contract last night, he was still a public figure with fans and a home, after all.

Shao Jinhuan, on the other hand, was quite casual, wearing only sunglasses and a hat, looking at Bai Ziwei with a cold expression.

“What exactly is it that you’re looking for me for?”

Bai Ziwei was irritated by his unfamiliar and icy tone. This was far from the original novel, and it was as if he had the words ‘not familiar with you’ written on his face in big letters.

Taking a deep breath, he lowered his head in a somewhat aggrieved manner. “Shao Ge…. Yunxiao actually terminated my contract and accused me of targeting a fellow company artist! I didn’t do such a thing…..”

Shao Jinhuan’s gaze remained indifferent as he spoke after a pause, “It should have been terminated long ago.” Otherwise, he’d continue to cause trouble for Xiao Ci at the company.

Bai Ziwei almost couldn’t contain the anger he had just managed to disguise as innocent vulnerability, his eye twitching.

He suppressed the fire in his heart and choked out, “Shao Ge, how can you say that? I’ve been working diligently every day, doing my best. How am I any worse than Shen Ci? Why was I the one whose contract got terminated?”

“The person who reported and accused me is definitely Shen Ci! He’s so wicked, woo woo…”

Shao Jinhuan frowned. What did Xiao Ci have to do with this? Wasn’t he getting terminated his own doing?

Ever since the car accident, the gentle, kind and understanding Bai Ziwei from his memories had become increasingly blurry.

Shao Jinhuan remained indifferent. “Instead of being jealous, it’s better to focus on improving yourself.”

Bai Ziwei hadn’t expected Shao Jinhuan to be so ruthless, but he bit his lip and persevered. “Shao Ge, you’re right. I should indeed work hard. So… Shao Ge, can you recommend me to the company you’re with? That way, I’ll have a platform to continue my efforts.”

This was his main goal for today.

In the original novel, Bai Ziwei’s contract had been terminated by Yunxiao after the accident and then he had signed with Shao Jinhuan’s company with his secret help and from there, he began his career’s peak development.

Now that he had faced the termination, he naturally wanted to follow the original novel’s plot.

However Shao Jinhuan shook his head decisively. “No.”

Bai Ziwei was shocked by his firm response, unable to believe it. “Why, Shao Ge? You… You weren’t like this before!”

Shao Jinhuan seemed disinterested in responding further. He looked out the window casually and unexpectedly saw two familiar figures.

Even though they were both fully concealed, wearing bulky coats and hiding their faces, Shao Jinhuan still recognized them at a glance.

He stood up hastily and passed by Bai Ziwei, leaving the café in a hurry. “I don’t have the final say in this. I have urgent matters to attend to.”

Bai Ziwei hurriedly reached out to grab his arm. “Shao Ge, please wait.”

Shao Jinhuan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, turning back to look down at Bai Ziwei. Bai Ziwei felt anxious under his cold gaze and subconsciously let go of his arm.

Shao Jinhuan left without a word.

Just as Shen Ci finished pointing, he noticed Shao Jinhuan’s gaze suddenly shift towards them. He quickly put his hand down.

Embarrassing, he had been caught!

“Hurry, let’s go!” Shen Ci pushed Wei Shuo, urging him to leave to get away from this troublesome situation.

Wei Shuo, however, remained motionless, wearing a sly expression as he watched Shao Jinhuan, who was approaching hastily, followed closely by Bai Ziwei who looked anxious.

Seeing Shao Jinhuan heading their way, Shen Ci quickly turned his back and pretended to walk casually towards another store. “Oh, these clothes look nice. I’ll go take a look firstt–“

Wei Shuo suddenly grabbed the back of his collar and rolled his eyes. “Look up and see what kind of store that is.”

Shen Ci, puzzled, raised his head and saw a sign that read clearly, ‘Ladies’ Lingerie Store’.

Shen Ci: “…”

Shao Jinhuan had already approached, and his previously slightly hurried steps now adjusted to an unhurried and elegant pace. He spoke calmly, “What a coincidence.”

While it seemed like he was talking to Wei Shuo, his gaze remained fixated on the back of Shen Ci’s soft, chestnut hair.

“Heh heh.”

With a smirk, Wei Shuo reached out and put his arm around Shen Ci’s shoulder, turning him around.

Shen Ci greeted Shao Jinhuan awkwardly, and in his heart, scolded Wei Shuo who clearly looked like he wanted to cause trouble a thousand times.

Bai Ziwei, panting, followed and stopped behind Shao Jinhuan.

When he got closer, he recognized Shen Ci and Wei Shuo. His eyes widened, and he glared at Shen Ci with clenched teeth.

Shen Ci was confused. What had he done to provoke him again? That expression was so hostile.

Shao Jinhuan’s expression soured as he watched Wei Shuo circle Shen Ci, who was completely unaware and flaunt his dominance.

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