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Chapter 29.2 “Shen Ci is a fake!”

Editor: Jodi

Cough, cough…” Shen Ci suddenly coughed up a large mouthful of water, his back arching painfully. Lu Xiao hurriedly helped him up in a panic, patting his back gently as he held him in his arms.

Shen Ci subconsciously grabbed Lu Xiao’s clothes, his hands so taut that each distinct knuckle was showing, his teary eyes full of confusion.

It was as if the slender hands were clutching Lu Xiao’s heart, twisting and tearing it so fiercely that it hurt to breathe.

Shen Ci, the person he pampered as he grew up was supposed to be protected forever and spoiled in the palm of his hand, not suffering. How could he be harmed and almost lose his life right under his eyes?

“Cold…” Shen Ci’s face was pale as paper, his whole body trembling. Yang Ning who was on the side quickly took off his cotton coat to cover Shen Ci and Min Song, who at some point had brought a towel, reached out to wrap Shen Ci’s wet hair to prevent him from catching a cold.

As it was getting to the end of the year, the weather had become abrasive.

Lu Xiao held him carefully, patting his back: “Baby, just endure a little longer, just a little bit…”

Shen Ci nodded obediently, closing his eyes obediently to regulate his breathing, frowning from time to time as he coughed a few times, spitting out water.

Lu Xiao’s heart ached, feeling as if each second were an eternity.

The loud noise of a giant propeller sounded from afar, bringing with it a gust of wind and dust.

“President Lu, the helicopter is here!” Special Assistant Min, unable to push through the crowd, shouted from the periphery.

Lu Xiao, with utmost gentleness, picked Shen Ci horizontally and walked quickly towards the helicopter, the crowd giving way conscientiously.

Bai Ziwei, having fallen into the water twice, felt even colder as the wind blew against his drenched body. He hugged himself, shivering as he watched the figure of Lu Xiao holding Shen Ci tightly as they left, gritting his teeth.

Whether it was being able to have a party in such a grand estate, being loved by everyone, or being cherished by Lu Xiao like a treasure… All these things should have been enjoyed by him, Bai Ziwei!

He regained his composure and was about to get up to stop them but was pinned in place by a glance that Lu Xiao threw back at him.

It was extremely aggressive, icy and full of murderous intent.

It was just a look, yet Bai Ziwei broke into a cold sweat, his legs giving way as he fell to the ground with a plop.

It wasn’t until the roaring of the helicopter faded away that he gradually came back to his senses from that crushing aura, completely dispirited.

No one had expected that such an incident would happen. The remaining guests sighed, terribly worried.

“Shao Jinhuan! I will kill you!” Wei Shuo’s sudden shout broke the silence as he charged at Shao Jinhuan and punched him heavily.

Shao Jinhuan stumbled back a few steps. He touched the blood at the corner of his mouth, but didn’t say anything.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Wei Shuo spat out even more explosive curses and swung his fists again, about to hit him when he was restrained by the tall Yang Ning who hugged him from behind: “Stop it!”

“The one you should be hitting isn’t him!”

Wei Shuo’s eyes turned red: “How is it not him! If it wasn’t for Shao Jinhuan, if it wasn’t for Bai Ziwei, Xiao Ci…..”

His voice choked up and he started to sob uncontrollably before he could even finish his sentence. Yang Ning patted his shoulder helplessly and had to drag him aside to cool off.

“What does this have to do with me!” Bai Ziwei also started crying at some point, wiping his tears as he cried loudly: “Why are you all targeting me! It was clearly Shen Ci who stole everything from me!”

“You were all supposed to be my friends, is it wrong for me to want my things back!”

“He, Shen Ci, is a fake! I am the true young master of the Shen family!”

As soon as these words were said, they shocked the crowd into silence, the crowd as still as the dead of winter.

Many had already cast secret glances at Shen Bie, wondering if the treasure they had protected for over twenty years was a fraud, and if the person they had just reprimanded was the one with the true blood relation…

Shen Bie walked over slowly and without hesitation slapped Bai Ziwei across the face with a “smack” that was so loud and crisp that it was terrifying.

He used so much force that the veins of his arms were bulging. Bai Ziwei almost fell back into the pool from the force, his face immediately swelling and breaking skin, blood spilling from the corner of his mouth.

He covered his face, looking at Shen Bie in disbelief.

Shen Bie’s face was expressionless: “You and I have no relation whatsoever.”

“Xiao Ci, is the one I carried back home with my own hands.”

“My little brother is only him. You, get out.”

In the hospital room, there was only the sound of the ticking of the IV drip.

Lu Xiao had been guarding Shen Ci vigilantly for a full day and night without sleep, but Shen Ci only kept on waking up briefly only to fall back into a deep sleep, continuously tormented by nightmares.

Lu Xiao’s eyes were red with weariness, and his originally deep and handsome face was now haggard.

This was the first time he felt so powerless. He couldn’t even protect the one who meant the most to him in his heart.

All he could do now was kiss away the physical tears that rolled down Shen Ci’s cheeks and hold him gently when he cried out in his dreams and whisper in his ear repeatedly, I’m here.” “Don’t be afraid”….

Lu Xiao hated himself for being indecisive. If he had dealt with Bai Ziwei earlier, how could such a thing have happened?


Shen Ci frowned and groaned softly, waking up slowly.

Lu Xiao reached out to touch his face, asking warmly, “How do you feel?”

Shen Ci was always confused whenever he first woke up, and it would take him a while to come around.

He looked at Lu Xiao’s face then moved his lips: “Hungry…”

Lu Xiao froze, then let out a soft laugh.

It seems his Xiao Ci, was out of danger.

The porridge had already been prepared, and so Lu Xiao scooped some personally, then blew on each spoonful to cool it before feeding him.

Because he was still weak, Shen Ci was extra obedient, accepting Lu Xiao’s feeding like a domesticated little kitten.

A faint warm current flowed once more in Lu Xiao’s heart.

Someone knocked on the door lightly, but Lu Xiao ignored it, concentrating on feeding Shen Ci porridge.

“Chew carefully then swallow slowly.” He scolded.

Shen Ci swallowed it whole, showing a weak smile: “Can’t chew…”

Just this sentence alone made Lu Xiao’s grip on the spoon tighten, his heart tensing.

Shen Ci’s voice was soft and a bit hoarse: “I want more…”

Lu Xiao came back to his senses, forced a smile at him, and blew carefully on another spoonful of white porridge before feeding him.

The door was knocked on again, drawing Shen Ci’s attention. The person outside, getting no answer, opened the door.

Shao Jinhuan entered holding a lunch box, but frowned when he saw Lu Xiao feeding porridge.

Lu Xiao didn’t look back, continuing to cool the porridge as if he hadn’t heard anything.

When Shen Ci saw Shao Jinhuan come in, he lowered his head silently, seeming somewhat unwilling to talk to him.

Clenching his fists unconsciously, Shao Jinhuan took a deep breath. It was indeed he who had wronged Xiao Ci.

He should have anticipated this when Bai Ziwei pressured him through the company boss to take him to Xiao Ci’s birthday party.

“The Shen family’s press conference is over concerning your inheritance, and….. Bai Ziwei.”

Shen Ci who had just opened his mouth suddenly froze, then pretended as if nothing had happened and continued to drink his porridge.

Shao Jinhuan handed over a tablet: “The recording, it’s right here.”

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